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For Week Ending March 22, 2015

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Our Guides for 2015 Include:
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 Notes: Our fishing report will be posted to our website and mailed to our client/sponsor list every week until the end of October. Our information is directly “from the water” from our guides and associates. Any use of this report must credit Ken Penrod and Ken Penrod’s Life Outdoors Unlimited and is considered as copyright.


SUSQUEHANNA & JUNIATA RIVERS:  ***; 42-44 degrees; Juniata clear; Susquehanna stained and <40 degrees; 7.3 on Friday 20th, falling to 6.0 by Monday 23. Juniata 7.0 on the 20thm rising to 7.8 by Monday.

I arrived in Duncannon, Pa ON March 11 but both rivers were frozen over. By Friday, the 13th, we were fishing on the Juniata efficient It’s unbelievable how quickly, furiously and hydrological efficient “ice-out” can be. By Tuesday/Wednesday 17/18th the main river in this area was navigable but not quite fishable. We stayed in the Juniata for this report purpose.

Amity was opened on the 16th but we fished upriver until then. We launch from Riverfront Campground. Smallmouth bass activity was really slow last week but by week’s end we were catching plenty of nice fish, mostly on KP Special tubes available at Riverfront Campground and Susquehanna Tackle Company. Dark tubes were best early but by Thursday it didn’t matter much.

The weekend was typical, lots of boats and cooler weather. Kimberly caught the first “Ken Penrod 20” Smallmouth Club” bass from the Juniata on a KP Series tubes attached to a great Ardent rod & reel spooled with Sunline mono. There is a long line of floating ice along the east side but LOU guides Jason Shay and Matt Greene caught lots of bass from the west shore near Perdix.

We are catching some “black blotch” bass but that’s so typical of cold weather—and we catch them in every water we fish from Maine to Florida. Dave Kerrigan’s client caught a walleye but no musky yet.

This coming week everything will be open and we can reach-out to the main river haunts, I’m sure. We have dates open for those of you that want to taste this action, so zip your man-suit up and call me for a date with one of my guys.


UPPER POTOMAC RIVER: stained. A little high at 4.43 Saturday, with a rise this week to 5.7 at Point of Rocks; 40-44 degrees.

If you are not a good river boater, wait a while, but these conditions are conducive to very good smallmouth fishing if you probe shoreline eddies with KP Series tubes. I Like Lander for this but Edwards Ferry is another good choice.


TIDAL POTOMAC RIVER: very good water; temps range from 45-55 depending where you launch.

In the Belle Haven Marina area, the Blue Plains influence is major, and that extends downriver into Smoot Bay. Silver Buddies, Mizmo tubes and swimbaits attached to Big Shakey lures do the deed. Belle Haven Coves are another good stop.  

MATTAWOMAN CREEK is open and inviting. 50 degrees is always the turn-on temperature and rattling baits on points near the park, or tubes and Rapala DT-4 over new-grown spatterdock is you other option.


We welcome new sponsors this season and you know that I stand behind my recommendations.

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By the way, those of you that followed me through the Xpress Boat era, Big Bee Boats in Marysville, PA sells them—and you will like the new models. Rumors of their demise were exaggerated. My son purchased a boat from them. I am sponsored by RiverPro boats and there is no better, BUT.

Also, Robbins Marine (Milton, PA) is another option for Ranger Boats—plus a great line of other boats for the angler or the pleasure boat options. Check out there Ranger aluminum boats for the river.

Remember my summer youth camp—there is nothing like this in America.

New stories are posted on LOU Magazine at www.penrodsguides.com.

This statue sits atop an old bridge pier and she keeps her eye on
the mighty Susquehanna River 24/7/364

The Juniata was frozen solid just a week prior to this photo.

Alan Hammond fished with Ken Monday and these "golden"
smallmouth are ready for spring also.
John Cooper fished with Ken for 4 days this week. He likes KP
Series tubes--and so do the bass.
I just love my Gill Coast Jacket and Coast Trousers. Google
Rick loves Ken's RiverPro and he can catch some good fish during tough conditions.
Alan & Ben fished with LOU guide, Captain Dave Kerrigan, on
Thursday.  Nice bass Ben.
Notice the black "blotches." Very common in cold water and I have caught fish throughout the country sporting the blotch. Never caught a bass that looked sick though--and various biologists have differing opinions as
to cause.
LOU guide, Captain Kenny Penrod fished with "Dad" right after
ice-out, and he's as happy as the fish was to see the river open again.
LOU guide Jason Shay fished with Ken and Kenny and this guy is an awesome guide.
As the water warmed and cleared, the smallmouth color did also.
Alan Hammond likes what he is holding aboard Ken's RiverPro.

John Cooper has fished with Ken for more than 20 years and books 8 days every spring in 4-day groups. He will be back mid-April.

Check Michael Days "near 20" smallmouth that he caught fishing
with Ken on the Juniata River with a KP Series tube. He's an Under Armour guy.
This is Michael's second "near 20" of the day and those Ardent
rods and reels "master-the-bass" and that's a quote.
The guide's bass was a mere 19" Juniata bass but he smiled. The "first" KP 20" Club member for 2015 is in the books--and
Kimberly is pretty pleased with that honor. Me too.
Alan Hammond fought blustery conditions all day but with the help of some Mizmo tubes managed to put a few quality bass in the boat.

Ben Brooks is proud to show off his biggest bass ever. He fished with Capt Dave Kerrigan.

This big ol carp was caught on a Campground Special tube and put up quite a fight for Alan Hammond. He was wishing it was a bass that big! Alan Hammond hefts a dandy bass that missed the 20” club by a quarter of an inch!!
The ice is gone and the fish are biting says LOU guide Matt Greene. LOU guide Pete Holmes with a fine Juniata bass caught on a KP Series tube.
Kenny Penrod  (KP3) enjoyed a day on the Susqy with guide Jason Shay,he was on fire!

LOU guide Jason Shay (717) 507 4377 says the smallies are inhaling campground teaser tubes and the new blue craw is magic.


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