Life Outdoors Unlimited Fishing Report

For Week Ending August 16, 2015

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Our Guides for 2015 Include:


LOU Fish of the Week: Rick Leas with a 19-inch Susquehanna smallmouth on a spinnerbaits while guided by Jason Shay. 


UPPER POTOMAC RIVER: **1/2; clear & low; strong sewage smell; 78 degrees; 1.3 at Point of Rocks and holding.

The river is very low and very clear—and you can smell it—perhaps a sewage leak. Anglers need to carefully maneuver their boats now and I suggest floats to downstream take-outs. Waders should not allow river water on open wounds as the bacteria level is very high.

Bass fishing is quite good but this week’s clear skies and high barometer did have a negative effect, especially for those that start late. If you are serious about catching bass, be on the water at first light.

From Seneca to Brunswick, the pattern is the same. Use 6 or 7 pound test fluorocarbon (Sunline Sniper of Assassin on medium action spinning rods such as the Ardent Bolt and Edge rods. The KP Series of tubes branded by River Front Campground are hard to beat, especially the teaser size in Penrod Special, KP Candy and KP Rose. We use the RAB jig heads in the 1/8th Ounce size and they are made by Riverfront Campground also.

UPPER CHESAPEAKE BAY: 80s; busy; bumpy.

The BASS Elite 107 out of North East was completed today with Aron Martins the winner with catching 70-2 plus big bass (7-2) plus big bag (21.5) during a grueling, extremely tough tournament where guys like Ike only caught 2 bass, Second place was Bill Lowen with 62-3; Chad Pipkins (57-15) and Gerald Swindle (54-10.) Congratulations to all the anglers—but Maryland must look to the resource-first.

SUSQUEHANNA & JUNIATA RIVERS: ***; near 80; quite clear; lots of floating grass in areas; 3.5 @ Harrisburg and 3.6 at Newport on the Juniata.

The river is pretty low, but not as bad as August usually brings. The guides are doing very well in spite of clear blue skies and above normal barometer. Jason Shay says: “

Fishing remains good spinnerbaits and topwater lures are still key but with rising water temps finesse techniques came into play. Case magic sticks and fluke style baits finessed the smallies into eating during the slow periods. I am seeing lots of smaller (4/8in) fish the future of this river is looking very good. Susquehanna River Guide, ( 717) 507 4377, Riveretech@yahoo.com.

LOU guide Matt Greene says: I was out on three outing this week from Liverpool to New Cumberland the action slowed down mid-week put has picked back up for the weekend. There was a slight rise which did not seem to make the bite any better but it brought a little color to the East Shore side of the river. I did best this week on spinnerbait, walking top water baits, and Case Magic stick did the trick when the bite got slow. Matt Greene 717-576-3735.

TIDAL POTOMAC RIVER: *1/2; 80; algae and sick grass.

The upper Bay fished a lot like the tidal Potomac this week—tough, but by Sunday the fishing was better there—and no so with the Potomac. There are bass to catch but you probably can’t expect the same-ol’ places to produce and if you are looking for the past groups of big bass, you are just kidding yourself. Get off the grass for a while and go fish the drops, rocks, docks and wood.

LOU guide Captain Kenny Penrod says: I fished the tidal Potomac River two days this week and frankly I have nothing positive to report. I caught a total of two fish in 20 hours of fishing. I fished form Washington DC (Washington Channel, bridges, entrance to Pentagon Lagoon) to Belle Haven (Fox Ferry, bridges, Alexandria docks, Penrod Cove) to grass beds outs Belle Haven Marina, Hog Island, mouth of Little Hunting, to grass in Broad and Piscataway. I Mt. Vernon and mouth of Dogue. I also fished various spots inside Pohick. I fished spinnerbaits, worms, topwaters, drop shots, jigs, chatterbaits, etc. I fished wood, grass and drops. All of that for two fish. I talked to other fishermen- and an old man fishing the Mt. Vernon dock summarized it best. He told me he used to come to the dock in the evening and always catch 3-4 bass. In the last two years - he caught one bass from the dock. It is also interesting to see that many of the bass that you do catch are all about the same size- 13-15". There doesn’t seem to be different age classes. I’m not saying anything that hasn’t been said before but it is very sad. When I was in Alaska - I was reading about the evolution of salmon fishing and how the salmon canneries basically controlled Alaska because of the fishery. When the fishery declined - the canneries were able to repress the fact that overfishing was the cause and instead had politicians blame rainbow trout for the decline. Alaska even put a bounty on each Rainbow trout caught and killed. Money always represses the truth. I only bring this up because we have seen a similar scenario by the Maryland/Pennsylvania governments when it comes to the concerns of bass fishermen. Pollution on the Susquehanna has been ignored and instead Pennsylvania blames fishermen for the decline of smallmouth bass. The Maryland DNR has blamed blue cats and snakeheads - they have blamed a lack of grass, etc., but never do they address or explain the economic factors of pollution, commercial fishing or tournaments for the dramatic decline of the fishery. I was present at the FLW tournament weigh in when a DNR official tried to explain that what was occurring on the tidal Potomac was a natural cycle and that fishermen were spoiled because recent years of bass fishing were very good. This DNR official was speaking to a group of anglers that had over 30 years on the Potomac and his relative short history of the Potomac fishery doesn’t compare. This "cycle" is nothing that has ever existed on the tidal Potomac and it’s arrogant for DNR officials to act as if they are the sole authorities on the black bass fishery.

Reach Captain Kenny @ 240-876-2144.


DEEP CREEK LAKE: **1/2; <80; clear but busy.

This mountain retreat is probably the second-most visited vacation-spot in Maryland, and lots of people from Pennsylvania and West Virginia prefer it to the beach. It’s a small lake, a beautiful setting, and a good fishery. Just check the MD freshwater record book. Anyway, the guides, Bret Winegardner and Brent Nelson are the top-dogs here so if you need instruction, call us; if you need fish, call us; if you need tournament help, call us.

The trick to any clear lake during the summer is—get up early and be on the water by dawn—if you want bass. If you just look to please the kids, and pickerel and gills satisfy the heart—we can do that also.

Good topwater lure action in the morning for smallmouth along rocky shores up and down the lake. Look for largemouth bass under docks and boats, or the grass coves on the middle to upper lake. Good lures for this are Case Magic Stiks and Mizmo tubes.


May I Recommend?


Under Armour; RiverPro; Mercury; Minn Kota; Lowrance; NRA; Ardent; Big Mouth Lure Company; Gill; Sunline; Rapala; Case Plastics; Zipper Worms; Mizmo; Riverfront Campground; RAB Jig Heads; RAB Swim Jig Heads; Columbia Design & Graphics; Campground Special Tubes.


Our Guides Welcome You.


Captain Ken Penrod; Captain Kenny Penrod; Captain Dave Kerrigan; Captain Brent Nelson; Captain Brian Barnes; Captain Keith Barker; Bret Winegardner; Jason Shay; John Stygler; Matt Greene & Pete Holmes.

LOU guide Matt Greene says this is the kind of top water action you don’t want to miss out on. Rick with a beautiful smallie that CRUSHED his spinnerbait while guided by Jason Shay.


Life Outdoors Unlimited Fishing Report

For Week Ending August 9, 2015

Mailing Address: 4708 Sellman Road, Beltsville, MD 20705
AKA: LOU Magazine; PPC Publications; Camp Sycamore; Ken Penrod’s Life Outdoors Unlimited; Ken Penrod’s Seminar Series; Ken Penrod’s Tournament Services.

Ken’s Cell @ 240-447-2206 (best way); Email @ kenpenrod@comcast.net
Office Answering Device: 301-937-0010
www.penrodsguide.com   www.fishdeepcreek.com
Facebook; Twitter; LinkedIn; Instagram.
Website Designed and Managed by Captain Brent Nelson
Brent is also VP of Deep Creek Lake Operations; Editor-In-Chief of LOU Magazine & a licensed guide.

Our Guides for 2015 Include:
Captain Dave Kerrigan; Captain Keith Barker; Captain Brian Barnes; Captain Kenny (KP3) Penrod; Jason Shay; Bret Winegardner; Al Fiorelli; Matt Greene; John Stygler; Pete Holmes. 


UPPER POTOMAC RIVER: ***; 77 degrees; clear; 1.3 at Point of Rocks and steady. Good AM & PM hatches.

The river is at summer flows now and submersed aquatic vegetation can be seen in many sectors but it is not an issue for boating and fishing. Between Seneca and Brunswick, the pattern is the same. Find better-than-normal smallmouth bass in and around ledge cover. You need to be particular about your tackle now so let me recommend the Sunline FC in Sniper or Assassin in 7 or 8 pound test. Heavier or colored line is a major negative. I’m a big fan of the Ardent Edge rods and you just can’t beat the Wire or Bolt reels.

Best baits continue to the Campground Special teaser tubes in the KP Series (KP Special, Rose, Candy & Troys Trigger) and the 4” Case Magic Stik either Wacky (Wacky-O Tool) or Texas (3/0 hook) in the Ken’s Stik and Green Pumpkin/gold. If you can find some of those Ned’s Rigs, do it because a valued angler swears by them. Keep a Big Mouth Spinnerbait on a rod and an Obie Hardhook buzzbait for morning tossing.

Best bets include Edwards Ferry down; Whites Ferry up; Point of Rocks up or down; Lander, up or down and Brunswick, up or down.

Stay out of the grass when you can and fish the edge with Stiks or Zipper Grubs.

SUSQUEHANNA & JUNIATA RIVERs, PA: ****; 80s; clear; 3.4 @ Harrisburg and steady. 3.9 @ Newport on the Juniata and steady. Good AM Hatches.

By any standard, the smallmouth fishery is the best bass fishery in the region by far and only Erie can compete at times.

LOU guide Jason Shay reports that his evening trips have been “winners” for everyone and on Saturday, he and his clients caught over 100 bass on spinnerbaits, crankbaits, plastics and topwater lures. The river is quite low and very clear so caution and stealth is advised. Reach Jason at 717-507-4377 or riveertech@yahoo.com.

LOU guide John Stygler fished the Juniata without a motor (problem solved later) and he and his clients still caught more than 50 quality bass. “After a tough start with electrical issues with the boat I went and fished the very low Juniata.  It is gin clear with the eel grass at only half the normal length with no low water until the last 2 weeks.  We caught fish with Case magic sticks, Campground Special tubes in KP purple, Snagler swimbaits but our largest fish, 19 inches, came on Snagler Tackle buzzbait. Bite was great with cloud cover till noon, slowed down when the sun came out. John Stygler 717-368-3802 or snaglertackle@aol.com

LOU guide Pete Holmes has been fishing the Harrisburg sector. His client, David Hauke, is this week’s holder of the “LOU Fish of the Week” for a 19.75” smallmouth that ate a spinnerbait. Pete also says “I have been fishing the Harrisburg city island area. The Susquehanna is low but fishing great. Fish are spread out and aggressive. Light color Zara spooks account for the morning bite. Shallow running crankbaits and Snagler spinnerbaits in gold shiner and killifish produce good numbers throughout the day. 3.5@ Harrisburg 79° Reach Pete at 717-360-1827.

LOU guide Matt Greene says “I was out on two outings this week and the afternoon to evening was the best. I used a mix of spinnerbaits and top water to land the big ones. The river is the lowest and the clearest we have seen it all summer which means more good fishing to come. Matt Greene 717-576-3735

TIDAL POTOMAC RIVER: **; 80s; lots of algae

Thank you for all the support on my wish to eliminate the “culling & weighing tools” used in bass fishing tournaments where shower-curtain style hooks are punched through the soft, fragile, under-chin skin to make it “easier” to identify fish kept in live wells. This obtrusive metal hook has a colored bass tethered to it for quick I.D. While the concept is for convenience for an angler, it is definitely a killer for the bass. The ID was a time saver, but now that 1/16th inch hole become inches long, and in way too many cases, breaks the lower jaw in half! The angler uses that ball as a “fish handling method” so when he pills the ball out of the livewell, the fish is resisting—and the damage is done. You may as well shoot that bass. Same for weighing bass—or that good-ol’-balance bar. When everyone looks at “delayed mortality,” and used that overused” <5% (and may I add, inaccurate), those bass that had a boat ride most of their day, with several gaping holes in their “vacuum-like” eating ability are slow-death victims. We/I see it way too many times. Go to a popular tournament site and fish that area. Bass fishermen are better than this. I have asked Jerry McKinnis of BASS to address this issue. Remember though, BASS ruled-out the landing net “because the net harmed the protective slime on the bass body. ”Yep—a good idea, so now the fish are flipped into, and on the boat’s carpet, to flop-around.    

If you have any complaints about the bass fishery, email the Maryland DNR “Tidal Bass manager,” Joseph Love at jLove@dnr.state.md/us. How would you like to be the man in charge of a failing fishery when that fishery is 99.9% catch & release? He was heard to say that he would ask for a 3-bass limit, 15” minimum all times but I know for certain that the Bassmasters Elite is scheduling the Potomac for next year and God-forbid that Maryland lose out on that influx of money. I see that he has time to get his name in newspapers where he speaks of snakeheads on the upper Potomac River—which, by the way, is not in his job description. Whenever we ask for help such as DNR Police violations or “wanton waste” by commercial fishermen—he says “it’s not my job,” but I see him in US Fish & Wildlife boats—looking for snakeheads. Hello folks—Joseph Love is more dangerous to the tidal Potomac River largemouth fishery then snakeheads will ever will be. He is a one-trick pony and how he withstood the last political shakeup is beyond me. I’ll bet it is political favor.

By the way, did anyone get the report from the PRFC meeting last “deer season” when all involved Potomac bass caretakers met to discuss the fishery? I was promised a report. In the Washington DC sector, Captain Keith Barker says: “Chuck Choate and I fished the DC sector from Belle Haven Friday 8-8-15.  Water temperature was 81°.  We caught over 20 fish and landed 19 but not a single LM, though we did catch 10 SM at the causeway leading into Pentagon Lagoon.

In the DC sector we fished from Penrod’s Cove to the Kennedy Center.  Pentagon Lagoon and Washington Channel were the most productive area.  Mizmo tubes produced nice small mouth in Pentagon Lagoon.  Trolling Rapala DT Thugs in Firetiger color was the hot ticket in the Channel.  We caught fish on every pass from the Metro Police dock to the first buoy when entering Washington Channel.  My Lowrance HDS 10 was lit up showing lots of fish in the Channel.  We caught a mixed bag that included channel cat, white perch, and stripers. The biggest fish we caught was a 6 lb. 3 oz. channel cat.” Reach Keith at 301-509-2102.      

The WW Bridge sector is a real challenge and you better have an “A” game plan here. There are a few places that even I hesitate to disclose due to their fragile nature, but as I tell my guides. “I made a lot of money in this business by telling [people where to fish.” Deep crankbaiting (DT10-14) on the drops of Smoot Bay and north shore of Penrod Cove. Fox Ferry wood & rocks when you can see the tips of the pilings; Mizmo tubes and Bomber Firetigers on Hog Island (gonna (sic) lose a lot of lures here); dropoff around Fort Washington Lighthouse and the Mount Vernon dock—are all holding bass but you have to be patient.

The “Middle Bass Sector,” between Gunston Cove and Mattawoman, has some intriguing possibilities where “tide” is of major importance. My RiverPro jetboat can skim thru grass growth and 5” of water—and to get to the back end creeks of Gunston Cover, you need “guts” and low water. Big Mouth spinnerbaits or his new Big Shaky is the reel deal. As always, any time you are struggling with your fish catch or ADD, slow down and use a Case Magic Stik.

Around the corner, in an area I refer to as Hallowing Cove (adjacent to Craney Island and maybe better known for a rock pile known as Bitters Rocks (funny, some people takes shots at me for using the name, “Penrod’s Cove,” which, by the way, was named that by an outdoor writer. Ken did create the habitat in that cove) but Jim Bitter was lost in a storm during a BASS tournament, and struck this rock pile with his lower unit, He stayed, and won there. Anyway, there are three little tidal creeks that empty on the east side. Wow is used from time to time but it is a shallow run to get there with risk.

DEEP CREEK LAKE: **1/2 (for this time of year); near 80 degrees. Busy.

This is a vacation-lake and at times, the water activity is, well, hectic—so anglers need to adjust their hours or their goals. There is a good topwater bite in the early hours, but after the sun is high, you just have to go to the coves where grass beds prohibit water-skiing—and foster good fish populations. That’s where our guides shine. Brent Nelson and Bret Winegardner are the “acknowledged experts” on this lake—and they can deal with anyone from novice to expert.

When you look at the MD State Fish Records, Deep Creek Lake holds most of the fresh water records. The fish are here—my guides are there. What are you waiting for? Bret Winegardner @ 301-616-9889. Captain Brent Nelson at 240-460-8839. Fish fear them—you don’t have to.

POCOMOKE RIVER: **/*** depending on tide; 80 +/-; waning moon tides; not busy at all.

This is the “perfect tidal tributary,” and close to Chickahominy as the all-time “wondrous” of the Chesapeake Bay system. If you haven’t, you should—and when you do, you may hate me. I know this, if she were closer, I’d be there during a falling tide, rather than the Potomac, Chick & newly revived James.

You really need a falling/low water situation, because everything you see is prime habitat between Snow Hill and Pocomoke City.

Big Mouth Lure Company was fostered by tidal water requirements. Everything on their site is proven, trusted and good stuff. Visit www.bigmouthlures.com. You must have the Penrod Special, Big Shaky and the KP Sweethart. The spatterdock, soaked wood, cypress knee habitat, tidal drains and man-made pools are perfect. You guys locked into an Ocean City thing—can escape to a beautiful, amazing destination that does not include sand in your shorts.   

Ryan with a pig he caught on a crankbait fishing with guide Jason Shay. Guide Jason Shay (717) 507 4377 says the fishing is outstanding.
Henry couldnt believe how many smallies he caught on a spinnerbait he hope to take what he learned on Jasons boat back to his home river. Al was all smiles he caught fish on spinnerbaits crankbaits and even a crayfish fly while aboard guide Jasons boat.
The smile on Joe Zanelloti’s face says it all. Joe Zanelloti Sr. showing off his catch during a friendly father/son competition.
 Guide Matt Greene joining in on the action. Leonel Ramirez had a blast fishing the Susky while guided by  Pete Holmes 717-360-1827.
David Hauke was rewarded with this beautiful heavy Susquehanna smallmouth while guided by Pete Holmes 717-360-1827 Hank with his first big Juniata smallmouth with LOU guide John Stygler taken on a Case Plastic Magic Stik, Ken's Stik rigged weightless wacky style.
Rare lower Juniata Rock Bass caugt by Hank on a Case Plastic Magic Stik, Ken's Stik with LOU guide John Stygler. Sometimes you just have to go back to the trusty Campground Special tube, like the KP Purple.  Matt with this nice Juniata with LOU guide John Stygler.
LOU guide with a nice Snagler Tackle buzzbait, Banded Kilifish, caught on the Juniata. That is not the Susky, that is the Upper Potomac.  LOU John Stygler out for a couple days on the Upper Potomac with a nice smallie caught on a Snagler Tackle Black Nose Dace Booster Spinnerbait.


Life Outdoors Unlimited Fishing Report

For Week Ending August 2, 2015

Mailing Address: 4708 Sellman Road, Beltsville, MD 20705
AKA: LOU Magazine; PPC Publications; Camp Sycamore; Ken Penrod’s Life Outdoors Unlimited; Ken Penrod’s Seminar Series; Ken Penrod’s Tournament Services.

Ken’s Cell @ 240-447-2206 (best way); Email @ kenpenrod@comcast.net
Office Answering Device: 301-937-0010
www.penrodsguide.com   www.fishdeepcreek.com
Facebook; Twitter; LinkedIn; Instagram.
Website Designed and Managed by Captain Brent Nelson
Brent is also VP of Deep Creek Lake Operations; Editor-In-Chief of LOU Magazine & a licensed guide.

Our Guides for 2015 Include:
Captain Dave Kerrigan; Captain Keith Barker; Captain Brian Barnes; Captain Kenny (KP3) Penrod; Jason Shay; Bret Winegardner; Al Fiorelli; Matt Greene; John Stygler; Pete Holmes. 


UPPER POTOMAC RIVER: ***; 80; clear; algae; 1.5 @ Point of Rocks, Steady

Well, summer levels are finally upon us and that’s good and bad. The good part is the wet waders can maneuver safely and float trips are favored. The bad is the amount of bacteria in the water from farm animals and dysfunctional waste water treatment. You must be extra careful, especially if you have open wounds. Carry those sanitary-wipes with you and use them before eating.

Smallmouth bass fishing is quite good along the Piedmont and lower Mountain sectors that we service. It’s important to get on the water as early as possible because the fish seem to stop biting when the sun climbs high. There are some good aquatic hatches about 9-AM and the bass are slurping for an hour or so. Try the topwater baits but Case Magic Stiks and Campground Special tubes in the KP Series are always reliable. You may want to change to Sunline 7 or 8# fluorocarbon like the Assassin or Sniper. Medium action Ardent spinning rods and reels are ideal.

From Seneca to Brunswick, the routine is similar, Cast to ledges and current breaks.

SUSQUEHANNA & JUNIATA RIVERS: ***  to ****; clearing/clear; 80-85 degrees, summertime low soon; 3.7 @ Harrisburg and slowly falling. Newport is at 3.9 and steady.

The big moon and clear water made fishing tougher than usual but the amount of bass and food source is astounding in the areas we serve.

LOU guide John Styglers says “Fishing was a little tough this weekend, with full moon condition and the hottest week of the year.  Water temp 80-85 water clear to slightly stained.  Finally moving to my low water spots due to the river fall.  35 smallies, mostly small with 3 in the 18 class and 4 eyes, 4 1/2# the largest.  All on Snagler booster spinnerbaits and minus 1 cranks.  John Stygler, 717-368-3802 or snaglertackle@aol.com: “

LOU guide Pete Holmes adds: “I have been fishing the Harrisburg City island area with good results. I'm catching all year classes of smallmouth. Zara Spooks in light colors have been responsible for the morning/evening top water bite and some bigger fish. When the sun gets high I'm targeting shaded structure or deeper current with ⅜oz. gold snag and ghost snag spinnerbaits as well as 5" green pumpkin magic sticks rigged wacky. Water temps in the high 70's Susquehanna is 3.8' @ Harrisburg. Water clarity clear / light green stain with moderate boat traffic. LOU Guide, Pete Holmes, 717-360-1827.

Matt Greene is doing some other areas and he adds: “I did very well this week in 3 day on the water covering from Ft. Hunter to Liverpool. The river is starting to drop and clear up and get back into more normal conditions for this time of year. I did well this week on spinnerbait, swim jig, and some early morning/late evening topwater action. LOU guide Matt Greene, 717-576-3735.”

Jason Shay’s clients had more than 100 one day and 37 the next. The river is 3.9 ft and clearing quickly 

Fishing has been great this week. We are getting lots of numbers and some big fish too. Today (Saturday) we had over 100 fish on spinnerbaits, crankbaits and even a crayfish fly

Bigger fish are in "ambush" areas alone while juvenile fish are traveling in packs. Don’t forget August is the last month for the weekday evening special. Get in on the action! Jason Shay, Life Outdoors Unlimited, Susquehanna River Guide, 717-507-4377, Riveretech@yahoo.com.

TIDAL POTOMAC RIVER: **; 80s; full moon tides; much algae.

When the water is as hot as it is, and the levels of pollution high, the water is a science project of an unhealthy nature. The bacteria count is dangerous and please read my post on my Facebook page about a VA man dying from a flesh-eating bacteria.

There is no sugar-coating it—the fish populations aren’t a shadow of what they once were and if you are waiting for the various fishery managers to fix this—do not hold your breath.

The Washington D C sector is pretty reliable, especially the many bridge foundations and the Washington Channel. There is a good mix of fish including stripers (no, not that kind guys). Best lures include the Magic Stik, Mizmo tube, Big Mouth spinnerbaits and Big Shaky. The weekends get kind of crazy here about noon but week days are just fine.

In the WW Bridge area, remnants of the old bridge foundations should be fished with crankbaits—and those new ones are holding a few fish. In Smoot Bay, the north end is worthy—and find that sunken boat with your Lowrance. Catch Hog Island on a low tide and fish the boat dock pattern just south. In Piscataway, find the grass and in Gunston Cove, the south shore wood and north side military structures have been “ok.”

Mattawoman and vicinity is “fair to OK” but the full moon and resulting tides caused a few issues. I cannot impress upon you anglers, the need to “ban culling tools” that require the puncture of the soft skin behind the lower jaw. The resultant “tear,” made worst by lifting the bass with a code-ball, is destroying their ability to eat properly. Imagine a vacuum hose with a hole in it! Just the last two weeks we had three quality bass that had the entire bottom jaw broke in half. I know tournament guys “give a dam” and those that say “where’s the proof” are not the kind I want to speak to. It’s a horrible idea and it needs to be banned.

The grass beds between Marsh Island and the river holds some bass and we do best here with Case Magic Stiks and frogs. In the 6-MPH zone, use the Replicator, Big Mouth’s Big Shaky, Swim Jigs and frogs.

Chickamuxen has some fish as  goes Quantico Creek.

POCOMOKE RIVER: **1/2; 80s

Bass fishing has been just “OK” here but that can change to a “good” if you get a low tide in the day. I like the spatterdock pattern near Shad Landing and the same in Nassawango Creek

DEEP CREEK LAKE: **1/2; mid-70s, busy

The guides are still all about the topwater smallmouth bits in the AM—then the grass and docks for high sun hours. The lake get's very busy with the vacationers by 10 AM every day.  Plan on fishing early, and getting off the water before noon. Night time can be productive also, with quality largemouth and smallmouth taking spinnerbaits and buzzbaits.

Shaune fished with Ken this week and this Mattawoman-
morning bass is a good one.
Case Magic Stiks, Ardent rods & reels and Sunline FC
Sniper are good Potomac allies.
Shaune caught the "LOU Fish of the Week, Exotic" with
this snakehead that ate a frog.
Kenny Roach fished with Ken and caught his "LOU Fish
of the Week, Largemouth," on the Potomac River with a
Case Magic Stik.


Life Outdoors Unlimited Fishing Report

For Week Ending July 26, 2015

Mailing Address: 4708 Sellman Road, Beltsville, MD 20705
AKA: LOU Magazine; PPC Publications; Camp Sycamore; Ken Penrod’s Life Outdoors Unlimited; Ken Penrod’s Seminar Series; Ken Penrod’s Tournament Services.

Ken’s Cell @ 240-447-2206 (best way); Email @ kenpenrod@comcast.net
Office Answering Device: 301-937-0010
www.penrodsguide.com   www.fishdeepcreek.com
Facebook; Twitter; LinkedIn; Instagram.
Website Designed and Managed by Captain Brent Nelson
Brent is also VP of Deep Creek Lake Operations; Editor-In-Chief of LOU Magazine & a licensed guide.

Our Guides for 2015 Include:
Captain Dave Kerrigan; Captain Keith Barker; Captain Brian Barnes; Captain Kenny (KP3) Penrod; Jason Shay; Bret Winegardner; Al Fiorelli; Matt Greene; John Stygler; Pete Holmes. 


LOU Fish of the Week: Jason Stevens with a 19.75” smallmouth from the Susquehanna while fishing with Jason Shay. Keep trying Jason—that “20-Inch Club” is just 4-ticks away.

UPPER POTOMAC RIVER: ***; clear; 80+-; algae; 1.6 at Point of Rocks and steady.

Smallmouth bass fishing just gets better as this river is finally getting to summer levels. There are several good launch locations and I generally refer to them for report purposes. The Seneca site is a good one but boat activity can be bothersome. I like both up and down here. At Edwards Ferry, either direction has merit but up is my choice. From Whites Ferry (can be hectic on weekends), my choice is upriver. At Lander, I like both directions.

The pattern is a simple one. Find lots of bass using ledge cover, mostly mid-river but the shores can be good at first light. I’m using Ardent Rods (Edge) and Reels (Bolt or Wire) and either Sunline Sniper FC or the new and amazing Assassin FC. If you are not using the Case and Zipper products, you only hurt yourself. I like the Magic Stik either rigged wacky style with an O-Wacky Tool—or simply a 3./0 worm hook, no weight. By the way, if you order Case or Zipper from their website (www.fishingcomplete.com) you may use discount code, “KenP20” for a 20% discount—and you are welcome.

My stand-by offering still remains to be the Riverfront Campground Special tubes inn the KP Series attached to the RAB jig heads. That Badass color as well as the KP Special, KP Candy and KP Rose are winners.

TIDAL POTOMAC RIVER: **; 80s; algae in many areas.

Notes: There is clear evidence that the huge amounts of salt used on roads during the winter are having a major negative effect on aquatic inhabitants, especially in the Potomac and Patuxent Rivers. Just another link to the black bass issues—and I’ll bet PA should look at this also. Especially along the Susquehanna & Juniata where major highways rim the water.

There was an 86 boat bass tournament out of Aquia Creek Saturday and the winning weight was 10-pounds.

Four of us (Captains Kenny Penrod 111 (240-876-2144), Keith Barker (301-509-2102), Brian Barnes (302-745-4668) and myself) assisted the Under Armour staff in the making of commercials that will air in the winter. My RiverPro and Mike Iaconelli were the stars and we used the Mallows Bay Park as HQ. During that work-week, we (Remick Smothers, Jed Larkin, Brian Barnes and myself) saved a young man from drowning. A 19-year old commercial fisherman was pulling crab pots alone when he was knocked from the boat by a basket. I could see the boat going in circles and heard his scream. We raced to him just in time, and as he said: “”I was going down and knew I was dead. Thank you so much for being my guardian angel.” The man was not wearing a PFD.

A very lovely young lady from Tampa was also a “star” in the “shooting” but I’ll leave you to wonder who she is until it airs.

Fishing was tough but we caught enough for a quality product. Best baits continue to the Case Magic Stik and our best areas were the grass beds near Smallwood State Park. The Mallows area was super tough but Mike caught a good one on a Missile bait and a 10# snakehead. Thanks Charles County for the great facility and special thanks to “Ray,” the gentleman that cares after the site. Under Armour is quality stuff and LOU is proud to be on that team. It’s true you know—if you look good, you work good. See www.UA.com and “be good.”

In Washington DC, plenty of smallmouth action on Mizmo tubes at the Kennedy Center, Key Bridge foundations, Columbia Island Marina Causeway and railroad bridge foundations. The Washington Channel is very consistent once you figure out where they prefer—the shoal or the dropoff.  There are some rockfish in the 10-12 foot contour and save time by locating them with your Lowrance sonar.

You need to go to www.bigmouthlures.com and see the new colors for spinnerbaits, Big Shakys, Grass Jigs and that new “LittlePig-Jig.”

 Don’t forget our AM and PM trips at select launch sites for topwater action during the week.


SUSQUEHANNA & JUNIATA RIVERS, PA: ****; near 80; some stain some sectors; 4.2 @ Harrisburg falling to 4.0 by Tuesday. 4.2 @ Newport on the Juniata and falling to 4 by Tuesday.

The river is simply awesome and the smallmouth bass are so fat and feisty. The guides are fishing water between Fort Hunter and Montgomery Ferry and the “seal”: is the same: cast spinnerbaits or cankbaits and hold on. In seven combined hours over two days LOU guide John Stygler (717-368-3802) released 70-some bass of which nine were longer that 18” by “burning” his Snagler Spinnerbaits on the surface. LOU guide Matt Greene (717-576-3735) fished the Liverpool area recently where he released 28 smallmouth bass that was caught on chatterbaits and spinnerbaits. LOU guide Jason Shay (717-507-4377) fished Saturday and he and his clients released 62 bass including Client Jason Stevens “LOU Fish of the Week” 19.75 inches long.

If any water “tests” your equipment, a free flowing river surely does. Boat position is a major factor to success—and we just can’t do what we do without our Minn Kota Trolling Motors. I recommend the 36-volt Fortrex.

Don’t forget our evening trips offered for select sites on week days.

DEEP CREEK LAKE: 75 degrees. Clear.

The guides, Brent Nelson (240-460-8839) and Bret Winegardner (301-616-9889) are fishing early or late in the day when possible but sometimes the vacationers want to take the youngsters so anytime will work because the blue gills and pickerel are family-friendly.

The serious bass guys will be on the lake at dawn and tossing topwater lures for smallmouth bass on rocky shores. There is a decent largemouth bite on the boat bocks and grass beds in coves mid-lake.

See www.fishdeepcreek.com for good info.

Remick Smothers of Under Armour with a fine Potomac bass that
"ate" a Case Magic Stik.
Jen Larkin of Under Armour shows off a Mallows Bay bass.
Mike Iaconelli is an athlete, hard worker & nice guy to spend time
with. He is tough on boats. Who would have thunk it? The RiverPro
was a star in the movie also.
The heroes of Mallows Bay. We saved a Man's life this week and he thanked us over and over again. L to R; Remick Smothers, Ken Penrod, Jed Larkin and Brian Barnes. Ike gives us the thumbs-up. Also assisting in the commercial shoot for four days were Lou guides Captains Kenny Penrod 111 and Keith Barker. Nice facility Charles County, and thank you Ray.
What great people working for Under Armour and this
lovely lady is Pro Staff.
Guide Jason Shay says the evening bite is red hot..
Get in on the action
(717) 507 4377.
Scott with a nice spinnerbait smallie he caught on an evening
trip with Jason Shay.
Jason was on fire when he fished with guide Jason Shay.
Godfrey with a beautiful Susquehanna smallie he caught on a trip
with Jason Shay  
(717) 507 4377.
Kevin was impessed how much fight these smallies have he
enjoyed a day on Jason Shays boat and cant wait to come back.
LOU guide Matt Greene with another nice smallmouth for the week. The summertime bite is on!! LOU guide Pete Holmes 717-360-1827.
Susquehanna is falling and clearing up but the
fishing is hot.  Time to burn spinnerbaits across
ledges and on flats to catch big smallmouth like
this one LOU guide John Stygler caught on a
Snagler Booster Spinnerbait in a new color called
Silver Jerry the Mouse.


Life Outdoors Unlimited Fishing Report

For Week Ending July 19, 2015

Mailing Address: 4708 Sellman Road, Beltsville, MD 20705
AKA: LOU Magazine; PPC Publications; Camp Sycamore; Ken Penrod’s Life Outdoors Unlimited; Ken Penrod’s Seminar Series; Ken Penrod’s Tournament Services.

Ken’s Cell @ 240-447-2206 (best way); Email @ kenpenrod@comcast.net
Office Answering Device: 301-937-0010
www.penrodsguide.com   www.fishdeepcreek.com
Facebook; Twitter; LinkedIn; Instagram.
Website Designed and Managed by Captain Brent Nelson
Brent is also VP of Deep Creek Lake Operations; Editor-In-Chief of LOU Magazine & a licensed guide.

Our Guides for 2015 Include:
Captain Dave Kerrigan; Captain Keith Barker; Captain Brian Barnes; Captain Kenny (KP3) Penrod; Jason Shay; Bret Winegardner; Al Fiorelli; Matt Greene; John Stygler; Pete Holmes. 


UPPER POTOMAC RIVER: ***1/2; near 80; stain; 3.4 at Point of Rocks

A very good friend and Potomac River “brother” died recently and I am sad. Rip Chuck. See ya on the other side.

You may recall 2015 as the “Year of the Rain” and you will certainly remember that in the middle of July, there was 3.4-feet at the gauge of Point of Rocks. The water has been unusually high and that brings dirty water with it—but the bass fishing is better than most realize.

Between Seneca and Brunswick, the “piedmont” and lower “mountain” area, launch site are empty most days. Remember this: rising water will position bass and bait on shoreline calmed areas or behind ledges large enough to alter flow. When the river is falling, get away from shoreline habitat and seek mid-river ledges and current breaks.

Ardent spinning rods and reels with the new Sunline Assassin FC in 8# is the magic-wand—and Case Magic Stiks, Zipper Craws and Mizmo tubes are your best friends. Go ahead and try the topwater lures—in the AM, but for only 15 minutes. Ever heard of a “Ned-Rig.” Get some.

The key to any river is proper habitat and boat position. My Minn Kota trolling motor is my best friend.

SUSQUEHANNA & JUNIATA RIVERS, PA:  ****; mid-70s; unusually high and dirty; 5.4 @ Harrisburg; 7.6 @ Newport on the Juniata—and very muddy. Look for the June to fall to about 5.5 by Wednesday.

I spent the week in the upper Susquehanna drainage, the West Branch tributaries, and I know what high, dirty water was headed toward my guides. At one point, on the Sinnamahoning Branch, two inches of rain fell in less than an hour. Bass fishing in the Fort Hunter to Montgomery Ferry sector has been “awesome” in spite of then muddy water.

LOU guide Jason Shay says: “This week has been great water temps have been staying around mid 70 s and bass are very active. We have also been catching nice walleye Spinnerbaits,chatterbaits and crankbaits have been working best. I have a trip Sat and Sun. I will give you that info then. So far-- JP Harrell with a 20.5 in smallmouth caught on a spinnerbait is my FW entry.”

LOU guides John Stygler and Pete Holmes report: “Pete and I fish got about 4 hours and we around 25, 2 over 19 on spinnerbaits.  Grass held most of the fish.  Water temp in the low to mid 70's.  Dirty on the shores, cleanest water middle to west side grass.   Juniata is very dirty.”

The bottom line is “the Susquehanna River is fishing as good as it ever has, at least in my substantial 30 years of doing business here. I’m tired of hearing how good it used to be because I was there. I am super tired of hearing how poor the smallmouth bass population is. See, I know what “poor” is.

DEEP CREEK LAKE: **1/2; 70s; clear; busy.

It’s vacation time and there are those that say you can’t fish a clear lake in the summer. Then there are LOU guides Brent Nelson and Bret Winegardner that have the reputation—and results to counter those silly remarks. Now—if you fish the main lake in the middle of the day, you are really silly and I don’t even want to know your names.

“There is a good topwater bite in the morning for smallmouth bass along rocky shorelines but when the sun gets semi-direct, you have to change gears.” That’s when grass beds in coves and tribs, along with boat docks, become the bull’s eye. The topwater baits include the Obii Hardhook buzzbait, a Rico popper or a Case swimming frog. The docks and grass lure arsenal should include Big Mouth’s Big Shaky, Penrod Special or the Sweetheart. The docks pattern is a Case Magic Stik, Jack’s Worm, Wacky Jack or the hand poured Stik. If you don’t have an “O-Wacky” tool by Case—then shame on you because it makes the “wacky-style” of presentation so effective. I also like to use this Stik on a 3/0 Addya worm hook, Texas style without weight.  By the way, you can order all the Case and Zipper products on-line at WWW.caseplastics.com or www.fishingcompkete.com. I can get you a 20% discount for you if you type “KenP20” in the discount box.

TIDAL POTOMAC RIVER: **; some stain and some algae building; near 80 degrees.

Bass fishing remains “challenging” except for a certain few spots that are so fragile that I would do more harm than good by pin-pointing the areas—but I’ll get you close.

In the Washington DC jurisdiction, upper river debris messed-up the main stem but the “always reliable” Washington Channel offers smallmouth, largemouth, striped and catbass along the Fort McNair side and the back-end. I call the catfish “catbass” because they act like bass.

You don’t want to get too close to the wall or the cops come-a-running. There are some grassy areas along the shoal, and some man-induced, underwater habitat. Use you Lowrance units and “save” all the items that dot the bottom because when things get tough—these places will produce.

I’m using Ardent medium action, 7’ baitcasting rods in the Edge Class with Apex Grand reels with 15# test Sunline (the brand new, just released Assasin FC) for my crankbaits, buzzbaits, Replicator and Big Shaky lures. Your lure arsenal should include: Bomber 7-A crankbaits in the “firetiger” pattern; 6” Case Magic Stik in the “Ken’s Stik or green pumpkin/gold, attached to a 3/0 Addya hook. I’ll never fish the river without a 4” Mizmo tube that is tied onto one of my rods.

The dropoff is the “bedroom” and it does zig and zag so sonar is ultra-important—as is the GPS to “mark” those “objects” so it’s a puzzle to me why more anglers are not using the Lowrance units—and there is a price-line to suite you guys! Have you looked at the Elites?

There is a really good population of stripers along the 10-12 foot contour most tides, and I love to troll the 7-A. Big bass haunt the drop also so cast to the wall and “let-her-rip.” Sometimes the bass are on the shoal so those Case and Big Mouth products should get “wet” often until you figure it out. Did you read about the “Mizmo” tube?

The Case Stik products have saved me so many days that I’ll never go fishing without having a “bunch” aboard the RiverPro. You do need a DC fishing license here.

The Woodrow Wilson Bridge vicinity has/is always been one of my favorites, and I know that you may be reading about success from another, but it’s not even close to normal—and I use that word based on 30-some years of experience.

Yet, there are a few places. The concrete pieces in the cove on the MD side just north of the WW Bridge was placed there under my direct supervision. It’s often referred to as “The Spoils” or “Penrod Cove” (named that by a writer of a daily paper) and if you “feed’ the bass some tubes, Stiks or aggravate them with a crankbait, you will catch some quality bass. There is a “ridge” on the north shore that you should find.

Smoot Bay is a “sleeper” and there are some points on the north end—and the south end that hold the big girls.

Grassy coves near Belle Haven Marina, a few spots in Piscataway and my favorite June trip, Pomonkey Creek, are wise stops.

To the south, in the Mattawoman Creek vicinity, many regulars worry about the heath, population and future of bass fishing, but sometimes fact trumps greed. There is no way MD will help this river because they want the revenue—but once they lose it, the story shifts. Do you know that MD only controls about 24% of the tidal Potomac River that is capable of supporting black BASS? They do control the largest marina however, Smallwood State Park. I chuckle that PRFC is wanting a “say” in black bass, and VA owns as much as MD and doesn’t say/do much.

My business was successful because my company promoted catch and release when very few were bass fishing; created a “Fisheries management Program” in Washington, DC; established the largest freshwater habitat; established male bass protection by creating a 15” creel minimum during spawn months; forced Blue Plains Wastewater treatment Plant to comply with their permit; forced the NSWC at Indian Head to install a wastewater treatment plant. I also “saved” Smallwood State Park expansion (you are welcome) when they were opposed to additional parking for trailered boats. By the way—SSP was never intended to be bass tournament HQ. The original intention was a “Pleasure Boat Marina & Club.” That big building and those adjacent docks were “Clubhouse” ideas by MD—and a failure. Go look at that building! It’s used for a few policed things and other goofy things.

The best times in Mattawoman is “low-light” and low water, and evenings when that happens. There are some “tournament released” bass in the State Park vicinity.

I will be in the Mallows Bay area for a few days.

We are only as good as our sponsors, so may I recommend the following. Understand that I NEVER recommend a product just for sponsor reason:

RiverPro jet boats; Mercury Motors; Lowrance Electronics; Minn Kota Trolling Motors; Under Armour; NRA; Ardent Outdoors; Sunline; Big Mouth Lures; Case Plastics; Zipper Worms; Mizmo; Addya Hooks; Riverfront Campground; RAB jig heads and Swim-jigs; Columbia Design & Graphics; Replicator.


2015 Camp Sycamore

Ken does a summer youth cam every year, for the last 25, where he takes boys between the ages of 12-18 to his lodge in north PA where he and other associates such as Alan & Christy Mullis assist in the training of bass fishing, trout fishing, boat safety, wet-wading, photography and so much more—like live elk sightings and black bear, white tail deer, turkey, rattlesnakes & bobcats.

My guides are my life-blood, so I recognize the following:

Captains Dave Kerrigan, Kenny Penrod 3; Keith Barker; Brian Barnes; Brent Nelson; Ken Penrod.  Guides include: Bret Winegardner; Jason Shay, John Stygler, Matt Greene and Pete Holmes.

LOU guide Jason showed Nick what the Susqy
spinnerbait bite was all about he was impressed. 
JP caught this 20.5 in slab on an evening trip with  
guide Jason Shay
(717) 507 4377. 
Charlie was ecstatic when he got his first 20 of the year with
guide Jason Shay  
(717) 507 4377.
This was Colleens first time fishing for bass..
She did great..guide Jason Shay showed her
and boyfriend Keith how to spinnerbait the
Susquehanna .
Keith with a nice Susquehanna smallie that fell for a
Marvin used a "Ned-Rig" to catch this fine bass while
attending Ken Penrod's summer youth camp,
Camp Sycamore.
"Pork chop" fished the Stevenson Lake with Ken on
Thursday morning and this bass was tricked by a
Case Magic Stik attached to a 3/0 Adday hook.
We called him "Hoppy" at Camp Sycamore and in spite
of wicked storms, the guys caught a bunch of bass and
Mop, camp counselor Alan Mullis and I-Man spanked the
bass on the George Stevenson dam. The air temp at
6-AM was 47 degrees. Good job guys.
LOU guide John Stygler (717-368-3802) with a Susquie
slab caught on a Snagler Tackle Company Purple Snag
River Spinnerbait.  The river is fishing like May instead
of July and the smallies are fat, plump and aggressive.
The Susky is fishing great!! Fish are active and
crushing baits! Guide Pete Holmes 
LOU Guide Matt Greene says come out and get in on the action.
LOU guide Capt. Brent Nelson with two, Lake
Champlain largemouth bass from a five fish
limit that weiged 22.43 lbs.  Nelson went on to win
the 2 day tournament with over 37 pounds.



Life Outdoors Unlimited Fishing Report

For Week Ending July 12, 2015

Mailing Address: 4708 Sellman Road, Beltsville, MD 20705
AKA: LOU Magazine; PPC Publications; Camp Sycamore; Ken Penrod’s Life Outdoors Unlimited; Ken Penrod’s Seminar Series; Ken Penrod’s Tournament Services.

Ken’s Cell @ 240-447-2206 (best way); Email @ kenpenrod@comcast.net
Office Answering Device: 301-937-0010
www.penrodsguide.com   www.fishdeepcreek.com
Facebook; Twitter; LinkedIn; Instagram.
Website Designed and Managed by Captain Brent Nelson
Brent is also VP of Deep Creek Lake Operations; Editor-In-Chief of LOU Magazine & a licensed guide.

Our Guides for 2015 Include:
Captain Dave Kerrigan; Captain Keith Barker; Captain Brian Barnes; Captain Kenny (KP3) Penrod; Jason Shay; Bret Winegardner; Al Fiorelli; Matt Greene; John Stygler; Pete Holmes. 


NOTES: I will be in Sinnamahoning, PA, conducting my summer youth camp all week, returning home Friday. I monitor my email and cell messages from time to time. If you must reach someone quickly, contact Kenny Penrod 3 at 240-876-2144 0r kvpenrod@hotmail.com. For Susquehanna Issues, reach Jason Shay at 717-507-4377. For Upper Bay and Eastern Shore, call Brian Barnes  @ 302-745-4668. For Deep Creek Lake call Bret Nelson @ 240-460-8839 or Bret Winegardner @ 301-616-9889.

Tip-of-the-Week: I’ve never had much good to say about fluorocarbon line—but scratch that. The Sunline FC Sniper is awesome—but now a new one called Assasin FC is a game changer. Plasma Ion Technology (P-Ion) is huge. This is new and not on shelves just yet—but ask your dealer to get it for you. This is KP Approved.

LOU Fish of the Week: LOU guide Jason Shay and the Susquehanna River are on an impressive roll as his client Brian Bauk makes the FOW with a 19.25” smallmouth bass that was caught on a spinnerbait.

JAMES RIVER Bassmaster, Norther Division Winner: Chris Dillow of Waynesboro, VA with 3-day total of 50.12 lbs—about 10 pounds heavier than the Potomac FLW. Jersey Boy, Adrian Avena continues his hot-streak with a 3rd place 36.3 and #12 was 2nd Day leader Boyd Duckett with 31.13.

UPPER POTOMAC RIVER: ***; 75 degrees; stained

Smallmouth bass fishing has been hampered by such and up-and-down river level—and it’s important to understand that fish must change their “homes” and “grocery stores” when this happens. So—if you are confused—how do you think the fish are feeling.

The warm water and aquatic hatch activity makes for low light favors for anglers and it’s pretty hard to beat a Case Magic Stik, rigged with a Wacky-O tool and #1 circle hook—on Sunline FC Sniper or Assassin FC—on an Ardent “Wire” or “Bolt” reel and those Edge rods, just makes you feel like you know what you are doing.

From Brunswick to Seneca, find the submersed ledges and fish them. The Campground Special tubes in the KP Series on 1/8th oz RAB jig heads are a must. There is some topwater action but give them 15-minutes to prove it.

The key to good results in any fishing endeavor is boat placement and boat position. Your trolling motor is your best friend. You just can’t do better than Minn Kota.

SUSQUEHANNA/JUNIATA RIVERS, PA: ***1/2; 75 degrees; east side MUDDY—and I just have to wonder WHY, mush free grass from Juniata; West Branch and west side clearing but has color.

It’s a rare year when I can say that high water may be hampering anglers on this majestic river—but it’s a fact. The Juniata and West Branch, way-up where my youth camp operates is muddy.

There is no better bass river in the Mid-Atlantic, and there is no better river place to fish for smallmouth—and that includes all of the rivers of the Chesapeake Bay.

LOU guide Jason Shay has been doing evening trips—which you should consider, and his note to be Friday said: Fished from 4-8 and had 32 big, fat bass on spinnerbaits. LOU guide Matt Greene says “Fort Hunter area has been good to me and crankbaits do the job here.

I’ll report from Curwensville and West Branch tributary lakes next week.

TIDAL POTOMAC RIVER: **; 80s; some stain; algae to the south

Bass fishing has been “challenging” to say the least but keep in mind: other than the Upper Bay, the Potomac is still better than the other tidal rivers of the Bay system—although the James River is making a major comeback.

“Too many jurisdictions,” hamper the issue because the Potomac River Fisheries Commission controls the main stem—and they don’t have a clue about black bass habitat. Virginia controls the VA tributaries that support bass populations but they are “silent,” “absent” and know more about snakeheads that tidal bass for sure. Maryland acts like they own the Potomac—but tidal bass management has been all about pleasing large, out-of-state tournament organizations rather than supporting the “real management” that the citizens of MD & VA do with catch and release ethics and tax base. DC doesn’t care either way because they are their own entity or their fish populations are rather safe because of distance from major launch sites and speed zones. Did you notice that Kerr Lake didn’t make the top 100? That’s where LMBV came from via tournament boats. MD NEVER mentions that. I have a former DNR employee in the trout species that said: “We had “swirling disease” in our trout, but I was told I would be fired if I mentioned that fact.”

In DC Water, where I think you have your best chances for catching multi-species, I’d still go there for just black bass. The Washington Channel, along the east side, is complex. There is a wall, a shoal (and with some SAV) and a major drop-off. There is a military base that threatens you if you get too close. There is a 10-MPH zone; a DC license requirement that may be difficult to find and you must have a “Boater Safety Course.”

You also must have Mizmo tubes; Rapala or Bomber crankbaits; Case Magic Stiks; Big Mouth spinnerbaits and Big Shaky jigs—and every once in a while, an Obie Hard-Hook buzzbait. One of the neatest things to come along is the swim bait but delivery methods are confusing. I use the RAB Swim and the Replicator. There are lots of soft plastic swimbaits to attach but I like the Case Salty Shad and the Bass Pro models. Have you ever tried a Scrounger? Well—you better find some. May I suggest Susquehanna Tackle Company?

In the Middle Potomac, between DC and Pohick Bay, it’s just “tough” sledding, and I hate that.  More than that, I do have a few reliable places to fish there but for the first time in my 35-year guiding career—I just can’t specify the areas because they are so fragile. I do like the Pomonkey area and areas of Hallowing Bay are inviting.

The Mattawoman vicinity is hurting and while the commercial fishermen run rampant, the little guy just tries. Spinnerbaits and Case Magic Stiks to spatterdock and submersed wood in the 6-MPH area—and give Marsh Island and Long Bay a good shot.

LOU guide KP3 reports: “ I fished south on the tidal Potomac this week. I concentrated on Mattawoman, Mallows Bay, Arkendale Flats, and Potomac Creek. I found some of the locations still heavily stained- primarily areas that do not have grass acting as a filter. The Arkendale Flats had grass and clear water. It also was loaded with baitfish. The bass were not as cooperative as I would have liked but did catch some bass when I located wood in the grass. Potomac Creek has some grass but the back end of the creek was off color.  I caught fish on some of the docks using black/blue jig and wacky rigged case Magic Stik. Just a reminder - the south end of the Potomac is big water and you must keep an eye on the weather, wind and tides- these factors can add up very quickly and one can find themselves in a very dangerous situation. 

The recent FLW Tour supported a recent common theme that has been consistent with my 2015 season. That is many concentrated in a single area and fished slowly with plastics once they located some bass. They concentrated on docks, wood and grass. Most did not run the tides but concentrated on an area and adjusted to the tides.  There are a few days when bass will chase a moving lure but in most cases- find wood, docks and grass- downsize your lures and fish slowly and thoroughly with plastics. This requires a great deal of patience - especially if you use light or no weight with the plastics.”

DEEP CREEK LAKE: This is MD’s answer to OC—mountains of trees, wild life, trout streams and a  lake of wonder, that many of Maryland’s fresh water fish records are broken—and we have the two best guides that ever worked this water. If you haven’t trusted your families and or tournament success to Bret Winegardner and Brent Nelson—well, shame on you

Now, you know this is a busy lake during the summer—but we know where to take you, and if you listen—and comprehend, well. We can get you some fish,

LOU guide, Captain Brent Nelson says: “Largemouth bass still up shallow in high summer pool waters.  Back ends of the coves seem to have the largest concentration of all species.  Smallmouth action on topwater plugs like Sammy's and Ricos early in the AM.  Plenty of boat traffic so get up early and get off the water by 10 AM.  Water temps in high 60's.”

“A mechanic, doctor, scientist or technician is only as good as his tools.”

“Only Politicians can get away with incompetence”

Allow me to save you time—and money, because I have tried all the products. I give the “KP Approved” tag to the following great companies:

RiverPro Jet Boats; Mercury Motors & Sport Jets; Minn Kota Trolling Motors; Lowrance Electroniocs; Ardents Rods & Reels; NRA; Under Armour; Case Plastics; Zipper Worms; Mizmo; Big Mouth Lures; RAB jigs; Riverfront Campground; Columbia Design & Graphics.

Additional Services by Ken Penrod’s Life Outdoors Unlimited.

On Water Training of Lowrance Electronics.

Photograph Opportunities in the Washington D C Potomac River.

Bald Eagle Photograph ops for Many Md & VA Rivers

Cast & Blast for Potomac geese/ducks & Bass

Parent/child weekends at our Lodge.

Exclusive Archery ops in MD—very exclusive

Bass Fishing Class @ Ken’s pool. 

Guide service on: Tidal Potomac River; Upper Potomac River; Deep Creek Lake; Susquehanna River; Juniata River; George Stevenson Dam; Upper Chesapeake Bay complex; Nanticoke River; Wicomico River; Pocomoke River.

Mike Payne shows off a nice bass he caught while
fishing with LOU Guide Capt’n Keith Barker.

LOU guide Matt Greene still catching them despite
the high water and the rainy conditions.

Susquehanna Smallmouth are aggressive and crushing
baits! Guide Pete Holmes 

Brian couldn't believe the amount of fight in the
Susquehanna Smallmouth he told guide Jason he will
be back soon.

Scott became a spinnerbait master while guided by
Jason Shay.

Guide Jason Shay (717) 507 4377  can't wait to show
what the Susquehanna has to offer



Life Outdoors Unlimited Fishing Report

For Week Ending July 5, 2015

Mailing Address: 4708 Sellman Road, Beltsville, MD 20705
AKA: LOU Magazine; PPC Publications; Camp Sycamore; Ken Penrod’s Life Outdoors Unlimited; Ken Penrod’s Seminar Series; Ken Penrod’s Tournament Services.

Ken’s Cell @ 240-447-2206 (best way); Email @ kenpenrod@comcast.net
Office Answering Device: 301-937-0010
www.penrodsguide.com   www.fishdeepcreek.com
Facebook; Twitter; LinkedIn; Instagram.
Website Designed and Managed by Captain Brent Nelson
Brent is also VP of Deep Creek Lake Operations; Editor-In-Chief of LOU Magazine & a licensed guide.

Our Guides for 2015 Include:
Captain Dave Kerrigan; Captain Keith Barker; Captain Brian Barnes; Captain Kenny (KP3) Penrod; Jason Shay; Bret Winegardner; Al Fiorelli; Matt Greene; John Stygler; Pete Holmes. 


He called my one hot July afternoon many years ago and said: “I have an assignment for an article with a three day deadline and I need some fish photos. Can you help me.” Of course I will Jim, let’s do it tomorrow. Jim said, “I should have told you earlier but the editor wants photos of at least a six pound bass.”

“What are you smoking,” I asked. Six pound bass are hard to come by during the spawn feed, but in July was totally silly. “Let’s go see what we can do buddy, but I’m not sure I can catch you a four pounder let alone a six-pound largemouth.”

Long story short, I did catch a six pounder, from Penrod Cove, from the concrete I had deposited there in 1985. We got Jim’s photos and used DC monuments for a backdrop. We laughed about that for years.

Jim was a unique individual, witty as hell and loyal as a dog. He was perhaps my best cheerleader during my 35-year career as a fishing guide and conservationist.

Most fishermen don’t even know his real name as he used a shadow, “James Drake” for his weekly columns and fishing reports in southern Maryland newspapers.

James Drake died last week, and so did Jim Kundreskas, his real name. Best known as a school teacher and musician, the real loss was to his family, of course, and his students that adored him and called him Mr. K.

We shared emails the week he died, about concerns of the Potomac River FLW event. One such event a few years ago resulted in more than 1000 dead bass.

I was stunned to hear of his death, and I cried some. Jim was one of those guys that only come along a few times in a lifetime.

I’m going to miss that man—and the ethics he stood for. He was only 64 years old. RIP buddy.


NOTES: This will be a brief report as we did very little fishing this week. I will file this report on Friday evening (3rd) as I will be at our lodge in northern Pennsylvania preparing for our summer youth camp, Camp Sycamore.

Most of the regional waters are still showing the negative effects of the recent, heavy storms and rainfall. I’m glad June is over. Be sure to check conditions on the waters you want to visit before going there. You can do that from our website at www.penrodguides.com. You can also “google” the information, as in: “Susquehanna River Levels, Harrisburg.”

UPPER POTOMAC RIVER: *; high & muddy; 3.9 Friday holding for Sat and Sun but jumping to 5.6 for Monday. I would not be opposed to fishing there this weekend. The bass are used to dirty water now.

No fishing activity this week.

TIDAL POTOMAC RIVER: *; lots of debris from upriver flooding

The FLW Tournament on the Potomac was run very smoothly with minimal dead bass and I want to thank them for that. The format is a good one also, limiting the field to 20 anglers for Saturday and only 10 for Sunday—allowing the “working-man” to fish his river on weekends. We had two of our Captains on the release boat and the report was a good one. Andy Andrzejewski reported only a few dead bass around the launch on Monday. FLW anglers confirmed what we have been saying for a few years: “The tidal Potomac River’s bass populations are not what they were just a few years ago,” and we must wonder why since anglers are about 99.5% catch and release advocates. We need to keep the pressure on MDNR to impose a 3-bass limit, a full time 15” minimum and no more than one 100-boat tournament per month. The Chesapeake bay needs a “Black Bass Stamp” to better level the license fee structure to more closely resemble our neighboring state fees.

On a sour note, a local angler, Pete O’Donnell, stands accused of harassing a competitor (Brian Schmitt) to the point that Brian had to leave his best spot—and he was in contention to win $125,000. Rumor has it that bad blood from prior incidents was the reason but this type of behavior cannot be tolerated. There are plenty of stories about tournament anglers asking others to leave an area because “I’m in a tournament.” That’s bullshit behavior also folks. BUT—remember, the vast majority of those tournament guys are gentlemen, concerned conservationists and salt-of-the-earth citizens.

The back end of some of the creeks and the Washington Channel should be fishable this weekend.

Reports of a manatee at Smallwood State Park cannot be confirmed by me and the photo being shown in social media IS NOT from Smallwood water.

SUSQUEHANNA/JUNIATA RIVERS, PA: an absolute mess all week; muddy; 7.9 Friday at Harrisburg, falling to about 7 on Sunday. 5.9 at Newport on the Juniata, rising to about 6.8 by Sunday.

Needless to say, we didn’t fish much most of the week but I just received this (Friday the 3rd, AM) from Jason Shay: “Started fishing at 6 it's 930 we have 40 in boat on chatterbaits and crank baits. Finding clean water is key fish are very active and aggressive. Black and blue chatterbaits and crankbaits are working best.  Jason Shay, Life Outdoors Unlimited, Susquehanna River Guide
(717) 507 4377

DEEP CREEK LAKE: ***; summer pool; clear

LOU Guide, Bret Winegardner reports: “Largemouth still in flooded shoreline grass and laydowns. Frogs. Buzbaits and jigs seem most productive. Smallmouth good in morning on topwater 3-10 feet. Poppers and walking baits here. Both large and small came, taken on docks in coves off main lake skipping sticks under them. Green pumpkin and watermelon seem to be best colors.”

Bret Winegardner , Lakefront  Enterprises, Lakefront@live.com, 301-616-9889.

The absolute newest, 100% fluorocarbon fishing line technology on the market—and you will want some. 225 yd spools will sell, MSRP, at $19.99. This is KP Approved. It’s new, so ask for it.

Ken Penrod endorses the following: RiverPro; Mercury Motors; Minn Kota; Lowrance; NRA; Ardent Rods & Reels; Sunline; Case; Zipper Worms; Mizmo; RAB Jig Heads; Big Mouth Lure Company; Riverfront Campground.

LOU guide Pete Holmes 717-360-1827  with a fine
Susquehanna smallmouth
Guide Jason Shay (717) 507 4377 with a Susquehanna
spinnerbait crusher. The spinnerbait bite has been the
best in years

Corbin with a nice chatterbait bass he caught while fishing
with Jason Shay


Life Outdoors Unlimited Fishing Report

For Week Ending June 28, 2015

Mailing Address: 4708 Sellman Road, Beltsville, MD 20705
AKA: LOU Magazine; PPC Publications; Camp Sycamore; Ken Penrod’s Life Outdoors Unlimited; Ken Penrod’s Seminar Series; Ken Penrod’s Tournament Services.

Ken’s Cell @ 240-447-2206 (best way); Email @ kenpenrod@comcast.net
Office Answering Device: 301-937-0010
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Facebook; Twitter; LinkedIn; Instagram.
Website Designed and Managed by Captain Brent Nelson
Brent is also VP of Deep Creek Lake Operations; Editor-In-Chief of LOU Magazine & a licensed guide.

Our Guides for 2015 Include:
Captain Dave Kerrigan; Captain Keith Barker; Captain Brian Barnes; Captain Kenny (KP3) Penrod; Jason Shay; Bret Winegardner; Al Fiorelli; Matt Greene; John Stygler; Pete Holmes. 


LOU Fish of the Week: Mike Stoker with a 19.75” Susquehanna smallmouth caught on a spinnerbaits while guided by Jason Shay.


UPPER POTOMAC RIVER: ***; 75 degrees; stained; 3.3 rising to 11.6 by Monday and then falling to7’ by Wednesday. At Newport on the Juniata, Sunday was 6.7 rising to 14’ by Sunday and then falling to 9.5 by Wednesday.

Smallmouth bass fishing had been quite good recently where 30-60 bass per guided trip was the norm and although the majority of them are <12” long, you can still snatch an 18” or better if you put in the times and work the prime habitat. My caution to you is  the Potomac will rise very quickly into the “Danger” zone today (Sunday) so stay away for a while.

Prior to the heavy rains, the patterns between Seneca and Brunswick were very similar. Bass are in current near breaks and ledges. Boat position is a major factor and I can’t do what I do with my Minn Kota 112 Fortrex trolling motor.

I preach about the Ardent rods (Edge) and reels (Bolt or Wire) and you just can’t beat the 7# FC Sniper—but we are testing a new Sunline FC that’s sure to turn some heads soon. There is a morning-opportunity for topwater action but that evaporates as the sun rises. Swimbaits attached to RAB Swim jig heads, Campground Special tubes in the KP Series, especially Badass and KP Rose—plus Case Magic Stiks fished wacky style, using the Case Wacky-O tool. The Stik can also be used Texas rigged but no weight—and try this: use an 1/16th ounce, 1/0 jig head and rig a 4” Case Stik Texas style.

TIDAL POTOMAC RIVER: **; 80+; very dirty and creek headwaters are blown-out

The river will be a mess for several days and there is much more dirty water and debris on the way. You can always find fishable water in the Washington Channel and in the Blue Plains vicinity. Early in the week Captain KP3 fished the DC area and says: “I fished on both Tuesday and Wednesday. I did well both days in the Washington channel. I caught bass on a variety of lured but a wacky worm did the best. Also a chatter bait on lower tides worked well. I caught a few bass on docks with jigs but the main stem of the upper portions of the river were discolored from rain. I went to the FLW tournament on Thursday and talked or overheard anglers centering on the grass of southern end of the river with plastics.”

The river was pretty much dominated by the FLW tournament which headquartered at Smallwood State Park. I like their format where they send the field (as many as 200 boats—only 140 this time) out on Thursday and Friday, reducing to the top 20 on Saturday and on Sunday—it’s only 10 anglers. That gives the local; working man his river back for his weekend. More than 50% of the field weighed-in about 10-pounds per day and big fish were very scarce. Many of the pros spoke of poor fishing and asked others why.

Scott Martin secured the FLW AOY award with one day left in the FLW season—and won an additional $125,000 for that deed. It was cool that Forrest Wood made the trophy presentation on that rainy, windy day—and Scott’s father (Roland Martin) and mother (Mary Ann Martin & owner of the Okeechobee-based Roland Martin Marina. Scotts sits in 5th place among the active anglers today (Sunday) as Texas resident  Clark Wendlandt leads the pack with a three day total of 47-2, a less than 2.5 pound average. Md’s Brian Schmitt is in 3rd place with 42-1 and New Jersey “Boy” Adrian Avena is 2nd with 43-6. I will announce the winner in a “Report Update” today—like right now!.




14 - 13 (5)

17 - 13 (5)

32 - 10 (10)

14 - 8 (5)

12 - 14 (5)

47 - 2 (15)

60 - 0 (20)

$100,000 + Ranger Cup ($25,000)




11 - 5 (5)

15 - 0 (5)

26 - 5 (10)

15 - 11 (5)

13 - 12 (5)

42 - 0 (15)

55 - 12 (20)





16 - 12 (5)

14 - 0 (5)

30 - 12 (10)

12 - 10 (5)

10 - 11 (5)

43 - 6 (15)

54 - 1 (20)





12 - 7 (5)

15 - 12 (5)

28 - 3 (10)

12 - 5 (5)

12 - 5 (5)

40 - 8 (15)

52 - 13 (20)





14 - 7 (5)

12 - 3 (5)

26 - 10 (10)

12 - 13 (5)

13 - 3 (5)

39 - 7 (15)

52 - 10 (20)





13 - 11 (5)

12 - 14 (5)

26 - 9 (10)

14 - 5 (5)

11 - 11 (5)

40 - 14 (15)

52 - 9 (20)





14 - 6 (5)

12 - 5 (5)

26 - 11 (10)

12 - 8 (5)

12 - 11 (5)

39 - 3 (15)

51 - 14 (20)





15 - 5 (5)

15 - 9 (5)

30 - 14 (10)

11 - 3 (5)

9 - 11 (5)

42 - 1 (15)

51 - 12 (20)





13 - 12 (5)

12 - 12 (5)

26 - 8 (10)

12 - 14 (5)

11 - 15 (5)

39 - 6 (15)

51 - 5 (20)





11 - 14 (5)

15 - 0 (5)

26 - 14 (10)

12 - 4 (5)

10 - 0 (5)

39 - 2 (15)

49 - 2 (20)



SUSQUEHANNA & JUNIATA RIVERS: ***1/2; 70s; very muddy; quickly rising; 5.0 at Harrisburg but rising to 8.3 by Tuesday. At Newport on the Juniata, it’s 6.7 today (Sunday) rising to 14 by Sunday before dropping to 9.5 for Wednesday.

It’s Sunday as I write this report and we still have trips out on the river as we did yesterday. This will cease today until the water settles down again.

The water was kind-of high and muddy all week—and strong winds didn’t help, but the guys got the weekend trips in—and just in time as it will “jump” to 8-feet today.

Pete Holmes said of Saturday: “we landed 36 fish. Most come on spinnerbaits and crankbaits from mid river structure... Susky temp dropped from 77°am to 73° pm ... 4.8'. @ Harrisburg and rising wind 15-30 mph ESE and heavy rain.”

Jason Shay has been doing a lot of 4-hour trips and this is what he has to say: All this week's clients were amazed by the amount of fight in these smallmouth and how fat they are. The number fish have been in current and ledges but the big fish have been staging in "ambush" areas (behind cover) and attacking you lure as soon as it hits the water. This is one of the best June's I have ever fished..Best lures are spinnerbaits and shallow crankbaits

Jason Shay, Life Outdoors Unlimited, Susquehanna River Guide
(717) 507 4377


DEEP CREEK LAKE: **1/2; normal elevation. Clear & crowded.

Overall, fishing has been pretty good given the non-stop recreational activity here. LOU guides Bret Winegardner (301-616-9889) and Bret Nelson (240-460-8839) report a “pretty good” topwater bite for smallmouth bass adjacent to rocky shorelines—and when the sun climbs high, the guides move to boat docks and grass beds where weightless plastics do the deed. Feel free to call either of the guides directly to book your trip, and of course, you can call me (Ken) at 240-447-2206.

Check out Captain Brent’s suggestions: LOU captain Brent Nelson reports that largemouth bass are now up shallow in 6 to 12 inches of water.  Nelson had two fish on Friday that weighed 3 and 4 pounds respectively, on a frog fished in the shallow pools and puddles behind the shoreline grass edge. The low light topwater smallmouth bite was spotty, but Brent had a couple good two pound fish on a wacky rigged Case Magic Stiks skipped up under the docks and pontoon boats.

Don’t forget—if you order directly from the Case website, use my promo code to get a 20% discount (KenP20). www.fishingcomplete.com


Mike Stoker about had the rod ripped out of his hand
from this one while spinnerbait in with guide Jason.

John Zanelotti with a nice smallie he caught on an evening trip with guide Jason Shay. 

Guide Jason Shay (717) 507 4377 is ready to put you on some hard fighting Susquehanna smallies.

Guide Jason Shay got to put 3 generations of William Harvey on Susquehanna Smallmouth..What a day.

LOU guide Matt Greene with a nice summer
time smallie.

Dan braved the weather and had a blast on the Susquehanna while guided by LOU Pete Holmes 717-360-1827

Rob couldn't believe how hard a Susquehanna
smallmouth fights!! He's hooked!!

Recent high school graduate Jake Harvey with a fat summer time
smallie with LOU guide John Stygler taken on a Snagler Tackle
Thin Wire Smoke Purple Gold spinnerbait.  Congratulations Jake
to both accomplishments this month.

LOU Guide John Stygler with Susqy bruiser that hammered a Snagler Tackle Thin Wire Snag Remover spinnerbait.  Book a LOU guide for great summertime Susquie spinnerbait action, the water is not the typical summertime level but the fish are still feeding and there are plenty of them. LOU guide captain Brent Nelson is taking
respectable largemouth bass in 6 to 12 iches of
water on frogs at Deep Creek Lake.
The secret to hooking largemouth bass
on a frog is to wait 3 seconds before setting
the hook, using 60 pound braid and a
stout rod on casting gear.

Life Outdoors Unlimited Fishing Report

For Week Ending June 21, 2015

Mailing Address: 4708 Sellman Road, Beltsville, MD 20705
AKA: LOU Magazine; PPC Publications; Camp Sycamore; Ken Penrod’s Life Outdoors Unlimited; Ken Penrod’s Seminar Series; Ken Penrod’s Tournament Services.

Ken’s Cell @ 240-447-2206 (best way); Email @ kenpenrod@comcast.net
Office Answering Device: 301-937-0010
www.penrodsguide.com   www.fishdeepcreek.com
Facebook; Twitter; LinkedIn; Instagram.
Website Designed and Managed by Captain Brent Nelson
Brent is also VP of Deep Creek Lake Operations; Editor-In-Chief of LOU Magazine & a licensed guide.

Our Guides for 2015 Include:
Captain Dave Kerrigan; Captain Keith Barker; Captain Brian Barnes; Captain Kenny (KP3) Penrod; Jason Shay; Bret Winegardner; Al Fiorelli; Matt Greene; John Stygler; Pete Holmes. 


LOU Fish of the Week: Scott Smith with a 19 7/8 smallmouth from the Susquehanna River, on a spinnerbait, while guided by Jason Shay.

Susquehanna Special Guide Offer:  during Summer months, a 3-4 hour after-work experience for $250 plus expense. Based on guide availability.

Anglers are responsible for cost of lost lures or broken tackle. Contact Ken Penrod @ 240-447-2206 or kenpenrod@comcast.net or the guide. Catch & Release only. See www.penrodsguides.com for our trip policies.

Tidal Potomac Special Guide Offer: Summer month “Dawn or Dusk Bass Bustin’” for $300 plus $50, a 3-4 hour, topwater, we hope, event for the “gotta-work” angler. Based on guide availability. Anglers are responsible for lost lures and/or broken tackle. Contact Ken @  240-447-2206 or kenpenrod@comcast.net. Dawn meets at 5-AM and Dusk meets at 5-PM. Based on guide availability and only certain launch sites. Catch & Release only. See www.penrodsguides.com for our trip policies.

Tip of the Week: You hear me brag about the Case and Zipper products if you read my reports—and/or fish with me. I consider them to be ‘one of the best baits I ever used” and when you order on–line at www.fishingcomplete.com, I can get you a 20% discount—and that’s a hell of a deal. Just type “KenP20” in the coupon or discount box. It’s that easy.

News & Views: Town Hall meeting with ALL the Charles County Commissioners Tuesday, June 23 at 6-PM at the Bryans Road Firehouse, 3099 Livingston Road. Show up early, sign up to speak. I personally wish to thank the commissioner majority for removing the costly and sprawl-inducing Cross Country Connector from the budget. There are still some overzealous commissioners that are pushing for unnecessary growth in the region and it’s important that we assist those folks that resist—and to protect Mattawoman Creek.

Maryland’s Bass Federation (TBF) won the team trophy during the TBF Divisional bass tournament, hosted by West Virginia, on a very stingy Monongahela River where their high school team of Morgan Winegardner and Joe McClosky finished second in that division, Great job Maryland TBF—and you high school kids rock.

UPPER POTOMAC RIVER: ***; 70s; stained; 2.5 at Point of Rocks and rising to 3.8 by Monday.

Smallmouth bass fishing has been quite good on the sectors we cover, between Seneca and Brunswick where the pattern is copy-cat. Try you topwater baits in the AM but don’t die trying. Usually the fish get 15 minutes from me to prove they will eat buzzbaits or poppers. It should be perfect this week as recent rains will color the water and you can get away with some errors.

Use the teaser size tubes by Riverfront Campground in the KP Series, especially the Badass, KP Rose and Penrod Special colors. Another great presentation is a 4” Case Magic Stik on a 1/16th ounce RAB jig head. Plastic flukes and small crankbaits are OK but there is a lot of suspended algae that can clog your lures.

This is Minn Kota time folks so get yourself a good trolling motor—and your catch will improve. I highly recommend the Artdent Rods and Reels with 6 or 8# Sunline FC Sniper.

TIDAL POTOMAC RIVER: 80s; some stain from recent heavy rains; hydrilla getting thick in places.

The Potomac will be host to the FLW Tournament this week and that accounts for the heavy traffic and scarcity of parking at launch sites. This “tour” brings some of the best anglers in the world and you can bet that someone will find a mother-load. Still, as much as I love the tournament idea and growth it brings our sport, the Potomac is not the Potomac of years past and it really needs a rest; a no-tournament rule for the spawn months; a three fish, 15” creel limit and only one event of 100 boats or more per month during the summer months. There is no reason that a catch & release river such as the Potomac should be having population problems—except that we are exploiting the resource. I hear from many tournament Pros asking “what’s wrong” and some even say, “we have to give her a break, now.”

LOU Guide Kenny Penrod (KP3) says: I only fished on Tuesday and fished Aquia. The water temp is in the 80's and good water clarity.  I primarily stayed in the second cove on the right and fished the grass. I caught a couple bass in morning on pop r's. The rest of the day I caught 8 more on weightless worms and small beavers.

The DC sector has been consistent, especially the dropoff and grass adjacent to Fort McNair in the Washington Channel. I’m liking the Case Magic Stik rigged Wacky style with an O-Wacky tool by Fishing Complete. The Ken’s Stik and the 6” green pumpkin/gold is my choice. There are some smallmouth on the railroad bridge foundations, under the causeway to Pentagon Lagoon and the dropoff at the Kennedy Center.

Mattawoman and vicinity has been under attack by tournament anglers—and they aren’t doing so well. Former LOU guide Charlie Baden helped with the FLW High School teams this week and his kids were only able to catch two bass out of the creek.


DEEP CREEK LAKE***: 70; normal pool, clear.

LOU guide, Captain Brent Nelson says:
Deep Creek Lake. Summer pool is 2461 and there's plenty of shoreline cover where largemouth bass prefer Case Magic Stiks, jigs and frogs. Skip your presentations under the willow trees, pontoons and docks.   Smallmouth bass still prefer noisy topwater baits in low light conditions and bluegills provide fun for the kids.  Trout will find cooler water temps where the creeks enter the lake and hold there. When the ambient temps move up into the 70's towards the summer, look for both brown and rainbow trout to migrate to the deeper waters near the dam.

SUSQUEHANNA/JUNIATA RIVERS:  ****; near 80; quite stained; 5.2 at Harrisburg rising to 6.1 by Monday before gradually falling. 5.2 at Newport on the Juniata rising to 6.2 by Monday. Much grass floating.

Smallmouth bass fishing between Fort Hunter and Montgomery Ferry has been “fantastic” according to our clients. Having so much water is a blessing this time of year—but my guys wish there wasn’t so much.

Jason Shay says: 4hr evening trips this week were averaging 25/35 bass. Lots of good size bass were caught. Our 4-hour evening trips cost $250 plus expense—and you really need to experience this action.

Top lures included spinnerbaits,crankbaits and topwater as the week went on the lures got brighter in color because of the rise. Tuesday we actually had a decent topwater bite for the last half hour of the day. Till Friday most of the river had less then a foot of visability. All fish are EXTREMELY healthy and active. It is unreal how fat they are for post spawn they are all "spring time" fat.

Jason Shay can be reached at:
Life Outdoors Unlimited, Susquehanna River Guide; (717) 507 4377; Riveretech@yahoo.com

LOU Guide John Stygler says: Table Rock Snag 1/2oz spinnerbait, slow rolling west side island shoreline structure and grass beds.  The fish are not very aggressive, more of the swim up and grab it and hold them, had several follow back to the boat and would grab the blades but once they are on they are fishing beasts.  The main was real dirty on the east side, not fishable to very stained in the middle to stained on the west side islands and grass to very stained on the west side.  Juniata was very stained and full of floating eel grass.  I am sure the storm last night made everything worse today.  The temps were low to mid-seventies on the main and almost 80 in the Juniata.  The fish are fat with crawfish right now, almost as fat as the spawn.  Every fish I caught was plump and pooping orange and spitting crawfish up.  Recommended baits would be spinnerbait with large willows, lipless crankbaits with loud rattles and chatterbait but you know what my go-to is.  Here are some pics from yesterday and what they are doing to those spinnerbaits once they latch into one.  No fishing today, too hot and blown out by storms.  Happy father's day to everyone.

John Stygler, Owner Snagler Tackle Company, 717-368-3802, www.snaglertackle.com

LOU Guide Pete Holmes says: Despite muddy water the Susky is fishing well. I'm averaging 30+ fish a day. Most fish coming on spinnerbaits from mid river structure. 5.0' @ Harrisburg and holding. Heavy mud stain. 75°am 79° pm. Happy Father's day. Pete can be reached at 717-360-1827.

Scott Smith with a 19 7/8 smallmouth from the Susquehanna River, on a spinnerbait, while guided by Jason Shay. The other photo is of Morgan Winegardner and Joe McClosky, the High School Fishing Team and part of the Maryland Bass Federation State Team. They finished in 2nd place just three ounces out of 1st place recently. Joe is a regular at Ken Penrod’s Summer Youth Camp, Camp Sycamore and Morgan is the daughter of LOU guide Bret Winegardner who served as their Captain.
LOU guide John Stygler with a nice June Susquie smallie caught the opening weekend on a Snagler Tackle Death Snag spinnerbait, slow rolling.  The fish were fat, clean and full of spunk. Susquehanna smallmouth are annihilating spinnerbaits! Get in on the action! LOU Pete Holmes 717-360-1827
LOU guide John Stygler with a nice Susquehanna smallie caught on a Snagler Table Rock Snag spinnerbait slow rolling island structure and grass beds.  The fish are fat from gorging themselves on the June crawfish spawn.  

Guide Jason Shay with a 21.5 in spinnerbait slab

Tucker with a chunky smallie he caught on an evening trip
with guide Jason Shay.

Scott with a nice evening Susquehanna smallie he caught
with guide Jason.

Father and son John and John enjoyed an evening of smallie
smashing guided by Jason Shay.



Life Outdoors Unlimited Fishing Report

For Week Ending June 14, 2015

Mailing Address: 4708 Sellman Road, Beltsville, MD 20705
AKA: LOU Magazine; PPC Publications; Camp Sycamore; Ken Penrod’s Life Outdoors Unlimited; Ken Penrod’s Seminar Series; Ken Penrod’s Tournament Services.

Ken’s Cell @ 240-447-2206 (best way); Email @ kenpenrod@comcast.net
Office Answering Device: 301-937-0010
www.penrodsguide.com   www.fishdeepcreek.com
Facebook; Twitter; LinkedIn; Instagram.
Website Designed and Managed by Captain Brent Nelson
Brent is also VP of Deep Creek Lake Operations; Editor-In-Chief of LOU Magazine & a licensed guide.

Our Guides for 2015 Include:
Captain Dave Kerrigan; Captain Keith Barker; Captain Brian Barnes; Captain Kenny (KP3) Penrod; Jason Shay; Bret Winegardner; Al Fiorelli; Matt Greene; John Stygler; Pete Holmes. 

Ken Sr. is off on a well-earned two week vacation. This fishing report is authored by Kenny Penrod III. 

Ken Sr. will have cell phone and email everywhere goes so don’t hesitate to contact him  for bookings. Other options include; For Tidal Potomac, KP3 @ 240-876-2144. For Susquehanna/Juniata, Jason Shay at 717-507-4377. For Deep Creek Lake, Brent Nelson at 240-460-8839. For Upper Bay and Eastern Shore tidal River, Brian Barnes at 302-745-4668.


Last week Maryland fired four DNR leaders with a combined 98 years of experience including Fisheries Director Tom O’Connell. An internal email from the agency’s new secretary (Mark Belton) announced the firings and stated, he “wont go into a long list of their respective achievements: what they’ve accomplished is significant and you are familiar with their efforts.”  Huh? What? Why then did you fire them? I warned you last week of this political agency (DNR) and the influence of money and constituencies in their decisions and lack of transparency with the truth. Tom O’Connell was particularly vulnerable because his position allocated resources among commercial, recreational, and conservation issues. Tom O’Connell was a guy- regardless if you agreed or disagreed with all or some of his policies- who worked very hard and cared about our resources. All should watch with interest who will be appointed (with “appointed” being the key word) to fill his spot. However, the next director’s name won’t matter because it   will be a political hack that will be ordered to put resource allocation into the following priorities- commercial, commercial, commercial!

Last week I mentioned the ineffectiveness of the Closed Season in the restricted areas of the Juniata and Susquehanna and promised to make an inquiry as to the number of citations issued to individuals violating this law. I sent the inquiry to the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Association and never received a reply. I will give this commission some credit- at least they give the appearance of addressing an issue. Maryland could at least try to give the appearance as well as adopt Pennsylvania’s closed season for bass during the spawn (especially on the Potomac) that allows fishing but demands immediate catch and release. This is a simple and effective start to the Potomac bass issue.

UPPER POTOMAC RIVER: ***; 72-80; Some color; 1.9 at Point of Rocks and steady.

The bass are biting from Brunswick to Edwards Ferry. The key is to fish mid-river ledges but that does not necessarily mean fishing deep water. The fish are relating tight to structure near current in water that is often less than 2 feet in depth. One has to make accurate casts to rocks and logs- especially when the sun is high because bass will not travel far to strike.  In the Lander area- try tubes, small Case Magic Stik’s rigged wacky and even small white spinnerbaits from the ramp down to just below the power lines. In the Whites Ferry to Edward Ferry area- fish early with a white, weightless fluke and then change to a wacky Case Magic Stik as the sun gets high. Now is an excellent time to fish after work as the sun goes down- this is my favorite time to fish the river. The fish will chase flukes and top waters with abandon. Bigger smallmouths will hit a small, black buzzbait. Try this mid-river pattern near the power lines above the Edwards Ferry ramp.

TIDAL POTOMAC RIVER: **; 80’s; stained especially north of Piscataway.

Please be reminded that the FLW Elite tour arrives on the tidal Potomac June 25-28. Anglers concerned about the health of our tidal Potomac River as well as its bass population should watch this carefully. The bass will be recovering from the spawn and the water temperature will be in the mid to high 80’s when the tournament occurs. These factors are the “perfect storm” for fish kills or the infamous term of “delayed mortality” utilized by bass tournament organizers to make a despicable situation sound like a scientific situation. One should check out this link http://www.bassfan.com/news_article/7268/dead-bass-a-possible-result-of-perfect-storm-#.VX3qeNJVhHw to educate oneself on the effects and causes of “delayed mortality”. Also, if you want to watch the FLW Elites – I suggest you get out there because after this tournament you may not see them on the river for some time.

In the Washington DC Section of the river – bass can be caught on bridge pilings using wacky rigged Magic Stiks on a light drop shot.  Also, there are some bass on the drops in the Washington Channel as well as in the sparse grass on the upper end of the channel. I also have some luck fishing current breaks (dock pilings) near drops with grass on top. This isn’t an easy situation to find but when you do find it- bass will be there. Also, check Fox Ferry and the Woodrow Wilson Bridge pilings.

The fishing was hard work in the Belle Haven area. A few bass can be caught in the grass of Broad Creek. I suggest using spinnerbaits and swim jigs in low light/higher tides and then force yourself to slow down with black/blue jigs or weightless Case Magic Stik on lower tides and/or high sun. There are also a lot of snakeheads in Broad Creek. I would also check Hawg Island, the mouth of Swan Creek, and main river docks.

The Mattawoman Section of the river was equally difficult for bass. I found bass at the mouths of small marsh drainage areas. These areas had milfoil edges where bass would line up on outgoing tides to ambush prey. The fish were caught using a swimming worm or weightless Case Magic Stik. I also caught a few bass flipping a blue/black jig into Spatterdock. I would seriously consider an evening trip on this section of the Potomac because bass will hit a swimming worm over grass no matter the tide as the sun sets. The grass and spatterdock levels in Matttawoman were disappointing. Next week Ill be fishing south of Mattawoman and will be able to provide a full report of those areas.   

DEEP CREEK LAKE: **; summer pool; 70ish

LOU guide Bret Winegardner (301-616-9889) and Captain Brent Nelson report that the largemouth bass spawn is over and bass are guarding fry. This makes bass susceptible in low light periods to frogs and buzzbaits thrown to shoreline vegetation. As the sun gets higher, both guides suggest throwing plastics and wacky rigged Case Magic Sticks under docks and pontoon boats where they hide in the shade. The further back under the dock you can throw or skip your lure - the better chance to present to unsuspecting largemouths. Also, Brent stated that he is getting vicious strikes from smallmouth bass while fishing noisy topwater prop baits and Pop-R’s. These baits should be retrieved aggressively during low light near grass that is adjacent to shoreline points and/or rocks. 

Deep Creek Lake is a beautiful vacation spot and a great area to introduce your kids to fishing. This lake contains a variety of fish species that can keep kids busy with “catching”. The guides have found big bluegills in the Turkey Neck and Sky Valley sections of the lake. In addition, perch and pickerel can be caught using live shiners drifted over mid-cove vegetation in 8-12 feet of water.

JUNIATA/SUSQUEHANNA RIVERS; ***; 77-79; stained; Susquehanna @ Harrisburg 4.7, Juniata @ Newport 3.9 and steady.


LOU Guides Jason Shay, Pete Holmes and John Stygler report that despite some slightly stained water and the “post spawn funk” – good numbers of smallmouth bass are be caught a variety of ways as long as you are fishing mid-river current. Pete is catching bigger bass on spinnerbaits near grassbeds but catching numbers of bass while fishing small rattletraps near ledges. Jason and John also report the same pattern- fish mid-river ledges with spinnerbaits and crankbaits.

Just a little note for newer anglers- “ledges” is a fancy term for a line of rocks that usually run horizontal to the river current. These “ledges” not only break the swift current but usually provide deeper water on the down current side of the ledge. There is not a river in the world where smallmouth bass don’t relate to mid-river ledges – especially after the spawn. It is a simple and consistent smallmouth pattern to say “fish mid-river ledges for smallmouth” but it is an extremely difficult task to fish these structures correctly and efficiently. To fish ledges correctly not only requires a lot of angling knowledge but also the proper boating equipment. There is no better place in the world to learn to locate and fish ledges correctly than the Susquehanna/Juniata. However, it is these same ledges that can get an inexperienced angler/boater into a dangerous and life threatening situation. All LOU guides are not only excellent fishermen but very knowledgeable boaters with years of experience and proper equipment to navigate these waters.



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