Life Outdoors Unlimited Fishing Report

Week Ending August 3, 2014
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LOU Fish of the Week:

Fritz Reiser, Largemouth, with Ken @ Mattawoman, Case Magic Stik (Ken’s Stik.) Henry Winsor, Smallmouth, with Ken @ Lander, KP Series teaser tube (Penrod Purple)


NOTES: congratulations DNR for the arrest and conviction of Michael Hayden and William Lednum of Thilghman Island for the illegal harvesting of some 186 thousand pounds of striped bass. They face 5 years in prison and $250,000 in fines and as much as $929,000 in restitution. Sentencing is later this year and we say “No Mercey.”


UPPER POTOMAC: ***; 75; bumpy-low; clear; 1.5 @ Point of Rocks. Some grass issues.

            Smallmouth bass fishing is pretty good although the majority are quite small. The trico hatch is prolific and when it dies off, the smaller bass are slurping and the bigger bass are eating the smaller bass. You need to be extra careful when motoring about because even an inch or two makes a big difference. I like the Ardent rods and reels and strongly recommend 6# Sunline or Excell monofilament. Choose you boat patch carefully because I see most running through the good stuff. Kayakers are urged to keep the boat-run lanes clear or suffer. When a jet is on plane—he has to be careful where he sits down. Avoid hanging together like bees over a hive so that others can navigate the routes and please park vehicles away from obvious vehicle/trailer spots.

            The summer pattern is the same from Seneca to Brunswick. Fish the submersed ledges and current breaks. We highly recommend teaser-size plastic tubes in the KP Series; Case Magic Stiks; Case Salty minnow and buzzbaits (early and late). There are unreal numbers of small bass and for example—we caught about 60 bass Wednesday, three in the 19” class, but only 7 of the 60 were of legal size (12”.)

TIDAL POTOMAC RIVER: **; mid 70s; salt wedge moving upriver; some algae.

The recent cold front was comfortable and did not hurt results much so the bass fishing remains much the same—fair at best.

In Washington DC, there are rockfish in the Channel and along some of the bridge foundations that are best caught on crankbaits or swimbaits. Smallmouth bass cling to causeway walls at Pentagon Lagoon, railroad and Key bridge foundations and rocky shores above and below Three Sisters. A few largemouth bass on the shoal/grass adjacent to Fort McNair and we like Magic Stiks of Scroungers for this job.

In the WW Bridge vicinity, you can eke-out a few quality bass from concrete in Penrod Cove with Mizmo tubes or Zipper Craws. The Mattawoman complex showed some improvement as we were able to scrape about 15 bass from the No Wake zone with Magic Stiks and Big Mouth spinnerbaits.

SUSQUEHANNA & JUNIATA RIVERS: ***; 70s; clear with some stain east side; 3.6 and steady at Harrisburg; 3.9 at Newport on the Juniata—steady.

We will offer a 4-hour “After Work” outing for the months of July, August and September only. The fee will be #250 plus $30 for gasoline. This does not include lost lures or broken tackle. Fee applies to one or two persons only and is dependent upon guide availability.

The river continues to fall slightly and it’s bumpy out there so be careful where you go.

Jason Shay reports that bass fishing is “strong” with plenty of big bass but he’s most impressed with the numbers of small fish he is seeing.

Matt Greene fished the Bloomsburg area recently and caught 31 bass in 8 hours—and the New Cumberland sector for 27 bass in four hours.

Lure selection is easy: spinnerbaits, chatterbaits, crankbaits and tubes.

DEEP CREEK LAKE: ***; 70s; clear, normal pool, busy.

LOU guide, Captain Brent Nelson reports that the cooler water has the largemouth cruising shoreline vegetation where Case Magic Stiks and Koppers Frogs do the job. He likes the back of Turkey Neck, Greenglade, Beckmans and Ski Valley. For smallmouth, the Captain says Hazelhurst and Turkey Neck are good places to cast topwater Skitter Pops. The night-fishermen are doing OK with a Bigmouth Lure Company, black spinnerbaits with a large thumping Colorado blade.

Brent looks to be sure the kids have opportunities also and he recommends targeting pickerel and bluegill with live bait.

POCOMOKE RIVER: **1/2; 70s; normal color.

How well you do on just about any of the Eastern Shore tidal rivers is usually dependent upon low water within your time frame. LOU guide, Captain Brian Barnes likes the area above Snow Hill which requires scheduled opening of the draw bridge. He casts frogs under low hanging brush or Case Magic Stiks to wood.The portion between Shad Landing and Pocomoke city is a good choice but a long opportunity. Choose tidal guts, especially when wood is present. On high water, you must get your lure to the shore or suffer from nobiteitus.

Ken with a nice Mattawoman bass that ate a Magic Stik. Dave Bean fished with Ken and caught this tidal bass in Mattawoman.
Brian is a New Zealand citizen and one of the most intelligent men I ever met. He is also a quick learner. He loves Ken's RiverPro--and Lander. LOU guide Matt Greene with a nice smallie caught this week on a spinnerbait.
Tom Mills nearly had his rod yanked from his hands by this big bass while fishing with guide, Joe Raymond. Catching thick bass like is unusual for this time of the year but LOU guide Joe Raymond says it's been typical over the past week.
Nick enjoyed a day on the water and caught his first river smallie while with guide Jason Shay. Guide Jason Shay with a Susquehanna spinnerbait slammer.
Dave Zavodny with a real nice Susquie smallie on his second cast of the day with LOU guide John Stygler on Snagler Tackle's Booster Spinnerbait in Black Nose Dace color that can be bought in Riverfront Campground. LOU guide John Stygler with another nice fish caught on
Snagler Tackle's Booster Spinnerbait in Banded Killifish color.
Aaron Anderson holding his big fish of the day caught on
Snagler Tackle's Booster Spinnerbait in Banded Killifish.  
While the morning was a spinnerbait bite, during the day both
clients enjoyed a great Snagler Tackle's Buzzbait bite with
LOU guide John Stygler.

Life Outdoors Unlimited Fishing Report

Week Ending July 27, 2014
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UPPER POTOMAC RIVER: **1/2; clear; very low; 80; 1.46 @ Point of Rocks.

            Smallmouth bass fishing is very good although the fish are quite small and it’s really tough to get around. I bumped twice Wednesday and haven’t done that all year.

            We fish Lander and Brunswick with small tubes marketed by Riverfront Campground as Campground Specials—in the KP Series, especially Penrod Special, KP Rose, KP Candy and KP Peanut Butter. The best opportunities are around the submersed ledges or in 4-feet of water where chunk rocks offer ambush positions.

TIDAL POTOMAC RIVER: **; 80; algae green; some color.

            Overall bass fishing has been poor to fair and while there are some bright spots—it looks like 2013 all over again.

            Washington DC is always a busy waterway but it’s horrific on weekends but you can get above the fray as speed is restricted north of Memorial Bridge. The smallmouth action will never be confused with the Susquehanna or the Upper Potomac but there is enough to busy yourself for the day. Mizmo tubes and Rapala crankbaits to bridge foundations and rocky shores is the advice of our guides.

            Kenny Penrod III has been fishing Mattawoman and relies on jigs and/or frogs in the mass spatterdock fields.

SUSQUEHANNA & JUNIATA RIVERS: ***1/2; clear; 3.36 @ Harrisburg and 3.72 @ Newport.

            Smallmouth bass fishing has been awesome but the river is getting low, making it difficult to get to some of the places our guides prefer.

            Jason Shay is fishing north of Fort Hunter where spinnerbaits are the preferred lure for bass to 20-inches long. “We finished with 62 today boss—these bass are crazy,” said Jason Sunday evening.

            Joe Raymond is working water near Montgomery Ferry, sometimes preferring the noon till 8PM time slot where his clients connect often with spinnerbaits.

            Matt Greene works the New Cumberland and Clemson Island areas where he landed 24 and 27 on back to back 4-hour adventures this week. He likes the spinnerbait, chatter bait or crankbait options.

DEEP CREEK LAKE: **1/2; 70s; normal, busy.

            LOU guides Brent Nelson and Bret Winegardner say the early smallmouth bite is reliable on topwater lures and that grass bass like soft plastics and frogs. The dock pattern is solid but practice skipping those baits when you can.

The boys attending Ken's summer camp are taught the skills and safety aspects of shooting shotguns, rifles and pistols. The creek aside Ken's lodge has a good population of trout and the boys can keep a few.
His "camp-name" is Sparky--and this man can fish. Joey fished aboard Ken's Riverpro on the Stevenson Reservoir and caught this great largemouth on a Case Magic Stik.
Out the door by 5-AM and fishing at dawn on a local impoundment. The boys caught about 50 bass this day. Alan Mullis has been assisting Ken ay his summer camps for 12years now and he's a great counselor--and cook.
That's a rattlesnake Noah is handling--and it was returned to the wild after the photo. Not as dangerous as riding on the beltway. LOU Guide Matt Greene dodging rocks and still landing nice smallmouth.
John Greene with a “toad” of a smallmouth with LOU guide Matt Greene. Butch Vinglish with a Susquehanna double header with LOU guide Matt Greene.
Big smile from, Jay with his first bass on the day while being guided by, Joe Raymond. Mark with a nice bass caught out of small-mouth heaven with guide, Joe Raymond.
Graham, the "G-man" holding up a chunky bass caught on a swim bait with guide, Joe Raymond. Pete Holmes with a 20.25 heavy hitter caught on a spinnerbait with guide, Joe Raymond.
Guide, Joe Raymond doing what he enjoys most, catching low water spinnerbait bass! Jacob with one of the many quality smallies he caught spinnerbait fishing with guide Jason Shay.
Chris fished with guide Jason Shay and was extatic about his first Susqy spinnerbait trip. Guide Jason Shay says the smallies are feeding in groups and extremely aggressive.
LOU guide John Stygler with a respecable snakehead.  


Life Outdoors Unlimited Fishing Report

Week Ending July 20, 2014
4708 Sellman Road, Beltsville, MD 20705
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LOU Magazine; Camp Sycamore; PPC Publications; Life Outdoors Unlimited

Webmaster; Captain Brent Nelson of Columbia Design & Graphics
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LOU Fish of the Week, Largemouth: Joey McClosky aboard Ken’s RiverPro on the George Stevenson Dam with a Case Magic Stik. LOU Fish of the Week, Smallmouth: Mike Stoker aboard John Stygler’s jet boat on the Susquehanna River on a Snagler Booster spinnerbait.


UPPER POTOMAC RIVER: ***; mid 70s; some color; 1.6 @ Point of Rocks and steady.

            Smallmouth bass fishing has been simply great although the majority of the bass are small (<12”), there are a good number of bigger fish if you spend the time in the quality areas. I like water when I can’t see the bottom that has canopy-like ledges or big chunk rocks. Your first cast to any “hole” must be well planned and very accurate or you will spook the adults. The little dudes don’t care.

            As always, we strongly recommend Campground Special tubes in the KP Series on a 1/8th ounce RAB jig head. These can be purchased via telephone by calling Johnny Cunningham at 717-877-2704. My favored colors are Penrod Special; KP Candy; KP Rose and KP Peanut Butter.

            Good areas include Seneca (week days), Edwards Ferry up or down, Whites Ferry—upstream, Lander up or down and Brunswick up or down.

            At Lander keep the long parking spots for trailers and park non-trailer vehicles at the skinny end of the lot. This parking lot is for fishing traffic.

            At this point in the season, you should be using 6# mono and I recommend Sun Line or Excell.

SUSQUEHANNA & JUNIATA RIVERS, PA: ***1/2; 70s; stain on east side; Sinnamahoning Creek @ 1.6 and steady; Harrisburg @ 4.0 and steady; Newport @ 4.1 and steady,

            Our guides continue to thrill their clients with quality and quantity of smallmouth bass that only Lake Erie can beat—and they are doing it with spinnerbaits, crankbaits, tubes, chatter baits and some topwater lures.

            LOU guide Jason Shay (717-507-4377) had more than 60 smallmouth in 4 hours on chatter baits, swim baits, spinnerbaits and talks about an “insane” topwater bite when the sun goes down. Much of his time is spent upriver of Fort Hunter.

            LOU guide Matt Greene (717-576-3735) has been fishing the Clemson Island, Fort Hunter and New Cumberland sectors with outstanding success and he really loves his chatterbait results.

            LOU guide John Stygler (717-368-3802) is fishing out of Riverfront Campground and he too loves the Snagler spinnerbaits in the Booster series.

            LOU guide Joe Raymond (717-989-6626) is upriver of the Juniata and he and his clients are wearing-out their reel drags on giant smallmouth that are addicted to spinnerbaits.

TIDAL POTOMAC RIVER: **; <80; B G Algae in south; some color.

            Largemouth bass fishing has been pretty tough in many areas and the hothouse conditions have really spiked grass growth. Much of the grass is sickly looking and loaded with algae so find the green grass and you have found the bass.

            In Washington DC, cast Mizmo tubes and/or crankbaits to bridge foundations or causeway walls for better than average smallmouth bass.

            In The Woodrow Wilson Bridge vicinity, concrete chunks in Penrod Cove; I-95 bridge foundations; Charlys Cove; Fort Washington Lighthouse and Bulltown Cove have some bass but it’s all work. Use Case Stiks in grassy areas and Mizmo tubes on hard cover. Always, always try a buzzbnaits in the early hours.

            In the Middle Sector, Pomonkey Creek and Gunston Cove are worth the time and I really like Big Mouth Spinnerbaits and the Big Shakey here.

            Mattawoman and vicinity is still the best but the :best” is only a shadow of what we used to call good.

            Use Big Mouth Big Shakeys and spinnerbaits to spatterdock—and don’t hesitate to flip tubes to inside pockets of those spatterdock fields.

DEEP CREEK LAKE: **1/2; clear; busy; good grass growth.

            LOU guides Brent Nelson and Bret Winegardner report better than normal results for largemouth bass in grass and around docks—and smallmouth on points and rocky shorelines. Spend the early morning casting topwater lures for the smallmouth.

Ken Penrod’s Summer Youth Camp

Be sure to go to our website to see photographs of my boy’s fishing and shooting activities for this year’s Camp Sycamore—an experience your son will never forget. I take well behaved boys (12-18 years old) to my lodge in Pennsylvania and teach them the fishing and shooting arts. There is nothing like this in the USA. Special thanks to NRA, RiverPro boats; Lowrance Electronics; Mercury Outboard and SportJet motors; Minn Kota trolling motors; Mizmo; Case Plastics; Zipper Worms; Big Mouth Lures; Remington; Beeman Air Rifles; Sinnamahoning Sportsmen Club; Life Outdoors Unlimited; RAB jigheads; Bushnell Optics; Ardent Rods and Reels.

            We spent a very comfortable week in Cameron County and while we had to work around some rain on Monday and Tuesday—the high temp for the week was only 78 degrees. Our lodge is near the small town of Sinnamahoning and a fine trout stream is just 40-feet away. The Sinnamahoning Branch (wade for smallmouth) of the West Branch Susquehanna is but a mile away and the George Stevenson Dam (largemouth and smallmouth) is 20-minutes via vehicle where we can use our big boats. There is vast state owned land adjacent to us teeming with critters of all varieties.

Wycoff Run: the boys caught at least 50 brook and rainbow trout from this creek during the week and most of those went home with them.

Sinnamahoning Creek: I find it interesting that the PA Fish & Boat Commission received 3.675 million dollars from the Norfolk Southern Railroad as restitution for a train derailment that literally poisoned the Sinnamahoning Branch. My summer camp was in session when that happened in 2006 and we were not allowed near the creek.

Of the nearly 7.4 million dollars the state received—only $58,000 is earmarked for the water and resource that was actually damaged by this derailment. How can that be?.

The boys caught and released about 100 smallmouth bass from this creek on Magic Stiks and teaser tubes—plus an 8-pound catfish and some trout.

George Stevenson Dam: we fished on day from our big boats and the boys caught and released 50 largemouth (3 were smallmouth), mostly on Case Plastics and Mizmo tubes. 14 year old Joey McClosky caught the “LOU Fish of the Week” from Ken’s RiverPro and his photo is attached.

You can obtain more information about Ken’s Camp from our website at www.penrodsguides.com.

We have obtained a case of Ken’s book titled “Pursuing River Smallmouth Bass” that we will offer as a one-time special to those reading this report. Buy one at $25 and pay only $5 for a second book. Send check or mail the order form found in the website BUT you must write “KP July Special” on the form and/or check. Offer void after mid-August or when books are sold.

Tom Shelton said he caught more fish in one day then he's used to catching in an entire year, while being guiding by Joe Raymond. Joe Raymond says the susquehanna bass appear to be very healthy and surprisingly thick for mid/late July.
Justin Shelton shows off his first bass of the day while being guided by, Joe Raymond. Brianna enjoyed a day on the water with her father LOU guide Jason Shay.
Pete caught this nice smallie on spinnerbait while fishing with LOU guide Jason Shay. LOU guide Jason Shay saw this fat Susqy 20 sitting in less then a foot of water it crushed his spinnerbait on contact.
Matt Wendle with a real nice early morning smallie with LOU guide John Stygler caught on a Snagler Thin WIre Spinnerbait in Ghost Snag. The eyes were out this weekend, Eric Stillwell
with a 20 inch Walleye caught on a Snagler Booster
Banded Killifish Spinnerbait with LOU guide John Stygler.
Mike Stoker had a great first hour in the morning
with LOU guide John Stygler, he caught 2 19's,
one pictured here and a 20 all on the Snagler
Thin Wire Gold Snag spinnerbait.  Morning was
the best bit of the day, afternoons got tougher.
 Mike Stoker showing his first 20 inch fish of this year with LOU guide John Stygler.
John Zanelotti with a fat summer smallie with
LOU guide John Stygler caught on a Snagler
Thin Wire Susquie Gold spinnerbait.  These
smallies this summer are plump and healthy,
very few signs of lesions or disease.  
We saw fish chasing shinners and other bait
fish all over the place.
LOU guide John Stygler with a real nice summer smallie caught on a Snagler Buzzbait Banded Killifish.  These top water bait produce on of the most vicious strikes every and these one did not disappoint.  

Don Bridy with a quality smallie out with LOU Guide Matt Greene. LOU guide Matt Greene with a another nice smallie.
Jeff Stauffer showing off a  nice bronze back  specimen  with LOU guide Matt Greene. LOU guide Capt. Brent Nelson spent the week fishing
Lake Champlain near Ticonderoga, New York with the
High Noon Bassmasters.  He went on to win their
2 day tournament with 33.5 pounds of largemouth bass.
Camp Sycramore 2014




Life Outdoors Unlimited Fishing Report

Week Ending July 13, 2014
4708 Sellman Road, Beltsville, MD 20705
Cell, Best Bet: 240-447-2206. Office Ans.
Device: 301-937-0010. kenpenrod@comcast.net
www.penrodsguides.com     www.fishdeepcreek.com
LOU Magazine; Camp Sycamore; PPC Publications; Life Outdoors Unlimited

Webmaster; Captain Brent Nelson of Columbia Design & Graphics
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NOTES: I’ll be with my boys at Ken Penrod’s Summer Youth Camp this week and will report on our activities next week.

UPPER POTOMAC RIVER: ***; 80; algae; clear; 1.7 @ Point of Rocks and steady.

            Smallmouth bass fishing success is still above normal albeit the fish are small, the grass is getting longer and the algae is still unabated. It seems the river is being used more this year than any of the past several and the numbers of kayaks and canoes are impressive.

            At Seneca (except for weekends), Edwards Ferry (I like upriver). Whites Ferry (up us best), Lander (either direction), and Brunswick (either direction) use small teaser-size tubes in the KP Series, Case Magic Stiks and Zipper Worms and Craws for just about all the fish you care to catch. Go early because “it’s over at noon” on a clear day

            Use 6 or 8# test mono, medium action rods such as Ardent and stay seated the boat when possible. Bass will be in some current so watch the bubbles and fish the current breaks.

SUSQUEHANNA & JUNIATA RIVERS, PA: ****; finally clearing; mid 70s; 4.0 @ Harrisburg and 4.1 at Newport on the Juniata.

            Smallmouth bass defy the rumors that they are scarce and sickly with evidence so strong that it’s difficult to comprehend the continuance of angler punishment that the springtime closure has accomplished.

            The water is getting low but finally clearing—and I just have to wonder why it gets so dirty when it’s so low. It’s not like rain runoff over freshly plowed fields is the reason. Anyway, LOU guide Matt Greene says: “I was in the Perdix area on the 6th and caught 34; on the 7th in New Cumberland and had 21 in three hours. I’m using spinnerbaits and chatterbaits exclusively.

            Jason Shay reports: I”I fished Fort Hunter Sunday and had 40 bass on spinnerbaits and crankbaits. I fished Goldsboro Thursday evening and caught 20 bass—same lures.

            Joe’s been making spinnerbaits and John’s report will come tomorrow—but you can bet that these guys are on the fish and will lead you to them.

TIDAL POTOMAC RIVER: **1/2; 80; blue green algae to the south and creeks; major grass growth.

            It was a year ago when I went off to my summer youth camp duties and then returned to a tidal Potomac River seemingly devoid of bass—after one the best springs in my 34-year professional career. At this point in time, I/we had a good spring but with only 50% of the catch we did during the same period last year. I will hope that this was an anomaly but will seriously monitor the river when I return.

            I realize that MD. Like other states are having budget issues but none are as glaring to the angling community as the lack of Police Officers on the water. Mattawoman Creek is a great example, where commercial watermen have always shunned the 6-MPH restriction—now bass anglers are also. Some people in small boats were swamped over the weekend and while tournament anglers are the likely culprits—it’s some recreational guys also. DNR Fisheries don’t want to hear about this but call the NRP and see how many time you get a recording. The speed buoys were moved by ice-out and they have never been repositioned.

            There were 238 tournament boats out of Smallwood State Park Saturday—and no release boat. Those bass were released into the stagnant water at the park that neared 80-degrees. UGHHH!

            Meanwhile, bass-catching hasn’t been world class by any stretch—but has been decent. Let there be no doubt that the numbers and quality have declined—yet she is still the best tidal bass fishery in the Chesapeake Bay system since the upper bay is also declining.

            The DC area has been consistent although not better than “fair.” Smallmouth bass from Key Bridge, Pentagon Lagoon causeway and railroad bridge foundations can be day-savers if you carefully present Mizmo tubes micro-close to the stonework. I like the 4” on the ¼ oz. InSider—but back off and cast firetiger Bomber 7A crankbaits along the structure also.

            A few rockfish have showed up at Fox Ferry structure during mid to low water tides where crankbaits and Mizmo tubes do the job. The concrete in Penrod Cove often seems to be “fishless” but probe with drop shot plastics and Mizmo tubes.

            Pomonkey Creek, Pohick Bay and Hallowing Creeks have been productive although grass growth in some areas make guiding difficult. The Big Mouth Lure Company “Big Shakey” and Grass Jig is hard to beat in these areas but always try a buzzbait or frog when the sun is low.

            Mattawoman Creek grass and spatterdock is semi-productive most tides but during low water can be the best of the river. The pads are big and while some are “browning” from a “bug,” there are some “chunks” in there and flipping is the advice of the author. Big Mouth spinnerbaits are good choices for grass edges and it’s hard to beat the Case Magic Stik.

            Interesting stat from the BFL Tournament: 12 pounds got you a check; 68 boaters had 10 pounds or less; 27 had less than 5 pounds; 9.4 pounds got a check on the co-angler side; more than 100 had less than 10 pounds; 45 had less than 5 pounds; 15 had “0” fish.

DEEP CREEK LAKE: ***; 70s; clear; normal pool; “crazy time” is noon till 5.

            LOU guide Bret Winegardner reports “pretty good” fishing for largemouth bass on shoreline grass with buzzbaits, frogs and jigs. He also says “the smallmouth are a little deeper (4-8 feet) and small worms, tubes and wacky rigs can work all day.


Life Outdoors Unlimited Fishing Report

Week Ending July 6, 2014
4708 Sellman Road, Beltsville, MD 20705
Cell, Best Bet: 240-447-2206. Office Ans.
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LOU Magazine; Camp Sycamore; PPC Publications; Life Outdoors Unlimited

Webmaster; Captain Brent Nelson of Columbia Design & Graphics
VP of Deep Creek Lake Operations & Editor in Chief of LOU Magazine


Notes: For a few weeks our fish reports will be short as we conduct our annual summer youth camp from our lodge in Sinnamahoning, Pennsylvania.

This report is filed Saturday. 7/5.


UPPER POTOMAC RIVER: ***; 80s; algae; Clear.

Smallmouth bass fishing has been good but the “heat wave” caused bad algae blooms and caused the SAV to jump start. It’s important to be on the water very early because when the sun is high—the bite is over.

            We can recommend Seneca, Edwards Ferry, Whites Ferry, Lander and Brunswick area and it’s a good idea to start every dawn with topwater lures such as buzz baits, Ricos and frogs. Smallmouth bass will be in very shallow water looking for crawfish and polarized sun glasses are game savers.

            Don’t fish slack water now because the DO will be poor. Cast to submersed ledges or current breaks and nothing beats teaser size tubes or Case Magic Stiks. So many small fish.

TIDAL POTOMAC RIVER: **1/2; 80s; algae south & creeks; green tint.

            Bass fishing has been from “fair” to “tough,” depending on sector and barometer. Wind played a negative role some of the week and the heat was downright dangerous.

            In Washington DC, catch some nice smallmouth on the railroad bridge foundations and causeway walls at Pentagon Lagoon. The Washington Channel is a lake unto itself and we really like the dropoff and shoal along the Fort McNair side. You can get into trouble here though if you get to close to Admirals Row. Use Case Plastics and Big Shakeys on the grassy shoar and crankbaits or Mizmo tubes on the dropoff. There are some rockfish here also so you may want to troll the 10-12 foot contour with crankbaits.

            The Woodrow Wilson Bridge vicinity has not been “good” for a few years but that doesn’t mean that bass are absent. Find the bigger fish in deeper water with crankbaits, drop-shot rigs and 7” Zipper Worms. Penrod Cove concrete; South Point dropoff; Charley’s Cove grass and Fort Washington Lighthouse drop.

            The “Middle Zone” has been fair with Pomonkey Creek, both inside and out, being the best. Big Mouth Big Shakeys, frogs; Magic Stiks and buzzbaits are favored.

            The Mattawoman sector was Ken Penrod 3’s target for a few days this week and he worked water all the way to Aquia. The pads in Mattawoman were most productive and he found big jigs to be most productive.

SUSQUEHANNA & JUNIATA RIVERS, PA: ***1/2; stained east side; 4.2 @ Harrisburg and holding; 4.9 @ Newport on the Juniata and falling slowly. The Sinnamahoning branch, where we will be fishing with my youth camp boys is 2.4 and steady.

            Bass fishing has been outstanding all year but I hate when the water heats up into the 80s because of all the farm manure which cause major algae blooms and other unknown diseases in the fish—and the humans that drink this water :hoping” the filtration plants remove the bad “stuff.” 

            Matt Greene fished From Clemson Island to Clarks Ferry Bridge for 35 bass on a candy craw chatterbait. He also did New Cumberland two days for 24 and 38. Jason’s been on vacation and Joe has been chasing green fish. John will fish the weekend but I’ll post this report prior to that.

            This cold front may help the water but if you see any sick or troubled bass, please contact John Stygler immediately at 717-368-3802. John will know who to call and he will get it done quickly. Remember, a “few” is no big deal, but when you see a dozen in a short period, there is trouble.

DEEP CREEK LAKE: ***; 70s; clear. Normal pool

            LOU guide Bret Winegardner reports “real good” bass fishing on the lake where he fisnished 2nd in a tournament with 14.91 pounds, losing to 15.02. The big bass of the event was 5-pounds, so as you can see, the fish are biting well. Bret says the bass are on shallow shoreline grass or boat docks. He likes a wacky rig (Case O-Wacky) Case Magic Stik here and if you can “skip” your bait accurately, under the docks—you will score. Good topwater action for smallmouth in the morning so don’t sleep in.


We thank our sponsors because we are no one without them:

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