Life Outdoors Unlimited Fishing Report
For Week Ending October 25, 2015

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Captains Ken Penrod; Kenny Penrod; Dave Kerrigan; Brian Barnes;
Keith Barker; Brent Nelson

Guides: Bret Winegardner; Jason Shay, John Stygler; Matt Greene
and Pete Holmes

Guided Trips on:

Tidal Potomac River; Upper Potomac River; Deep Creek lake; Susquehanna River; Juniata River; Nanticoke River; Pocomoke River; Upper Bay; Choptank River; Wicomico River; Curwensville; George Stevenson Dam.

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We wrote the books on bass fishing in this region and many say: Ken Penrod Saved the Potomac.


Notes: This will be the final, regular website report for 2015 but check back frequently for special reports whenever situations dictate. This does not mean that fishing is over for the year because some of the best lies just ahead. Big smallmouth will be the rule-of-day on the Susquehanna and rockfish and largemouth bass will gang-up on the Potomac. If you have FaceBook, you can see our weekly progress at Ken page designated as “Ken Penrod’s Life Outdoors Unlimited.” Go find it—like it—monitor it and check it often.

I am not sure of our participation in the Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg as I have not heard from management concerning seminar schedules.

We are working on some major conservation issues that you really should be helping with. The tidal Potomac bass population has plummeted over the recent years and we are working frantically to get DNR to announce changes for 2016 that would include such as: three bass limit; 15-inch minimum all year; outlaw culling tools that require flesh punctures; Tidal Water Black Bass Stamp; commercial haul-seining in coves and tributaries during black bass spawn (March 15 to July 1); only one 100 plus boat tournament per month.

My alternate to this would be “Catch and Release only for black bass in tidal water between March 1 and July 1.”


LOU Fish of the Week

Largemouth: David Colvin with Ken n the tidal Potomac

Smallmouth: Mike Stoker with Matt Greene on the Susquehanna River.


TIDAL POTOMAC RIVER: ***; mid 50s; tidal clear; dying grass.

Bass fishing is still difficult in certain sectors but improved in other areas. Dress in your best Under Armour folks because the mornings are chilly. The Washington DC area is still the best where smallmouth, largemouth and rockfish are active and cooperative. My clients and I caught 20 bass there Saturday and KP3 has been having good results all week. KP3 reports next but pay attention to his life-saving advice concerning PDFs: “The fishing was very good this past week in the DC portion of the tidal Potomac. Large smallmouth could be caught using Campground Teaser Tubes rigged with 1/8 or 1/4 ounce ballhead jigs- depending on depth and current. The smallmouth preferred rocky points and current seams in about 7 feet of water. In some cases the fish moved up on very shallow rip-rap on an outgoing tide and the fish hit a weightless Case Sinking Minnow. The key was to look for baitfish activity- large schools of minnows can be observed traveling very near the surface and the fish are never very far away. All of the fish - including schooling stripers - are following these schools of minnows. The stripers seem to prefer higher incoming tides where they push minnows into riprap banks. The bigger stripers stay just off the bank on drops in 10 feet of water. A weightless Case Sinking minnow cast into feeding schools should be worked rapidly on the surface to provoke strikes. The lure needs to be cast immediately to swirling fish. The minnow is then allowed to sink near the drops and jigged up and down several times before making another cast. I found some bigger largemouth near the Washington Channel in about 8 feet of water. The fish were near rocks on an outgoing tide and tubes fished slowly near the structure caught some big largemouth. The fishing can be difficult immediately following cold fronts - as was the case last Monday- and the bite window will be small. When fishing in these conditions throw a Teaser Tube and fish slowly. The Campground Teaser Tube in Green Pumpkin/Purple color variations has been my primary lure and has caught everything from stripers to big largemouth to smallmouth and even huge blue cats. It really is a fish catching machine but be prepared to lose a few if you are fishing in the right areas. I am fishing it on 10 lb Sunline Sniper Fluorocarbon but try small braid with a Sunline Fluorocarbon leader to save yourself from line twist. I am becoming a believer in finesse line and lures for these heavily pressured fish. 

I want to pass on a valuable lesson that I learned last week and that is to wear a life vest when fishing by yourself. Last week I fell into the river while fishing and can tell you that it is a scary situation to have your boat drift away and the deceptively strong currents will exhaust you very quickly. Also, even when you reach the boat - it is nearly impossible to pull oneself into the boat. I honestly believed that I was going to drown that day - so take common sense precautions when fishing by yourself.  Please think about wearing your vest and either have a ladder at the back of your boat or if no other alternative- climb onto the lower unit of your motor to get back into the boat.” Reach KP3 at 240-478-9055 0r kvpenrod@hotmail.com.

By-The-Way, many of you are asking about the tubes that we use for both smallmouth and largemouth.  They are made by Mizmo and branded as “Campground Specials” by Johnny Cunningham of Riverfront Campground. We also use the jig heads he manufactures as RAB Jig Heads. The KP Series is most popular and the “teaser” size is most valuable. Reach Johnny Cunningham at 717-877-2704.

The rods and reels we recommend are the Ardent products and that Sunline is a breakthrough in mono and FC technology.

UPPER POTOMAC RIVER: ***; 50s; clear; floating grass; 1.4 at Point of Rocks.

The river is low again and while much of the grass was removed by the last rise, there is still abundant surface clutter that can clog a jet and impede a prop. Smallmouth bass are “on the feed” and this is perfect timing.

My favorite areas include Brunswick, Lander and Edwards Ferry. It’s “tube-time” but then, when isn’t it.

SUSQUEHANNA & JUNIATA RIVERS, PA: ***; 50s, clear; low; 3.3 at Harrisburg and 3.4 at Newport on the Juniata.

It’s “bumpy-low” again but the smallmouth are eating. Jason Shay reports: Fishing was good this week despite the very low water.  Campground Special teaser tubes worked slow in smoke purple and KP rose worked as well also swimbaits jerkbaits and topwater lures in natural colors did the job as the water warmed. “ Jason Shay, Life Outdoors Unlimited, Susquehanna River Guide, ( 717) 507 4377
Riveretech@yahoo.com. “

Matt Greene adds: “Mike Stoker had a 20 ¼” fish yesterday and is the LOU Fish of the Week in the smallmouth category as well as a new member of the Ken Penrod Smallmouth Club.

The late fall action has started with a bang. The river is low and clear but the fish have definitely started to put the fall feed bag on. The baits of choice this week were campground special tubes, swimbaits, and jerkbaits. Longtime client Mike Stoker got in to the 20 inch club this week with a 20 ¼”. If you want to get in on this action give us a call asap, this will only last for a couple of weeks and you definitely don’t want to miss out. Matt Greene. 717-576-3735.

Shaune fished with Ken on the Mattawoman 
Wednesday and caught a good bass.
Ken used a frog on anArdent rod to catch this
Mattawoman snakehead.

  Ken used a tube for this Potomac bass.
Happy birthday to Garrett, shown with his father, and
guided by Ken.

Great week on the tidal Potomac... KP 3 used Case
Sinking Minnows to catch big smallmouth.

Judge Gary Everngam with a caught a nice tidal
largemouth while out with KP 3.

Campground Teaser Tubes rigged with 1/8 ounce
ballhead jigs were the key to catching big smallmouth,
largemouth, stripers and even big blue catfish in DC last

Long time LOU clients Stoker and Z showing off a nice
fall double with guide Matt Greene.

LOU client Mike Stoker making it into the 20” club this
week with this 20 ¼” smallmouth this week with guide
Matt Greene.

LOU client John Zanelotti showing off one of many nice
smallmouth caught on some fall action with guide
Matt Greene.
LOU guide Matt Greene getting in on the action this
week with this nice smallmouth.


Life Outdoors Unlimited Fishing Report
For Week Ending October 18, 2015

Environmental & Fisheries Concerns & Industry News

Mailing Address: 4708 Sellman Road, Beltsville, MD 20705
AKA: LOU Magazine; PPC Publications; Camp Sycamore; Ken Penrod’s Life Outdoors Unlimited; Ken Penrod’s Seminar Series; Ken Penrod’s Tournament Services.

Ken’s Cell @ 240-447-2206 (best way); Email @ kenpenrod@comcast.net
Office Answering Device: 301-937-0010
www.penrodsguide.com   www.fishdeepcreek.com
Facebook; Twitter; LinkedIn; Instagram.
Website Designed and Managed by Captain Brent Nelson
Brent is also VP of Deep Creek Lake Operations; Editor-In-Chief of LOU Magazine & a licensed guide.


Captains Ken Penrod; Kenny Penrod; Dave Kerrigan; Brian Barnes;
Keith Barker; Brent Nelson

Guides: Bret Winegardner; Jason Shay, John Stygler; Matt Greene
and Pete Holmes

Guided Trips on:

Tidal Potomac River; Upper Potomac River; Deep Creek lake; Susquehanna River; Juniata River; Nanticoke River; Pocomoke River; Upper Bay; Choptank River; Wicomico River; Curwensville; George Stevenson Dam.

Thank You:

RiverPro <> Mercury <> Lowrance <> Minn Kota <> Under Armour <> NRA

Ardent Rods & Reels <> Sunline <> Gill <> Mizmo <> Case Plastics

Zipper Worms <> Big Mouth Lure Company <> RiverFront Campground

RAB Jig Heads & Swim Heads <> Campground Specials

Columbia Design & Graphics

We wrote the books on bass fishing in this region and many say: Ken Penrod Saved the Potomac.


SUSQUEHANNA & JUNIATA RIVERS, PA: ***; 3.3 @ Harrisburg and 3.3 at Newport on the Juniata. Stages are steady. >50; stain on east side (must wonder why).

Chilling water and accompanying cold fronts have escalated the transition from summer patterns and we should be able to count on cool water behavior now. It’s Under Armour time. Just about everything will work but the staples of Campground Special tubes and jerk baits should prevail.

LOU guide Matt Greene reports: “The fish this week are starting to move into their wintering areas, but still a mix of some still on the late summer patter. The water is low clear on the west shore but stained on the east shore. The list of baits this week are swim bait, spinnerbait, campground special tubes, and jerkbaits. The swimbait working best the week with the fall patter getting in to swing. Matt Greene, 717-576-3735.”

LOU guide Jayson Shay adds: “Fall/winter fishing is here temps dropped into the low 50s and tubes and jerkbaits are the name of the game. This week kp rose and "mistake color" in campground teasers did well and full size jerkbaits in ghost or shad pattern. We did have a few on spinnerbaits and topwater but not many. Jason Shay, ( 717) 507 4377, Riveretech@yahoo.com.”

UPPER POTOMAC RIVER: **; >50; some color; 1.5 @ Point of Rocks and slowly falling.

This is a great time of year to be on the rivers. Bass are on a “feed” and the colors of fall will make you smile.

Between Seneca and Brunswick the pattern is the same; Smallmouth are spending more time feeding and their menu narrows a lot. Those Ardent “Edge” rods and the new C-Force reels are smallmouth-tools. Fill the spool with 8# Sunline and buy some Campground tubes from Johnny Cunningham of Riverfront Campground—and don’t forget the 1/8th ounce RAB jig heads.

Bass are in current breaks or tucked in behind ledges.

TIDAL POTOMAC RIVER: *** (don’t get many of these lately); 60s.

Largemouth bass activity has improved, as it should, with the chilling water temperatures and lessening daylight hours. The population is way-down but the “relocation” of fish is becoming another issue that must be dealt with. It’s happening on the Upper Bay also and MD DNR is aware and working on the solution.

LOU guide, Captain Kenny Penrod (KP3) is excited and reports: “Last week was the best week I had on the tidal Potomac since April. I fished the river four days last week and caught over 20 bass everyday. I have never had the experience of catching so many big smallmouth on the tidal portion of the Potomac but at times I thought I was back on the Susquehanna. In addition to the smallmouth, largemouth bass and schooling stripers added to the experience. The water temperature last week ranged from 62-65 degrees and the dropping temperatures had a positive effect on the bass. I was not able to fish this weekend - so I don't know if the recent cold front harmed the excellent fishing but rising temperatures predicted for later this coming week should cause fish to feed heavily. Smallmouth bass were caught on bridge pilings, rocks and current breaks. Early in the week the smallmouth crushed small white spinnerbaits but would only hit Campground tubes later in the week. Remember if the fish do not hit a moving bait - that does not necessarily mean they are not there- change to a worm or tube before moving on. The bait the fish are feeding on is not very big so I found "matching the hatch" by downsizing tubes (Teaser tubes), buzzbaits and spinnerbaits produced more bites. I found that by using Sunline braided line with a Sunline fluorocarbon leader allowed me to make long casts to schooling fish without spooking them. This was especially important when throwing topwaters to schooling stripers and smallmouth. The largemouth were hitting drop shots and tubes on drop offs near the Washington Channel. They were also schooled near docks and drainage areas as well as grass in the Channel. I - again- use the braided line to make very long casts with buzzbaits to the Fort McNair wall while staying the prescribed distance from the wall.  This was important as the tide rose and the fish pushed bait against the wall. The fun last week was to watch stripers chase bait near the mouth of the Anacostia. The fish were schooled and pushing small bait fish against points and banks adjacent to deep water. The fish would eagerly hit spinnerbaits, topwater, and small swimbaits rigged with a scrounger head.” Reach Kenny at 240-478-9055.

There is improvement up and down the river. In the Wilson Bridge vicinity, the barges between the Bridge and Penrod Cove hold nice bass best taken with Mizmo tubes and DT crankbaits. Staging points like the South Point of Smoot Bay; Fort Washington Lighthouse, Hog Island and even in Belle Haven Coves are good stops.

Pohick Bay and the Occoquan River, especially wood cover, is worth the time—and don’t give up on your buzzbaits just yet.

Grass beds between Smallwood State Park and the main stem are still producing and I can’t say enough about Case Magic Stiks. The “6-MPH” area is a good bet and there are new targets now since some rockfish are visiting.

New, Views and Observations

Our ongoing concerns about populations of bass in a once-great Potomac continue and we have to keep an eye on politics unfortunately. I am deeply concerned about the federal proposal to create a National Marine Sanctuary on a wide swath of river that encompasses Mallows Bay and all the way across the river to Arkindale Flats. We don’t need another jurisdictional entity on this system—and no one can explain exactly what that designation would do to public interests. Be sure to attend the public meetings and/or at least send your concerns via mail or email.

In 1995 four watermen were investigated, charged and pled to those charges, for illegally netting and selling 40,000 pounds of Potomac River largemouth bass. One of those men is Robert T Brown and he serves on two Maryland fishery advisory boards/commissions that include The Potomac River Fisheries Commission and the Maryland Tidal Fish Advisory Commission. We want to know: “How can a convicted felon that participated in the illegal stealing and selling of black bass, serve on such commission?”

KP3 is asking questions, and a response from the PRFC is an insult to all sportsmen. KP3 says: “I have received numerous emails concerning Robert Teague Brown and his APPOINTMENT to Potomac River Fishery Committees. The emails from government agencies were not transparent but did acknowledge that the Brown on their committees was the same Robert Brown that was involved in a two year federal investigation of him and his co-conspirators for one of the largest organized poaching schemes of black bass in Maryland history. It should be understood that all of the defendants in this case PLED guilty to reduced charges and that there are felony and misdemeanor provisions to the Lacey Act. It is not true when the PRFC states that Brown was "found not guilty" of the felony provision of the Lacey Act- he did not have a trial and a plea does not indicate that the government could not prove the facts of an indictment. This organized poaching scheme involved the illegal netting and killing of thousands and thousands of bass from the Mattawomen Creek. The poached bass would be placed in a Charles County pond and then sold by the co-conspirators for large profits as "pond raised fish." The organized crime group was only revealed by Michigan authorities when they noticed that the bass shipped from the poachers through their jurisdiction with an ultimate destination to Canada were not consistent in color and size with pond raised bass. The coup de grace of the government's 10 count felony indictment against the organized crime group is that many of the bass claimed to be "pond raised “had tags from past bass tournaments that had been released into Mattawoman Creek. I have contacted the US Attorney that prosecuted the case and submitted a request for a copy of the indictment. The Potomac has enough problems without them being compounded by criminals being on committees of agencies designed to protect our resources or agencies refusing to be transparent about their members... this is hubris. This "pond raised" scam is still being operated in terms of the large scale commercial netting that is occurring on the tidal Potomac. Did you know that there are health warnings about the amount of fish that an individual should consume from the Potomac but if catfish are netted from the Potomac and then placed into a pond- they are considered "farm raised" and sold to the public for consumption.”


KP 3 with a big tidal Potomac smallmouth.

Big largemouth, smallmouth and schooling stripers were
the rule last week on tidal Potomac.

Lou guide Matt Greene with a fine smallmouth caught
on beautiful fall day.
Jeff Stauffer joining in on the action with lou guide
Matt Greene.   



Life Outdoors Unlimited Fishing Report
For Week Ending October 11, 2015

Mailing Address: 4708 Sellman Road, Beltsville, MD 20705
AKA: LOU Magazine; PPC Publications; Camp Sycamore; Ken Penrod’s Life Outdoors Unlimited; Ken Penrod’s Seminar Series; Ken Penrod’s Tournament Services.

Ken’s Cell @ 240-447-2206 (best way); Email @ kenpenrod@comcast.net
Office Answering Device: 301-937-0010
www.penrodsguide.com   www.fishdeepcreek.com
Facebook; Twitter; LinkedIn; Instagram.
Website Designed and Managed by Captain Brent Nelson
Brent is also VP of Deep Creek Lake Operations; Editor-In-Chief of LOU Magazine & a licensed guide.



LOU Fish of the Week, Largemouth: KT from the Potomac with Ken on a Mizmo

LOU Fish of the Week, Smallmouth: Phil Scott, with Jason Shay on a swimbait.


UPPER POTOMAC RIVER: *1/2; nearing 50; stained, 2.0 at Point of Rocks, falling.

The river was pretty much blown out much of the week which helped discharge the lose and floating grasses. There was a surge in the “bite” on the rise but it’s nearing the “low” designation again and the action will pick up. I must say however that I am rather disappointed with the year-to-date results and I hope the next winter isn’t as ruthless.

Any of the launch sites from Seneca to Brunswick will put you in good water for now and the cooler water should increase bass activity. More than ever now, the tube bite is the key and I cannot impress upon you to much—the merits of the Campground Special/Mizmo teaser tubes of the KP Series, especially Badass, KP Special, KP Candy and KP Rose. Used in conjunction with RAB jigheads and Sunline FC, on Ardent medium action rods and reels will at least take away the bad-gear excuse.

TIDAL POTOMAC RIVER: **1/2; 70ish; clearing (was never really bad)

In DC water, we do best in the grass bed along the Fort McNair wall with Big Mouth spinnerbaits, especially the Penrod Special and the always reliable Case Magic Stik in the Ken’s Stik. Remember, if you order online at www.fishingcomplete.com you can receive a discount by typing “KenP20” in the box. You should get some of those Zipper Worms also and if you don’t have a Wacky-O tool—shame on you. There are bass on the railroad bridge foundations, Kennedy Center dropoff and Key Bridge.

In Mattawoman Creek, we do best in the grass beds near the state park with Magic Stiks

Congratulations to Johnny Duarte for winning the co-angler side of the recent FLW, BFL event. And he will be riding a new Ranger Boat as part of his winnings. This young man will be a force to be reckoned with in future tournaments. If you review the results, you will see that it isn’t just you that’s having trouble finding and catching Potomac bass.

LOU guide, Captain Kenny Penrod (KP3) reports: “The tidal Potomac was high and muddy this week. The water temperatures have dropped into the mid 60's and the grass is starting to break up. I fished on Saturday with two fine fishermen- Jeremy Vonover and Jonathan Lang - and found the water discolored throughout the river to include the Spoils, Oxen Cove, and even Blue Plains. We fished all of the mentioned areas and also Belle Haven, Broad Creek, Wilson Bridge pilings and barges, mouth of Anacostia and Washington Channel. We did catch some bass on spinnerbaits in Washington Channel, Spoils, and rip rap of Bolling Air Force Base. The fishing should improve with lowering water temperatures and better water clarity. I will be out of the river on Monday and Tuesday and expect bass to be on bridge pilings, Kennedy wall, and I can’t wait to check the Bolling AFB rip-rap when the water clears up a little - I will keep you informed. 

I want to update and thank everyone for their involvement in protecting our beautiful Potomac River concerning the issue of the Potomac River Fisheries Commission's inclusion of Robert Brown on their fisheries committee. On October 5, Martin Gary- the "executive secretary" for the Potomac Fisheries Commission emailed me and stated, "we are checking with our legal counsel to obtain the answer to your question and will respond." It is October 11, 2015 and I am still waiting- this must be a terribly complex situation and it bothers me that if a situation like this can’t be answered - how do we trust them to be accountable to their responsibility of protecting our resources. It further insulted my sense of right and wrong to learn that the same Robert Brown is also on the Maryland DNR Tidal Fisheries Advisory Commission.  I am a person that can respect that the interests of all people must be kept in mind when it comes to governmental decisions (meaning follow the money) and Robert Brown is of no interest to me but the inclusion of a person that was involved in the killing of 25,000 lbs of largemouth bass seems inconsistent with the mission of the DNR and Potomac Fisheries Commission. His inclusion does seem consistent with the policies that led to the decline of stripes, oyster beds, menhaden, blue crabs, yellow perch, etc. Also Robert Brown and his interests don't bother me - I made a living out of understanding self-centered individuals and greedy interests- as much as the need of government to include these individuals in policy without the same need to be transparent about their inclusion.”


I’ll have much more to report about Potomac River Issues at the end of this fishing report.


SUSQUEHANNA & JUNIATA RIVERS; ***; 50s; clear in middle; bumpin’-boat low; 3.5 at Harrisburg and 3.4 at Newport on the Juniata.

Recent cold fronts and accompanying blue-bird skies caused a “slowdown” in the action—but it’s still the best action in our region.

 LOU guide Kenny Penrod not a Susquehanna guide yet) reports: “I spent the majority of the week (3days) on the Harrisburg section of the Susquehanna River and I found myself wondering why I don't live in Harrisburg. Pennsylvania. The fishing this week was phenomenal. Huge smallmouths absolutely demolished Zara Spooks and spinnerbaits. I will confess that I probably could have caught larger numbers on smallmouths with  other lures but after a 4lb smallmouth erupted and threw my Zara Spook 5 feet into the air - I was hooked and could not stop. All great fisheries have a factor that protect them from overfishing and I will also testify that this river can be dangerous and difficult to navigate. However, if you have an opportunity and want to fish a world class fishery that is within 2 hours of Washington DC - hire one of the Life Outdoors guides that specialize in this section of the Susquehanna such as Jason Shay, John Stygler, Matt Greene and Pete Holmes. My dad and his winter/spring group will arrive in Mid-March for the annual trophy hunt and you really need to get in on that also.I have fished all over America from Alaska to Okeechobee and there are some great fisheries in the US- few exist an hour and half from my front door but the Susquehanna is second to none. As a note- I fished a mouse pattern with my flyrod and that was as much fun as the Zara Spook bite.  

LOU guide John Stygler reports “tough boating now as the river is very low but I am still getting plenty of bass on my Snagler spinnerbaits.

LOU guide Jason Shay says “the fishing slowed this week but if they were active, the spinnerbait was the deal—but when it slowed, the ever reliable jerk bait does the deed. He adds: Fishing action has slowed a little from last week active fish can still be caught on spinnerbaits and topwater but to get the numbers in the boat small swimbaits(white) and Campground teaser tubes(KP rose) did the trick to get the finicky bass to eat. Jason Shay, Life Outdoors Unlimited
Susquehanna River Guide. ( 717) 507 4377

LOU guide Pete Holmes is up to his nose in hunting sales as he works for an archery retailer, and LOU guide Matt Greene is vacationing with his wife and daughter in Disney Land.

KT caught the LOU Fish of the Week, Largemouth,
while guided by Ken on the Potomac River with a Mizmo tube.

Shaune with a fine Mattawoman bass that he caught while fishing with Ken.

Jeremy Vonover with a good tidal Potomac largemouth.

Giant smallouths smashed topwaters this week on the Susquehanna.



Potomac River Issues, Tidal Bass Concerns & Industry News

I presented the Maryland DNR with lists depicting my observations for the decline of black bass in the Potomac—plus my recommendations for fixing the problem. So far I haven’t been advised of any real action. A “survey” was mailed inquiring about establishing “sanctuaries” for catch & release only in portions of the river but I noted with genuine concern as to why Piscataway Creek was not on the short list. I hear from many of you that you share my reasoning but unless you take your voice directly to DNR, the remedies will simply get bogged-down in bureaucracy.

I want to establish a “Chesapeake Tidal Bass Coalition” to counter this politically and to establish a loud voice that can’t be ignored. I am looking for working volunteers from the various user groups including citizen users, tournament anglers, economic targets and legal advisors. Please contact me at kenpenrod@comcast.net if you can get behind such a program. We have watched two of the countries’ best black bass fisheries decline drastically and I see no daylight at the end of this untenable tunnel.

The federal government wants to establish a “National Marine Sanctuary” in the Mallows Bay sector of the tidal Potomac River. It would encompass a 14 square mile sector that far exceeds Mallow Bay because it will extend across the river to Arkindale Flats. I have no idea what that designation would include or exclude but I know this—the last thing we need is another jurisdictional authority on the Potomac which is already bogged down with way too many “Lords of the Realm.” The Potomac is governed by: The Maryland DNR; Virginia Game & Inland Fish; Potomac River Fisheries Commission and the DC Authority.

I have no idea what such a “tag” would encompass, nor does any of the preliminary intel discuss such, but we don’t need another “We have to pass the law before we know what’s in it” fiasco. Right now, I would say “Hell no.”

There will be public meeting and you need to get involved. The meetings and comment period is as stated: go to http://sanctuaries.noaa.gov/mallows-bay/ for complete (ugh) information.

 Public Meetings

Public scoping meetings will be held as detailed below:

La Plata, MD
Date: November 4, 2015
Location: Charles County Government Building Auditorium
Address: 200 Baltimore Street, La Plata, MD
Time: 6:30 – 9:00 pm

Annapolis, MD
Date: November 10, 2015
Location: Annapolis Maritime Museum
Address: 723 Second Street, Annapolis, MD
Time: 6:30 – 9:00 pm


Comments must be received by January 15, 2016. Comments may be submitted by any one of the following methods:


Submit all electronic public comments via the Federal eRulemaking Portal. Click the “Comment Now!” icon, complete the required fields, and enter or attach your comments.


Paul Orlando
Regional Coordinator
Northeast and Great Lakes Region
410 Severn Ave
Suite 207
Annapolis MD 21403

For more information contact
Paul Orlando
Regional Coordinator
Northeast and Great Lakes

About the Nomination

In September 2014, the state of Maryland submitted a nomination to be added to NOAA’s inventory of places to be considered as national marine sanctuaries. The nomination focused on protecting and interpreting the nationally significant collection of shipwrecks, fostering partnerships with education and research partners, and increasing opportunities for tourism and economic development.

It was endorsed by a diverse coalition of organizations and individuals at local, state, regional and national levels. This included elected officials, Native Americans, historical societies, businesses, museums, and environmental, recreational, conservation, fishing, tourism and educational groups.

Meeting Concerning “Stockpiling” of bass after Tournaments

The Maryland DNR will hold a meeting sometime in October to discuss the problem of “stockpiling black bass after major tournaments in Maryland tidal waters.

Basically, the huge tournaments release all caught bass in the close proximity of the launch sites that those tournaments are held. Many of those bass were caught many miles away from this site, thus the “stockpiling” designation. That’s not good for the fish, and certainly not good for the fishermen that helped grow the fisheries, especially the tidal Potomac River and the Upper Chesapeake Bay. There is no way that those bass can return to their home waters. This must stop and the burden should be placed on the tournament organizations.

I propose that such groups, and I am NOT talking about the small events (,40 boats), must bear the cost to transport caught bass back to waters they were caught from and that transport must be supervised by biologists in the employ of the Department of Natural Resources.

Your comments on this would be appreciated. Send to me at kenpenrod@comcast.net and Tony Prochaska at tony.prochaska@maryland.gov. Mr. Prochaska is new to his job at DNR but I trust him and respect his diligence.

A Felon in the midst of our Fisheries Concerns

If you took the time to read KP3’s comments concerning one Robert Brown as it pertains to his appointments to two major, governing, fishery commissions: Maryland Tidal Fisheries Commission, and the Potomac River Fisheries Commission, then don’t you have to ask yourself: “What the hell is going on.”

This man was one of the convicted persons that was caught and sentenced for Lacey Act violations wherein he and his cohorts ILLEGALLY took some 80,000 pounds of tidal Potomac bass and sold them to markets outside the state.

How can he serve Tidal Fisheries and the PRFC—with our interests? 



Life Outdoors Unlimited Fishing Report
For Week Ending October 4, 2015

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Brent is also VP of Deep Creek Lake Operations; Editor-In-Chief of LOU Magazine & a licensed guide.


LOU Fish of the Week: Geoffrey Ingram with Jason Shay on the Susquehanna

Notes: This was a week of bracing for a storm that didn’t happen, again, with plenty of rain, wind and Nor’ East conditions. In spite of all the “hype” from the various “Storm Centers,” our rivers only saw a bump, a temporary bump at that.

UPPER POTOMAC RIVER: ***; <70; stained to muddy; 6.7 at Point of Rocks and falling quickly.

The yo-yo levels of the Potomac peaked at nearly 7 feet but is falling like a rock. The good thing about this rise will be the flushing of nuisance grass. The bass fishing was pretty good early in the week but after the rise, it went poor. Look for a return to favorable conditions later in the week.

SUSQUEHANNA & JUNIATA RIVERS, PA: ****1/2; 60s; stained; 4.2 @ Harrisburg and falling; 3.6 @ Newport and falling.

A week’s worth of rain didn’t help the Susquehanna much but the rise did create a major surge in “caught fish” for those that ignored our local and national Weather Liars. It is fall—and that fall bite is on big time.

Jason Shay said “Did extremely well this week. Wed and Thurs before the rise fish came on topwater and cranks in translucent colors. Sat the fish were in a feeding frenzy slow rolled spinnerbaits in white and chartreuse did the job. Sun spinnerbaits and chatterbaits in chartreuse and gold did best.  Jason Shay, Life Outdoors Unlimited, Susquehanna River Guide, ( 717) 507 4377

LOU guide Matt Greene says: “The story of the week is the weather. With the river on the rise at the end of this week the top water action slowed, but greatly improved the spinnerbait action. The fish are still on the fall feed and will continue no matter what Mother Nature dishes out. This week started out with some first rate top water action and the end of the week with some first rate spinnerbait action.” Matt Greene, 717-576-3735.

TIDAL POTOMAC RIVER: *1/2; stained; look for some debris in DC; 60 +-

The river didn’t get much of a beating other than via the wind, and even the upper Potomac rise will not send a river-full of mud and flotsam—so get out there and search. “Search” is appropriate in lieu of “catch” because say it any way you wish—the Potomac bass population is inexcusably depressed.

Look for my “Causes and Recommendations” at the end of this report.

LOU guide, Captain Kenny Penrod (KP3) reports the following: “I primarily focused on the Mattawoman section of the tidal Potomac River on Tuesday and Wednesday and although I got drenched I had an hour when fishing was like the good old days. I caught several big fish utilizing an observation that I made while fishing with clients a couple of weeks ago. I noticed that although all of us were fishing buzzbaits - the fish would only hit a downsized buzzbait that one of the client's was fishing. On Tuesday and Wednesday I utilized a small 1/4 ounce buzzbait with a Potomac Blue colored River Bug trailer to catch more fish than I have in the last month. It was fantastic! The fish were on the edge of a long grass bed that was close to relatively deep water. The weather wiped out any further fishing for the week. I was struck that on both Tuesday and Wednesday - I was the only boat trailer parked in the entire Smallwood parking lot.

 The conversations with state officials continue on the work needed to assist the tidal Potomac black fishery and I urge all of you that care about the river to get involved. It’s not enough to bitch on Facebook! I was deeply disturbed to learn that policies effecting our resources are being made by corrupt, felons that have positions with agencies that are supposed to be protecting our river. The Potomac River Fisheries Commission has an individual named Robert T. Brown on its Potomac River Finfish Advisory Committee. The felon Brown was arrested and found guilty of a federal law called the Lacey Act for illegally poaching and smuggling over 25,000 lbs of largemouth bass from the Potomac River- primarily Mattawoman Creek. Now Brown is on an advisory board with the responsibility to protect our resources and has pictures of himself with Senator Hershel and Delegate Jacobs to demonstrate his political influence. He is also the head of the Maryland Waterman association.  More disturbing I called and emailed the Potomac River Fisheries Commission to confirm that the individual on their advisory committee was the same felon convicted of poaching bass on the Potomac and they failed to respond to the inquiry. I know we are all busy but please make a small effort and email the Potomac River Fisheries Commission at contactprfc@gmail.com and ask them the same question I asked- if Robert Brown is the same Robert Brown convicted of the Lacy Act. After that go to https://www.change.org/p/remove-robert-t-brown-from-his-position-as-president-of-the-mwa-any-and-all-committees-influencing-chesapeake-bay-policy and sign the petition. I was in law enforcement for 27 years and I can tell you that criminals are only caught and arrested for a small percentage of their crimes. Please email me at kvpenrod@hotmail.com and let me know if you got a response

 In Washington D. C., I suspect the stained condition will go away quickly and the Washington Channel was not affected. There are catchable smallmouth bass on the railroad bridge foundations, Key Bridge foundations, Kennedy Center dropoff and “Mooring Rocks.” The Channel drops hold everything, but especially rockfish and largemouth.

We are in discussions with DNR personnel, albeit new to the black bass issues of the tidal Potomac River, and I presented them with my reason for, and recommendations for fix, at a meeting.

Contributing Factors for Talking Points.

1.      Excessive, mass tournament pressure throughout the year.

2.      Disease including Large Mouth Bass Virus

3.      Inability of black bass to reproduce due to sexual duty changes.

4.      Commercial fishermen netting practices destroying habitat and nesting sites

5.      Inadequate sewage treatment overburdened by mass development and permit violations.

6.      Massive snow removal practices that contain salt.

7.      Lack, even absence of law enforcement.

8.      Invasive fish species introduction.

9.      Multi-jurisdictional controls headlined by the Potomac River Fisheries Commission that actually supervises more Potomac water than Maryland, Virginia and DC combined—and they know nothing about black bass nor do anything as far as studies, enforcement and population research.

10.   Md sanctuary for commercial fishermen that lost their license in other jurisdictions.


·        A “Black Bass Stamp” of approximately $20 to fish for or target black bass in Maryland tidal waters. This will level the field as far as license costs in other states; provide an accurate account for bass fishermen using tidal water; provide additional funds for enforcement, habitat enhancement and population studies.

·        Change the possession limit to 3 bass of 15 inches or longer.

·        Establish spawning/nursery sanctuaries for catch and release only all year. I recommend Mattawoman, Piscataway and Chickamuxen Creeks.

·        Limit 100-plus boat tournaments to one per month; ALTERNATE: catch and release between March 5 and June 15. Every other state does this and we welcome those with open arms.

·        Eliminate commercial netting practices during spawning months in Maryland tributaries.

·        Eliminate tournament culling devices that require a puncture of the fish’s mouth/fins/body.

·        Eliminate the Black Bass RoundTable or totally revamp this “good ol’ boys” format as it is dominated by tournament fishermen and DNR thinks they speak for the other anglers. PS: I originated that concept many years ago but it has lost its value.

·        Establish stringent rules, with penalty, for tournament that include redistribution of caught fish, fines for dead bass and expulsion for serious violation. I think a fee should be charged for the large out-of-state groups to help pay for on-site supervision by DNR and biologists.

·        A better working relationship between DNR, Enforcement and DE. “Call a Poacher” is a joke; Report pollution to USCG or EP is an exercise, not even close to a solution.

You may have received a “Survey” from DNR concerning proposed bass sanctuaries in the tidal Potomac River. They report sending 20,000 requests to people buying license—but I question the ability of anyone capable of determining who is and who is not a bass fisherman when they buy the Chesapeake Bay Sportfishing License. In any event, they tend to recommend places like: The Spoils (Penrod Cove), 6-MPH zone in Mattawoman Creek and a portion of Chickamuxen Creek. My immediate question was “Why not Piscataway Creek” because it is traditionally one of the top spawn areas in the system.

MDNR tends to choose a “Snail’s Pace” to this issue and “this issue” has some age on it already. If they continue to stay on the proposed patch, it will be 1017 before anything of significance happens. That is just unacceptable.

Let me know how you feel about this but I will say, it’s been a tough go so far because of “lack of support.”


For an hour on Tuesday it was like old times on Mattawoman.

LOU Guide Matt Greene enjoying some action in the calm before the storm.




Life Outdoors Unlimited Fishing Report
For Week Ending September 27, 2015

Mailing Address: 4708 Sellman Road, Beltsville, MD 20705
AKA: LOU Magazine; PPC Publications; Camp Sycamore; Ken Penrod’s Life Outdoors Unlimited; Ken Penrod’s Seminar Series; Ken Penrod’s Tournament Services.

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NOTES: The extended drought is causing concerns not only to fishermen trying to get around in boats, but to aquatic health and pollution by volume. I seriously warn you against wading due to the high bacteria counts and you really need to carry some disinfectant towels in your boat so that you can wash your hands. Those of you that bite your line or wet for knots are urged to STOP THAT.

UPPER POTOMAC RIVER: **; very low; low 70s; much algae; 1,0 at Point of Rocks

The mass grass and low water are making boating difficult and keeping us away from areas we would rather spend time in—and of course, bright sunny days make it tough because of the clear water.

The aquatic hatch in the morning will not last as the temperatures cool but watch for that occurrence. Best lures include the Case Ken’s Stik, Campground Special tubes.in the KP Candy, Badass, KP Special and Smoke-Purple. Swim baits attached to RAB Swim Heads and you just have to try a topwater lure if even for only 10 casts. Go early and go home early.

I’m using Sunline FC because of the clarity on Ardent tackle and these days, my RiverPro is more dependent upon my 36-volt Minn Kota than the 200 HO Mercury SportJet.

Go upriver from Whites Ferry, upriver from Seneca and down from Lander.

Once again a major spill on the upper Potomac, this time a latex substance from a paper company that depends on a treatment plant with a history of incompetence above Cumberland. We are monitoring the story but have little faith in a remedy. Towns downstream have been warned and EPA is on the job. Now, doesn’t that make you feel better?

TIDAL POTOMAC RIVER: **; 70s; much sick grass and the salt wedge nears DC.

Frustrating, disappointing, anger and chagrin are common emotions for those struggling to cope with a failing fishery that has little hope for recovery soon.

LOU guide, Captain Kenny Penrod, an excellent tidal bass guide and retired police Detective reports: “The water temperatures are cooling and the days are getting shorter. Although I have not yet witnessed these factors having a measurable effect on the fish catch - I would think that fishing should soon improve. There are stripers in the Washington Channel and can be caught trolling crankbaits near the drop off the Ft. McNair wall in about 10 feet of water. Smallmouth and largemouth bass can be found off the Kennedy Center wall using white spinnerbaits, small deep diving crankbaits and tubes. The Washington DC bridge pilings have been my most consistent producer but fish have run on the smaller size. Use Campground Tubes and small Case Magic Sticks rigged on a drop shot. in the morning I have caught some larger bass near the edge of hydrilla beds using a buzzbait in the vicinity of Belle Haven. There are some big snakeheads in Little Hunting that are willing to hit a black frog during higher tides. I fished Mattawoman but fishing was slow. A few fish can be caught early near the Smallwood ramp using white floating worms.

The tidal Potomac bass need our help. Individuals that fish the Potomac River know this for a fact and I can tell you after 27 years of working in government and being involved in the politics of Annapolis- government and its policy makers are not the answer. A little action is worth a hundred meetings that talk about the problem. There is no need to discuss the decline of the black bass fishery- that is a fact. Why it declined- Maryland political appointees and policy makers have no answer and provide a variety of explanations from lack of SAV, to competition from invasive species, to overfishing to "Climate change." You knew the politics of the state of Maryland had to place climate change in their explanation for the decline of black bass. That explanation alone should tell you that YOU - the true protector of the fishery- need to get involved in taking some simple actions.   

It is time to get involved in what we CAN do to improve our fishery. We can improve habitat through the placing of stake beds and wood in spawning locations. This past summer a large storm downed trees throughout Smallwood State Park. Why cant we use these downed trees and limbs to create habitat in the area of the bay in front of the Smallwood ramp as well as in the rear of Marsh Island and the back of Mattawoman. This habitat can be placed in areas that do not pose a hazard to boats or people and in areas that vitally need this cover for successful bass spawning. The resources are very close to the River and if the Park and the State of Maryland will allow the project- I will personally initiate the action this fall. Also I know that the Maryland DNR cannot control Virginia or Washington DC creel limits or tournament procedures. However, they do control the vital tributaries that concentrate bass during the spawn to include- Piscataway and Mattawoman. There is a true need for an "immediate catch and release" season in all Maryland tidal tributaries that could run from April 1- through June 15. These are simple actions that may not resolve all the issues but they are actions nonetheless. It’s time for Sportsmen and businesses that benefit from our sport - to include BASS and FLW - to combine our efforts/money and take some ACTION. If not - you can  complain about what government is not doing and then read the 2016 Maryland DNR tidal black bass report that explains how climate change has affected our fishery from 2012-2016.”

I fished the DC sector recently and even that was disappointing.

To the south, find a few in the Mattawoman areas, the Occoquan and small, green grass beds on the main stem.

I do suggest that you revert to habitat that was here before the grass made fishing easy. Crankbait the ledges and deep wood cover.


SUSQUEHANNA RIVER, PA: ***; <70, very low and very cool; 3,0 at Harrisburg and 3.3 at Newport on the Juniata.

I responded to a competing guide via facebook about the “scowl” he forced in his photo and he responded: “get some water in this river and watch me smile.” That’s how my guys feel, and to some extent, we are postponing trips, which is sad, because the smallmouth population and heft are beyond belief for a river considered “sick” by some accounts, and “diseased” by others.

 LOU guide Jason Shay reports: “Fishing remains good this week top baits were Snaggler buzzbait in Susqy gold, Lucky Craft Sammy and Campground easer tubes in smoke/purple and KP rose.  Bass are in a transition between the summer and fall patterns and can be found in every inch of the water column.” Jason Shay. Life Outdoors Unlimited, Susquehanna River Guide, ( 717) 507 4377.

LOU guide Matt Greene adds: “The only change this week is the drop in temperature in the water and the air. The fishing and the river conditions remain the same with the top water action lasting all day now. The color of the bait is all you need to change as the lighting changes, black or white in low light and clear or flashy when the sun gets up. I have thrown the occasional spinner bait this week but top water is still where it’s at this week.” Matt Greene, 717-576-3735 .

Smallmouth are grouping up and aggressive. Top water and  spinnerbaits are productive most of the day. Sammy's in natural shad patterns, Snagler buzzbaits in white and shad colored spinnerbaits do best.  Campground special tubes and case magic sticks of the green pumpkin variety will pick up those fish when other baits slow down. The Susquehanna is very low and extreme caution must be used. 3.0' @ Harrisburg 65° water temp. Minimal boat traffic. LOU Pete Holmes (717-360-1827)

DEEP CREEK LAKE: ***; lowering lake; <70; clear

LOU guide Bret Winegardner reports “pretty good fishing” and “don’t come here in your summer clothing. This mountain lake has two seasons; winter and spring.

The shallow docks hold bass best taken with jigs an Case Magic Stiks. Land point and deeper docks are still good for topwater action, especially poppers and buzbaits.


LOU guide Matt Greene showing of a nice smallmouth caught during some top water action.


LOU Guide Pete Holmes
(717-360-1827) with a fat Susky smallmouth that fell for a Buzzbait.


Life Outdoors Unlimited Fishing Report
For Week Ending September 20, 2015

Mailing Address: 4708 Sellman Road, Beltsville, MD 20705
AKA: LOU Magazine; PPC Publications; Camp Sycamore; Ken Penrod’s Life Outdoors Unlimited; Ken Penrod’s Seminar Series; Ken Penrod’s Tournament Services.

Ken’s Cell @ 240-447-2206 (best way); Email @ kenpenrod@comcast.net
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Website Designed and Managed by Captain Brent Nelson
Brent is also VP of Deep Creek Lake Operations; Editor-In-Chief of LOU Magazine & a licensed guide.


LOU Fish of the Week, Smallmouth
Randy Sowell, with LOU Guide,
Matt Greene, from the Susquehanna River

Smile of the Week
12 Year Old John, with
LOU Captain Kenny Penrod III.

Fish of the Week, Smallmouth, 16 &
Matt Bauk, with Jason Shay from the
Mighty Susqy while fishing with his father.


TIDAL POTOMAC RIVER*1/2; >70; algae stain; floating grass.

LOU guide, Captain Kenny Penrod (KP3) reports the following: KP 3 spent the majority of the week in the DC sector of the tidal Potomac River. Bass could be caught in the early morning near the Kennedy Center drop off using small white spinnerbaits and a chartreuse trailer. Believe it or not- the chartreuse grub trailer seemed critical to getting more bites. The fish related to the wall during higher tides and the drop during lower tides. When the sun got higher - bass could also be caught using small deep diving crankbaits in 6-8 feet of water off the wall. All the bridge pilings are holding bass with the last shallow pilings before the main river channel producing best. The best bait is a Campground Tube with a 1/8 to 1/4 ounce jig head. The tubes need to be worked with the current and the fish do not always relate only to the pilings but to structure and drops adjacent to the pilings. You will lose quite a few baits when fishing the right pilings - the right way - but this has been the most productive pattern and bait. The Washington Channel is holding bass, stripers, catfish and crappies. The fish seemed to be more concentrated near the north end of the Ft. McNair wall and relating to the drop in 8-10 feet of water. Largemouth bass can be caught fishing certain dock pilings with finesse black/blue jigs with small trailers in the Anacostia River. I love the Keitech Casting jig in 1/4-1/2 ounce pitched with a 7' Ardent Medium/Heavy baitcasting rod and 14 pound Sunline Fluorocarbon line.  The simple fact is that currently if you are not fishing finesse type jigs/worms/shaky heads/tubes on the Potomac - the majority of your days are going to be tough. This may change as the water gets cooler but this is my reality at present.  

The Belle Haven area will produce a few bass if you are on the water at first light and cast buzzbaits to the edge of hydrilla beds. The larger bass are relating to hydrilla beds that are very close to deep water drop offs. A tip is to throw down sized buzzbaits. These baits seem to simulate the size of baitfish that bass are targeting. However, once the sun gets up fishing is extremely tough. Hopefully cooling water temperatures will signal an increase in bass activity. The water has cooled to the lower to mid-70's but the small summertime bite windows still prevail- meaning you have an hour or two in low light conditions when the tide is near the end of its outgoing cycle to get some bites. After that - you will find me fishing very slow with tubes near north river bridge pilings.  

As a note- I had some great clients over the past couple of weeks. Kurt, Carla, John Henry, Jack, Craig... all of these individuals were great fishermen but better people.  It is wonderful to be around such fine people ... who get the outdoors and share their passion with sons, friends, fathers, fiancés, etc. Look at the photo of young John and see the genuine joy on his face. I got to share that moment with John and his dad. I know his dad made a memory for his son that his son will always remember just like the memories that John Sr.  shared with me about his dad taking him fishing... that is special!!

I totally endorse and stand by Under Armour's "Heat Gear" fishing shirts. This is the finest, most comfortable, stylish, and practical hot weather fishing shirt I have ever purchased. It’s hot on the tidal Potomac but these long sleeve shirts not only protect you from the sun but keep you cool. I only tell you this because your clothing is as important to your fishing as lures, rods, etc.. If you fish a lot - sun cancer is a real danger and this equipment is an investment that you should consider. I guarantee you wont be disappointed.

I (KP) fished the Mattawoman one day this week and was disappointed—again. Anyone that knows or understands the tidal Potomac River knows that there is something drastically wrong with the bass population. This is not a new subject. Maryland only CONTROLS the MD tributaries and/or water to the east of the Potomac River Fisheries Commission jurisdiction markers. PRFC controls the fishery on the MAIN STEM. They know no9thing of bass, do nothing for bass, and have no bass history. Virginia controls the bass population to the west of those same type of markers. Of course, the District of Columbia has their own fishery management within their boundary. All of this is problematic, but it’s Maryland that I blame for the demise because they COULD do something and they don’t.


MD has a “Tidal Bass Manager” and this is what he has to say:

Hi Captain Barker,

Thanks for the comments and I appreciate your taking the survey.  I understand your frustration, but this regulatory process is something that was around longer than I've been here and I'm not sure how the timeline was developed.  In short, our regulations are proposed during spring and it's followed by a public comment period and possibly public meetings.  Then we need to reckon the public comments with the regulation and present it to the Attorney General's Office for fall.  We could probably implement the regulation during late fall, but we wouldn't be able to announce it in our printed Fishing Guides until Spring 2017.  I know it's a lengthy process and a lot of work, but I figure that it was designed this way to allow as much public input as possible and help make sure that all stakeholders have their concerns evaluated by the Department.

I know it's only a partial solution, but our current authority allows us to spread conservation messages with BASS to tournament anglers, work on release boats, and encourage lower creel limits during summer in the mean time.  At the next round table, we'll talk a bit about pollution and dumping in the streams and if we in Fisheries Service can work with MDE to solve these problems.  We were sampling on Broad Creek this past week for the bass survey and ran through a lot of algae that covered a large chunk of that upper stream.  We saw a lot of young white perch and minnows, but it just looks awful. 

Joseph W. Love, Ph.D., Tidal Bass Manager”

We need fishery management NOW, not in 2017. I don’t believe his explanation of the process either. For example, when I sought a catch & release area for the upper Potomac, as well as a “season.” We had it the next year.

When I asked for a 15” minimum for largemouth bass on the tidal Potomac during spawn months. We had it the next year.

When I asked that commercial fishermen should not be permitted a five-bass per day limit, We had it the next year.

When I discovered that the commercial fishermen that were caught selling 80,000 pounds of Potomac largemouth bass to out-of-state-markets, and that Maryland was just going to “slap their hands with a $500 fine, I petitioned for a Lacey Act, federal charge—and IT HAPPENED.

I’ll lay out my plans, and recommendations, again, for the next special report. Meanwhile, put some pressure on MD DNR—if you care.


SUSQUEHANNA & JUNIATA RIVERS: Susqy ***1/2; Juniata **; <70; clear; 3.1 @ Harrisburg & steady; 3.3 at Newport of the Juniata, and steady.

The rivers are low and not for every type of boat for sure. But the guides are getting around in their specialty boats and float trips are a very good option for those of you that don’t mind getting wet.

Jason Shay reports that: “morning and evening  fishing has been incredible fish are grouping up by size and ambush feeding bigger profile baits have been key. Spinnerbaits and topwater still remain top for when fish are active. When things slow down the fluke style baits have been working great. The fall bite is right around the corner this is one of the best time of the year don’t forget to stock up on Campground Special teaser tubes and book a trip. Jason Shay, Life Outdoors Unlimited Susquehanna River Guide, ( 717) 507 4377, Riveretech@yahoo.com .

LOU guide Matt Greene adds: “This week I had three outstanding trips landing two fish over 20” and multiple doubles. The top water bite is in full swing with the mid-day top water bite being just as good as the morning. The river is dropping and getting clearer which is playing right into an awesome shallow top water bite. The baits of choice this week are top water and spinner bait with a little Case Magic stick thrown in when the bite is slow. The fish are definitely starting to school up which tends to make the action fast and furious when it starts.” Matt Greene, 717-576-3735.

UPPER POTOMAC RIVER: * a few days, then **1/2 by week’s end; 70ish; very low, much nuisance grass; 1.0 @ Point of Rocks.

I fished Lander early in the week and it was so poor that I cut the trip short. The cold front, high barometer and clear skies just killed us—but by week’s end, the fish had adapted and were eating well.

It’s still tough to get around and jet motors are hampered by so much surface grass, but pick you routs carefully, use Mizmo tubes, RAB jig heads, Case Magic Stiks and a buzzbait some days.

There is still a very prolific aquatic hatch in the mornings, and that “bug” dies about 9-AM and falls to the surface. The little fish are slurping the bug and the bigger bass are slurping the little fish. This chilling water will turn these bass on pretty soon but we really need a flushing. Whites Ferry, upriver, is a good place to avoid the grass but stay off of the shore areas.

DEEP CREEK LAKE: **1/2; slow draw down; 60ish; clear.

LOU guide Bret Winegardner says the air temperature at this mountain lake is about 40-degrees in the morning; docks have been or are being pulled; water temperatures are nearing 60-degrees and the water skiers are pretty much gone. That’s the good news, but it gets better. The topwater bite is to brag about, and the largemouth bass in the grass and remaining boat docks are desperate—or so it seems some days. On a sad note, Website Guru and our VP of DCL operations buried his mother Friday. I did attend the service and what a job the family did for the former Mrs. Maryland and beloved mom and grandmom. The tears were there but so was the love and appreciation for the life and memories this great woman left behind. RIP Coleen, you did very well.

We endorse the following brands and business:

RiverPro Boats <> Mercury Motors <> Lowrance Electronics <> Minn Kota Trolling

Ardent Rods & Reels <> Sunline <> Gill <> RAB Jig Heads <> Mizmo

NRA <> Power Pole <> Case Plastics <> Zipper Worms <> Under Armour

Riverfront Campground <> Columbia Design & Graphics Company <> Replicator

Cabelas Field Tester <> Campground Special <> Big Mouth Lure Company

Carla Gibson with a fine tidal Potomac largemouth while fishing with KP 3.

Carla with her first ever smallmouth,

Kurt and Karla's fishing skills made for an easy day for KP 3 on the tidal Potomac.

Stripers are in the Washington Channel.

Young John Henry and his dad with a tidal Potomac smallmouth.

John Henry's smile says it all  after a day on the tidal Potomac River with his dad, KP 3 and Mr. Whiskers.

Matt Blauk is our “Sixteen and Under” winner with this 18.5” smallmouth from the Susquehanna while instructed by Jason Shay

Stephen getting in on some early morning top water action with LOU guide Matt Greene.
Jesse Puchett showing off his nice smallie from some mid-day action with LOU guide Matt Greene. Randy and Adam Sowell with top water double number two of the day.

LOU guide Matt Greene with the second 20” Susquehanna river smallie of the week.

Stephen Johnson showing off a beautiful river smallie caught on some mid-morning spinner bait action with LOU guide  Matt Greene.


Life Outdoors Unlimited Fishing Report
For Week Ending September 13, 2015

Mailing Address: 4708 Sellman Road, Beltsville, MD 20705
AKA: LOU Magazine; PPC Publications; Camp Sycamore; Ken Penrod’s Life Outdoors Unlimited; Ken Penrod’s Seminar Series; Ken Penrod’s Tournament Services.

Ken’s Cell @ 240-447-2206 (best way); Email @ kenpenrod@comcast.net
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Notes: Brent Nelson’s mother died this week so join us in wishing the family a comforting transition during this sad time frame.

LOU Fish of the Week: Smallmouth. Bill Giles from the Susquehanna with Jason Shay.

LOU Fish of the Week, Largemouth: a Lady from Texas on the tidal Potomac with Captain Kenny Penrod (we withhold names of ladies and youngsters when requested)  


SUSQUEHANNA & JUNIATA RIVERS, PA: ***1/2; clear/stain, 86 Wed and fell to 72 Sat; 3, 2 and steady.

The much needed rain wasn’t much and the rise only an inch or two. Water temperature cooled dramatically. Interesting turn of events as a regional water quality expert said “The Susquehanna water quality is as good as any river in America.” Meanwhile the PFBC claims and advertises that pollution is creating disease and demise of the smallmouth populations. EPA has not budged in spite of intense pressure from PFBC to have the river termed “impaired.” This I know for sure: if we thought the river was as bad as some say, we would be backing that with every resource we have. I didn’t win four national conservation awards by resisting science. Of the thousands of bass our clients and guides have caught this year, less than one percent showed any signs of disease. I will also state that there is pollution in this system from farming practices and inadequate treatment from antique sewage treatment facilities.

LOU guide Jason Shay is loving live, and his rather new vocation as a guide. He says: “Wednesday the water temp was 86 Saturday it dropped to 72 we needed that cool off. The topwater bite has been phenomenal with pop r and walk the dog baits working best. Translucent colored Snaggler spinnerbaits burned underneath the surface and erratically jerked fluke style baits have been doing well also.” Jason Shay, Life Outdoors Unlimited Susquehanna River Guide. (717) 507 4377. Riveretech@yahoo.com.

LOU guide John Stygler reports: “All that rain did little to rise the river, still very low.  Temps did fall from the 80's to mid 70's.  Water clear to slightly stained.  We caught all of our fish on Snagler spinnerbaits, top water (spooks and Snagler buzzbaits) and Snagler swimbaits.  Fish are scattered and relating to current.  We are catching fish in every size class with no signs of disease.  The river is starting to get that Fall look.”  John Stygler 717-368-3802 or snaglertackle@aol.com.  

Our guide Matt Greene adds: This week I covered from Muncy to New Cumberland preforming very well even with 2 cold fronts pushing in. The baits of choice this week are top water and spinner baits, with the top water scoring me a 20 ¼” samllie. The river is holding steady and clear. Matt Greene @ 717-576-3735.

Pete Holmes adds: “Fished Liverpool area with good results. Fishing is getting better every week as we get closer to fall. The topwater bite is hard to beat.  Sammy's and Zora Spooks in light colors account for most fish in the morning/evening. Mid-day I fish Case magic sticks and spinnerbaits in natural colors. 3.3' @ Harrisburg water temp 71° light boat traffic. LOU Pete Holmes 717-360-1827

UPPER POTOMAC RIVER: ***; 75, little color; minimal rise; 1.3 @ Point of Rocks

We didn’t get the rise we had hoped for but the water chilled about 10 degrees and some color will help. The grass is a nuisance for boaters and anglers need to be aware that goose season is in. Still, smallmouth bass activity is pretty good and will get better.

I have been asked why I don’t report of the Potomac above Brunswick—and it’s because we don’t fish there. I know it’s all good but we never use information from outside our circle.

From Seneca to Brunswick, the pattern is simple. An early aquatic hatch creates roaming fish and you can simply cast to the “slurps.” Bass are feeding on crawfish and minnows at ledge and dropoff habitat. Deeper water is dominated by suckers and carp so just work the edges.

I cannot impress upon you the need for quality tackle. You cannot go wrong with Ardent rods (Edge 7-foot “fast-tip”) with a 2000 0r 2500 Bolt or Wire reel—and that Sunline Sniper FC is the ticket. Case Magic Stiks in the Kens Stik or Green Pumpkin/Gold, Wacky-O or Texas rigged is deadly—and the Mizmo and Campground Special teasers in the Penrod Special—on an 1/8th ounce/1/0 RAB jig head is “for-sure.”

TIDAL POTOMAC RIVER: **; <80; little color

The long-past due report from the Potomac River Fisheries Commission, conducted in December of 2014, where various jurisdictions gathered to discuss tidal Potomac River bass populations, is “up” of the PRFC website.


The report (summary of presentations)  "An Interjurisdictional Report on Tidal Black Bass Fishery Management in the Potomac River" provided to the Potomac River Fisheries Commission, is posted online at: 


Center of the page as you scroll down. There is also an audio clip of just the segment (nearly 3 hours) appropriated to the Tidal Largemouth Bass Discussion. For anyone like yourself that was unable to attend, I would recommend that you listen to the audio as you look at the presentations. There are a number of good questions asked, and comments made toward the end of the audio.  Our Commission requested as an outcome of the presentations, that an annual, stand alone meeting be scheduled with all of the jurisdictional managers attending and presenting updated information on Largemouth Bass in their jurisdictions. That meeting will likely take place in January or February of next year at PRFC.  

Martin L. Gary. Executive Secretary. Potomac River Fisheries Commission. (804)456-6935, martingary.prfc@gmail.com. www.prfc.us.”

Basically Virginia says there are plenty of bass, DC says “grass = bass” and MD says numbers are down slightly.

I choke on some of that.

In the Washington DC sector, LOU guide, Captain Kenny Penrod (Ken’s son) reports “the best action I can find in the entire river.” There are plenty of smallmouth bass on bridge foundations and drop-offs where teaser-size tubes seem to be the ticket.

The WW Bridge is just “tough” but use crankbaits on drop-offs in Smoot Bay and old barge graves and you can get a few.

Pomonkey and Pohick areas are giving us some bass from grass and wood cover where Big Mouth Big Shakys and Penrod Special spinnerbaits are favored. Always use weightless Case Magic Stiks and you have to try a buzzbaits or a frog in the morning. Decent snakehead action inside Pomonkey.

Mattawoman is a fickle fishery but the potential to be the best when you consider cover and depth of water. The grass bass near Smallwood State Park are scattered by frogs and Magic Stiks are you best chance to nail a few.

DEEP CREEK LAKE: ***; >70; below summer pool; vacant by summer standards.

LOU guide Bret Winegardner loves the topwater action now where poppers and buzzbaits take smallmouth bass from rocky shorelines in the morning.

The grass beds and remaining docks should be your targets after the topwater bite ends in the morning. The mid-lake coves are the ticket here.


We highly recommend the follows:

RiverPro Jet Boats <> Mercury Motors <> Minn Kota Trolling Motors <> Lowrance

Power Pole <> Ardent Outdoors <> Sunline <> Big Mouth Lure Company <> Case Plastics

Zipper Worms <> RAB Jig and Swim heads <> Riverfront Campground <> NRA

Columbia Design & Graphics Company <> Under Armour




Life Outdoors Unlimited Fishing Report
For Week Ending September 6, 2015

Mailing Address: 4708 Sellman Road, Beltsville, MD 20705
AKA: LOU Magazine; PPC Publications; Camp Sycamore; Ken Penrod’s Life Outdoors Unlimited; Ken Penrod’s Seminar Series; Ken Penrod’s Tournament Services.

Ken’s Cell @ 240-447-2206 (best way); Email @ kenpenrod@comcast.net
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Website Designed and Managed by Captain Brent Nelson
Brent is also VP of Deep Creek Lake Operations; Editor-In-Chief of LOU Magazine & a licensed guide.

UPPER POTOMAC RIVER: **1/2; <80; clear with algae stain; 1.1 @ Point of Rocks

It’s “bumpy” and grass-clogged in a lot of areas as the river level nears drought specs but the smallmouth bass are active and eating Campground Special tubes on 1/8th ounce RAB jig heads in the KP Series, especially Penrod Special, KP Candy and Badass. The 4” Case Magic Stiks, either Wacky-O rigged or Texas, are deadly along current breaks. There is too much grass to usefully fish active baits but a buzzbait should be tied on to an Ardent rod for certain situations.

You are reminded that Resident Goose season is ongoing so get-along guys. If you see a decoy spread—give the area a wide berth. Hunters should carry a flashlight to warn oncoming boats.

Of the launches we use, I rank the following in order: Brunswick, Lander, Edwards, Whites and Seneca. The “ledge pattern” is solid, but early morning aquatic hatches bring the small bass out of hiding—and the bigger ones eat them, so find the “slurp” circles and cast a tube.

Love that Sunline in the FC Sniper and Assassin.

TIDAL POTOMAC RIVER: **; 80, wind stains; grass algae.

Bass fishing remains on the “below historical” status and you really have to search for small pods, in unusual area, rom cover other than vegetation.

Lou guide, Captain Kenny Penrod reports: “I fished the tidal Potomac three days this past week and centered on the DC section of the river. I downsized my baits and tackle. I used the new Ardent Finesse reel and an Ardent 7 foot medium spinning rod combined with Sunline 10 pd fluorocarbon line. I found that small Campground tubes fished on 1/8 jig heads produced both smallmouth and largemouth bass. The bass were near drops, bridge pilings, docks and current breaks. I also fished the Anacostia with surprising results. There is an immense amount of baitfish in the Anacostia. They are closing the Buzzard Point Marina - I certainly hope that they leave the dock pilings for fish habitat.” Kenny (KP3) can be reached at 240-478-9055. 

In the mid-river sector, Piscataway to Pomonkey, it’s tough sledding but  Pomonkey and Pohick can be worth some time if you pick a lower water tide and use Big Mouth spinnerbaits and Big Shakys in the perch patterns.

Mattawoman sector is a chess game with decisions as to 6-MPH or river side grass. For certain, you should be casting a Big Mouth grass jig dressed with an active plastic or the 6” KP Stick from Case Plastics. By the way, I may lend you my discount code to purchase Case and Zipper products directly from the webite (www.fishingcomplete.com) and just type “KenP20” to get your 20% off. Wood cover in the 6-MPH area is most productive and low water is best.

NANTICOKE RIVER: **1/2; 8-ish, wind stains.

LOU guide, Captain Brian Barnes reports “Water temp: 77-80 degrees, clarity stained (green).

Water slowly cooling, majority of fish have moved to hard cover (stumps, docks, lay downs), preferred depth 3-6 ft.

Best producing baits at this time are 4 ft crankbaits preferably Rapala DT-4 in hot mustard, slow-rolled spinnerbaits such as Big Mouth Lures' Bluegill and Herring, and wacky-rigged Magic Stick in green pumpkin or black/blue.

In strong tide, add a split shot 4-6 inches up line from the Magic Stick to help control drift. Some surface action in and around pad fields, for these areas I prefer Big Mouth Lures' 3/8 oz. Black Buzzbait.

Fall action from now to mid-October should increase catch rates and size on all Eastern Shore rivers: Nanticoke, Pocomoke, and Choptank.” Reach Brian at 302-745-4668. Brian is also an owner at Bigmouth Lures so get you order to him asap.


SUSQUEHANNA RIVER: ***1/2; +-80; clear with staining in places; 3.2 at Harrisburg and 3.4 at Newport.

LOU guide Matt Greene reports: The action continues to be stellar this week. The top water action has improved to all day, and the other bait of choice this week was a spinnerbait. I covered from Danville to New Cumberland this week, with the river being very low in all areas. The river is shaping up to have a great fall, so don’t miss out on the great time of year.” Matt Greene @ 717-576-3735

LOU guide Pete Holmes says: Fished Clemson Island with a good morning/evening topwater bite. Most fish come on lucky craft Sammy's and buzzbaits in natural shad colors. When the sun gets high the bite slows down. Fish Case magic sticks rigged wacky on mid river ledges. Susky @ Harrisburg 3.1 and falling clear/light green stain 80° light boat traffic. You can reach Pete at 717-360-1827.

LOU guide Jason Shay adds: W/t 80 3.0ft fished Selinsgrove to Clemson Island morning and evening bites have been strong on spinnerbaits and about all types of topwater lures. Mid-day has been tougher with best results from Case magic sticks and fluke style baits. Reach Jason at 717-507-4377.

DEEP CREEK LAKE: **; <80; clear; falling.

The guides, Captain Brent Nelson and Bret Winegardner have mixed feeling about this last summer holiday weekend because that means the clientele will diminish—but the fishing success will skyrocket. This weekend is actually “madness” with boat traffic, but the early bird gets the fish. Decent topwater activity from dawn till about 10-AM, then find grass beds or boat docks away from the pleasure boaters—which usually don’t come out till noon.


LOU guide, Captain Brian Barnes with a fine Marshyhope bass that tried to eat his "bluegill" spinnerbait by Big Mouth Lure Company. You need some of those baits with the new bluegill skirts.

Ken used a Case Magic Stik to snatch this Marshyhope bass out of a beaver hut with an Ardent Reel full of Sunline. We saw only one other bass boat today (Sunday)

LOU guide Capt. Dave Kerrigan cauaght this pig on a Rapala Deep Diving Shadow Rap on a mid-lake rock mound at Swan Lake in Maine while visiting with his Dad!  They had over 200 fish in 3 days of fishing – some really big smallies too! KP 3 with two Anacostia largemouths

Campground tubes fished with Ardent finesse Spinning reels and rods were the key to DC bass this week.

LOU guide Matt Greene says even the Muskies are joining in on the fun this week.
LOU guide Matt Greene with a fine example of some mid-day top water action.

Guide Pete Holmes 717-360-1827 with a fine Susky smallmouth that crushed a topwater bait


For Week Ending August 30, 2015

Mailing Address: 4708 Sellman Road, Beltsville, MD 20705
AKA: LOU Magazine; PPC Publications; Camp Sycamore; Ken Penrod’s Life Outdoors Unlimited; Ken Penrod’s Seminar Series; Ken Penrod’s Tournament Services.

Ken’s Cell @ 240-447-2206 (best way); Email @ kenpenrod@comcast.net
Office Answering Device: 301-937-0010
www.penrodsguide.com   www.fishdeepcreek.com
Facebook; Twitter; LinkedIn; Instagram.
Website Designed and Managed by Captain Brent Nelson
Brent is also VP of Deep Creek Lake Operations; Editor-In-Chief of LOU Magazine & a licensed guide.

UPPER POTOMAC RIVER: **1/2; <80; algae and sewage smell; 1.0 and steady

Smallmouth bass fishing remains at a good level in spite of bathtub temperatures and rather filthy, unhealthy water conditions. For the most part the bass are small but there are enough >15” fish to keep you on your toes. The submersed aquatic vegetation is bothersome in areas creating difficulty for jet motors. Traffic is very light during the week but weekends are busy at times.

We continue to de best with Campground Special teaser tubes in the KP Series attached to 1/8th ounce RAB jig heads. Best colors have been Penrod Special, KP Rose, KP Peanut Butter and KP V8. We use Ardent 7’0” medium spinning rods with a fast tip and either Ardent Bolt or Wire reels. Fluorocarbon is best now since the water is low and clear and you just can’t beat the Sunline Sniper or Assassin in 7 or 8-pound test.

TIDAL POTOMAC RIVER: *1/2; <80; grass algae prevalent

Bass fishing remains in the “poor” category there are a lot of disgruntled anglers that simply stopped fishing here. I even met with the Mayor of Indian Head concerning economic issues brought about by the lack of fishermen renting rooms, buying fuel, meals and other items. Smallwood State Park is a ghost town most of the week.

LOU guide Keith Barker reports: Sunday 8-23-15 I fished the DC sector for a half day from Belle Haven with James Nealon and his son Liam.  Water temperature was 83°.  No LM or SM were caught.  Catfish were eager takers of Mizmo Tubes and Rapala Thugs. Reach Keith at 301-509-2102.

Friday 8-28-15 I fished Belle Haven coves for a half day from Belle Haven with a personal friend.  Water temperature was 78°.  One 2.5# LM was caught in Charlie’s cove on a Big Mouth Buzz Bait.  Later in the sail boat basin I caught 1 undersized LM on a 3/8 oz. Big Mouth Spinnerbait.   

The buzz bait fish tells me to launch before daylight or after sunset and fish low light periods with topwater baits. 

On a positive note, the SAV in the Belle Haven vicinity is as thick--or thicker than it was before Isabelle took it out and fry were everywhere.

LOU guide, Captain Kenny Penrod (KP3) reports:  I fished the Mattawoman area on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday - I was with clients on Monday. I had a difficult week and could only count on catching bass from 6 to 7 am. I caught a few bass on top water poppers but once the sun came up it got tough. On Monday I fished Mattawoman, Occoquan and ran all the way to Potomac creek with only three fish for the effort. The water temperature has dropped to 82 and on Sunday there was a fairly good top water bite. However I spent a total of 32 hours on the water in thee days and caught 11 bass.

I (KP) fished Mattawoman early in the week and we caught two bass.

KP3 has a new telephone number: 240-478-9055


SUSQUEHANA & JUNIATA RIVERS, PA: ***; <80, nuisance grass in areas; 3.3 and steady at the Harrisburg gauge and 3.4 at Newport on the Juniata.

Thank God for the Susquehanna because this river is the best bass water in the Mid-Atlantic region. While the famous tidal waters in Md continue to disappoint, the Susquehanna from Montgomery Ferry to Harrisburg continues to provide top-notch smallmouth action that can’t be matched for hundreds of miles

LOU guide Jason Shay reports: “The full moon this weekend had fish pinned to the bottom and not roaming like normal. Finesse fishing and target fishing came into play. Looking for ambush areas and casting spinnerbait or topwater exactly where the fish were sitting helped provoke strikes. Case Magic stiks and fluke style baits finessed the others into biting.” Jason Shay, Life Outdoors Unlimited, Susquehanna River Guide. ( 717) 507 4377. Riveretech@yahoo.com

LOU guide Matt Greene says: I worked from Liverpool to New Cumberland this week with good success. The best day was when a half a foot rise came down the river. The best action came on spinnerbaits, chatterbaits, and early morning top water. The river has leveled off and is clearing up nicely. Reach Matt at 717-576-3735.

LOU guide John Stygler said “Fished the Juniata.  A lot of eel grass and the hair grass and it’s getting thick.  Had 46 in 5 hours this am with the largest 19 1/2.  Sun gets high and it shuts them down. Caught and seeing tons of little fish.  Most caught on Case Magic Stiks but the largest on Snagler Tackle buzzbaits.  Water super clear, low and in the upper 70's. John’s telephone number is 717-368-3802.

LOU guide Pete Holmes adds: “I fished Clemson island area Saturday with a solid day. Typical summer time pattern. Top water early with Zora spooks and Sammy's in light colors. When the sun gets high work mid river ledges and moving water with spinnerbaits in shad/natural colors. 78° clear/light stain with light boat traffic”. Pete Holmes 717-360-1827.

DEEP CREEK LAKE; **1/2; <75; level falling; very clear.

It’s the ending of the season, vacation season that is, and after next weekend the lake will start to become a fishing destination again. Meanwhile, the guides (Bret Winergardner and Brent Nelson) advise an early morning start and try topwater lures on rocky shorelines for feisty smallmouth bass. The next best pattern is the grassy coves about midlake where largemouth roam—as well as pickerel and the kid’s favorite, the bluegill.

We are looking to add a guide for this water so if you are interested, please contact Ken at 240-447-2206. I want someone that has week days off and a good amount of availability, especially during the summer months.

LOU endorses the following great products and companies:

RiverPro <> Mercury <> Minn Kota <> Lowrance <> NRA <> Ardent

Under Armour <> Case Plastics <> Mizmo <> Sunline <> Gill <> Zipper Worms

Big Mouth Lure Co <> RAB Jigheads <>  Riverfront Campground

Upper Potomac smallmouth bass are anxious to please but short on one end or the other. Mike use a Case Magic Stik to take this Mattawoman bass while guided by Ken.
LOU Pete Holmes 717-360-1827 with a Susquehanna river beauty. You can't beat the thrill of a topwater bite!! Guide Jason (717) 507 4377 Cant wait to show you what the Susquehanna has to offer
Scott Smith with a nice smallie he caught while guided by Jason Shay.

Godfrey with a nice smallie that crushed his topwater while fishing with Jason.





Life Outdoors Unlimited Fishing Report

For Week Ending August 16, 2015

Mailing Address: 4708 Sellman Road, Beltsville, MD 20705
AKA: LOU Magazine; PPC Publications; Camp Sycamore; Ken Penrod’s Life Outdoors Unlimited; Ken Penrod’s Seminar Series; Ken Penrod’s Tournament Services.

Ken’s Cell @ 240-447-2206 (best way); Email @ kenpenrod@comcast.net
Office Answering Device: 301-937-0010
www.penrodsguide.com   www.fishdeepcreek.com
Facebook; Twitter; LinkedIn; Instagram.
Website Designed and Managed by Captain Brent Nelson
Brent is also VP of Deep Creek Lake Operations; Editor-In-Chief of LOU Magazine & a licensed guide.

Our Guides for 2015 Include:


LOU Fish of the Week: Rick Leas with a 19-inch Susquehanna smallmouth on a spinnerbaits while guided by Jason Shay. 


UPPER POTOMAC RIVER: **1/2; clear & low; strong sewage smell; 78 degrees; 1.3 at Point of Rocks and holding.

The river is very low and very clear—and you can smell it—perhaps a sewage leak. Anglers need to carefully maneuver their boats now and I suggest floats to downstream take-outs. Waders should not allow river water on open wounds as the bacteria level is very high.

Bass fishing is quite good but this week’s clear skies and high barometer did have a negative effect, especially for those that start late. If you are serious about catching bass, be on the water at first light.

From Seneca to Brunswick, the pattern is the same. Use 6 or 7 pound test fluorocarbon (Sunline Sniper of Assassin on medium action spinning rods such as the Ardent Bolt and Edge rods. The KP Series of tubes branded by River Front Campground are hard to beat, especially the teaser size in Penrod Special, KP Candy and KP Rose. We use the RAB jig heads in the 1/8th Ounce size and they are made by Riverfront Campground also.

UPPER CHESAPEAKE BAY: 80s; busy; bumpy.

The BASS Elite 107 out of North East was completed today with Aron Martins the winner with catching 70-2 plus big bass (7-2) plus big bag (21.5) during a grueling, extremely tough tournament where guys like Ike only caught 2 bass, Second place was Bill Lowen with 62-3; Chad Pipkins (57-15) and Gerald Swindle (54-10.) Congratulations to all the anglers—but Maryland must look to the resource-first.

SUSQUEHANNA & JUNIATA RIVERS: ***; near 80; quite clear; lots of floating grass in areas; 3.5 @ Harrisburg and 3.6 at Newport on the Juniata.

The river is pretty low, but not as bad as August usually brings. The guides are doing very well in spite of clear blue skies and above normal barometer. Jason Shay says: “

Fishing remains good spinnerbaits and topwater lures are still key but with rising water temps finesse techniques came into play. Case magic sticks and fluke style baits finessed the smallies into eating during the slow periods. I am seeing lots of smaller (4/8in) fish the future of this river is looking very good. Susquehanna River Guide, ( 717) 507 4377, Riveretech@yahoo.com.

LOU guide Matt Greene says: I was out on three outing this week from Liverpool to New Cumberland the action slowed down mid-week put has picked back up for the weekend. There was a slight rise which did not seem to make the bite any better but it brought a little color to the East Shore side of the river. I did best this week on spinnerbait, walking top water baits, and Case Magic stick did the trick when the bite got slow. Matt Greene 717-576-3735.

TIDAL POTOMAC RIVER: *1/2; 80; algae and sick grass.

The upper Bay fished a lot like the tidal Potomac this week—tough, but by Sunday the fishing was better there—and no so with the Potomac. There are bass to catch but you probably can’t expect the same-ol’ places to produce and if you are looking for the past groups of big bass, you are just kidding yourself. Get off the grass for a while and go fish the drops, rocks, docks and wood.

LOU guide Captain Kenny Penrod says: I fished the tidal Potomac River two days this week and frankly I have nothing positive to report. I caught a total of two fish in 20 hours of fishing. I fished form Washington DC (Washington Channel, bridges, entrance to Pentagon Lagoon) to Belle Haven (Fox Ferry, bridges, Alexandria docks, Penrod Cove) to grass beds outs Belle Haven Marina, Hog Island, mouth of Little Hunting, to grass in Broad and Piscataway. I Mt. Vernon and mouth of Dogue. I also fished various spots inside Pohick. I fished spinnerbaits, worms, topwaters, drop shots, jigs, chatterbaits, etc. I fished wood, grass and drops. All of that for two fish. I talked to other fishermen- and an old man fishing the Mt. Vernon dock summarized it best. He told me he used to come to the dock in the evening and always catch 3-4 bass. In the last two years - he caught one bass from the dock. It is also interesting to see that many of the bass that you do catch are all about the same size- 13-15". There doesn’t seem to be different age classes. I’m not saying anything that hasn’t been said before but it is very sad. When I was in Alaska - I was reading about the evolution of salmon fishing and how the salmon canneries basically controlled Alaska because of the fishery. When the fishery declined - the canneries were able to repress the fact that overfishing was the cause and instead had politicians blame rainbow trout for the decline. Alaska even put a bounty on each Rainbow trout caught and killed. Money always represses the truth. I only bring this up because we have seen a similar scenario by the Maryland/Pennsylvania governments when it comes to the concerns of bass fishermen. Pollution on the Susquehanna has been ignored and instead Pennsylvania blames fishermen for the decline of smallmouth bass. The Maryland DNR has blamed blue cats and snakeheads - they have blamed a lack of grass, etc., but never do they address or explain the economic factors of pollution, commercial fishing or tournaments for the dramatic decline of the fishery. I was present at the FLW tournament weigh in when a DNR official tried to explain that what was occurring on the tidal Potomac was a natural cycle and that fishermen were spoiled because recent years of bass fishing were very good. This DNR official was speaking to a group of anglers that had over 30 years on the Potomac and his relative short history of the Potomac fishery doesn’t compare. This "cycle" is nothing that has ever existed on the tidal Potomac and it’s arrogant for DNR officials to act as if they are the sole authorities on the black bass fishery.

Reach Captain Kenny @ 240-876-2144.


DEEP CREEK LAKE: **1/2; <80; clear but busy.

This mountain retreat is probably the second-most visited vacation-spot in Maryland, and lots of people from Pennsylvania and West Virginia prefer it to the beach. It’s a small lake, a beautiful setting, and a good fishery. Just check the MD freshwater record book. Anyway, the guides, Bret Winegardner and Brent Nelson are the top-dogs here so if you need instruction, call us; if you need fish, call us; if you need tournament help, call us.

The trick to any clear lake during the summer is—get up early and be on the water by dawn—if you want bass. If you just look to please the kids, and pickerel and gills satisfy the heart—we can do that also.

Good topwater lure action in the morning for smallmouth along rocky shores up and down the lake. Look for largemouth bass under docks and boats, or the grass coves on the middle to upper lake. Good lures for this are Case Magic Stiks and Mizmo tubes.


May I Recommend?


Under Armour; RiverPro; Mercury; Minn Kota; Lowrance; NRA; Ardent; Big Mouth Lure Company; Gill; Sunline; Rapala; Case Plastics; Zipper Worms; Mizmo; Riverfront Campground; RAB Jig Heads; RAB Swim Jig Heads; Columbia Design & Graphics; Campground Special Tubes.


Our Guides Welcome You.


Captain Ken Penrod; Captain Kenny Penrod; Captain Dave Kerrigan; Captain Brent Nelson; Captain Brian Barnes; Captain Keith Barker; Bret Winegardner; Jason Shay; John Stygler; Matt Greene & Pete Holmes.

LOU guide Matt Greene says this is the kind of top water action you don’t want to miss out on. Rick with a beautiful smallie that CRUSHED his spinnerbait while guided by Jason Shay.


Life Outdoors Unlimited Fishing Report

For Week Ending August 9, 2015

Mailing Address: 4708 Sellman Road, Beltsville, MD 20705
AKA: LOU Magazine; PPC Publications; Camp Sycamore; Ken Penrod’s Life Outdoors Unlimited; Ken Penrod’s Seminar Series; Ken Penrod’s Tournament Services.

Ken’s Cell @ 240-447-2206 (best way); Email @ kenpenrod@comcast.net
Office Answering Device: 301-937-0010
www.penrodsguide.com   www.fishdeepcreek.com
Facebook; Twitter; LinkedIn; Instagram.
Website Designed and Managed by Captain Brent Nelson
Brent is also VP of Deep Creek Lake Operations; Editor-In-Chief of LOU Magazine & a licensed guide.

Our Guides for 2015 Include:
Captain Dave Kerrigan; Captain Keith Barker; Captain Brian Barnes; Captain Kenny (KP3) Penrod; Jason Shay; Bret Winegardner; Al Fiorelli; Matt Greene; John Stygler; Pete Holmes. 


UPPER POTOMAC RIVER: ***; 77 degrees; clear; 1.3 at Point of Rocks and steady. Good AM & PM hatches.

The river is at summer flows now and submersed aquatic vegetation can be seen in many sectors but it is not an issue for boating and fishing. Between Seneca and Brunswick, the pattern is the same. Find better-than-normal smallmouth bass in and around ledge cover. You need to be particular about your tackle now so let me recommend the Sunline FC in Sniper or Assassin in 7 or 8 pound test. Heavier or colored line is a major negative. I’m a big fan of the Ardent Edge rods and you just can’t beat the Wire or Bolt reels.

Best baits continue to the Campground Special teaser tubes in the KP Series (KP Special, Rose, Candy & Troys Trigger) and the 4” Case Magic Stik either Wacky (Wacky-O Tool) or Texas (3/0 hook) in the Ken’s Stik and Green Pumpkin/gold. If you can find some of those Ned’s Rigs, do it because a valued angler swears by them. Keep a Big Mouth Spinnerbait on a rod and an Obie Hardhook buzzbait for morning tossing.

Best bets include Edwards Ferry down; Whites Ferry up; Point of Rocks up or down; Lander, up or down and Brunswick, up or down.

Stay out of the grass when you can and fish the edge with Stiks or Zipper Grubs.

SUSQUEHANNA & JUNIATA RIVERs, PA: ****; 80s; clear; 3.4 @ Harrisburg and steady. 3.9 @ Newport on the Juniata and steady. Good AM Hatches.

By any standard, the smallmouth fishery is the best bass fishery in the region by far and only Erie can compete at times.

LOU guide Jason Shay reports that his evening trips have been “winners” for everyone and on Saturday, he and his clients caught over 100 bass on spinnerbaits, crankbaits, plastics and topwater lures. The river is quite low and very clear so caution and stealth is advised. Reach Jason at 717-507-4377 or riveertech@yahoo.com.

LOU guide John Stygler fished the Juniata without a motor (problem solved later) and he and his clients still caught more than 50 quality bass. “After a tough start with electrical issues with the boat I went and fished the very low Juniata.  It is gin clear with the eel grass at only half the normal length with no low water until the last 2 weeks.  We caught fish with Case magic sticks, Campground Special tubes in KP purple, Snagler swimbaits but our largest fish, 19 inches, came on Snagler Tackle buzzbait. Bite was great with cloud cover till noon, slowed down when the sun came out. John Stygler 717-368-3802 or snaglertackle@aol.com

LOU guide Pete Holmes has been fishing the Harrisburg sector. His client, David Hauke, is this week’s holder of the “LOU Fish of the Week” for a 19.75” smallmouth that ate a spinnerbait. Pete also says “I have been fishing the Harrisburg city island area. The Susquehanna is low but fishing great. Fish are spread out and aggressive. Light color Zara spooks account for the morning bite. Shallow running crankbaits and Snagler spinnerbaits in gold shiner and killifish produce good numbers throughout the day. 3.5@ Harrisburg 79° Reach Pete at 717-360-1827.

LOU guide Matt Greene says “I was out on two outings this week and the afternoon to evening was the best. I used a mix of spinnerbaits and top water to land the big ones. The river is the lowest and the clearest we have seen it all summer which means more good fishing to come. Matt Greene 717-576-3735

TIDAL POTOMAC RIVER: **; 80s; lots of algae

Thank you for all the support on my wish to eliminate the “culling & weighing tools” used in bass fishing tournaments where shower-curtain style hooks are punched through the soft, fragile, under-chin skin to make it “easier” to identify fish kept in live wells. This obtrusive metal hook has a colored bass tethered to it for quick I.D. While the concept is for convenience for an angler, it is definitely a killer for the bass. The ID was a time saver, but now that 1/16th inch hole become inches long, and in way too many cases, breaks the lower jaw in half! The angler uses that ball as a “fish handling method” so when he pills the ball out of the livewell, the fish is resisting—and the damage is done. You may as well shoot that bass. Same for weighing bass—or that good-ol’-balance bar. When everyone looks at “delayed mortality,” and used that overused” <5% (and may I add, inaccurate), those bass that had a boat ride most of their day, with several gaping holes in their “vacuum-like” eating ability are slow-death victims. We/I see it way too many times. Go to a popular tournament site and fish that area. Bass fishermen are better than this. I have asked Jerry McKinnis of BASS to address this issue. Remember though, BASS ruled-out the landing net “because the net harmed the protective slime on the bass body. ”Yep—a good idea, so now the fish are flipped into, and on the boat’s carpet, to flop-around.    

If you have any complaints about the bass fishery, email the Maryland DNR “Tidal Bass manager,” Joseph Love at jLove@dnr.state.md/us. How would you like to be the man in charge of a failing fishery when that fishery is 99.9% catch & release? He was heard to say that he would ask for a 3-bass limit, 15” minimum all times but I know for certain that the Bassmasters Elite is scheduling the Potomac for next year and God-forbid that Maryland lose out on that influx of money. I see that he has time to get his name in newspapers where he speaks of snakeheads on the upper Potomac River—which, by the way, is not in his job description. Whenever we ask for help such as DNR Police violations or “wanton waste” by commercial fishermen—he says “it’s not my job,” but I see him in US Fish & Wildlife boats—looking for snakeheads. Hello folks—Joseph Love is more dangerous to the tidal Potomac River largemouth fishery then snakeheads will ever will be. He is a one-trick pony and how he withstood the last political shakeup is beyond me. I’ll bet it is political favor.

By the way, did anyone get the report from the PRFC meeting last “deer season” when all involved Potomac bass caretakers met to discuss the fishery? I was promised a report. In the Washington DC sector, Captain Keith Barker says: “Chuck Choate and I fished the DC sector from Belle Haven Friday 8-8-15.  Water temperature was 81°.  We caught over 20 fish and landed 19 but not a single LM, though we did catch 10 SM at the causeway leading into Pentagon Lagoon.

In the DC sector we fished from Penrod’s Cove to the Kennedy Center.  Pentagon Lagoon and Washington Channel were the most productive area.  Mizmo tubes produced nice small mouth in Pentagon Lagoon.  Trolling Rapala DT Thugs in Firetiger color was the hot ticket in the Channel.  We caught fish on every pass from the Metro Police dock to the first buoy when entering Washington Channel.  My Lowrance HDS 10 was lit up showing lots of fish in the Channel.  We caught a mixed bag that included channel cat, white perch, and stripers. The biggest fish we caught was a 6 lb. 3 oz. channel cat.” Reach Keith at 301-509-2102.      

The WW Bridge sector is a real challenge and you better have an “A” game plan here. There are a few places that even I hesitate to disclose due to their fragile nature, but as I tell my guides. “I made a lot of money in this business by telling [people where to fish.” Deep crankbaiting (DT10-14) on the drops of Smoot Bay and north shore of Penrod Cove. Fox Ferry wood & rocks when you can see the tips of the pilings; Mizmo tubes and Bomber Firetigers on Hog Island (gonna (sic) lose a lot of lures here); dropoff around Fort Washington Lighthouse and the Mount Vernon dock—are all holding bass but you have to be patient.

The “Middle Bass Sector,” between Gunston Cove and Mattawoman, has some intriguing possibilities where “tide” is of major importance. My RiverPro jetboat can skim thru grass growth and 5” of water—and to get to the back end creeks of Gunston Cover, you need “guts” and low water. Big Mouth spinnerbaits or his new Big Shaky is the reel deal. As always, any time you are struggling with your fish catch or ADD, slow down and use a Case Magic Stik.

Around the corner, in an area I refer to as Hallowing Cove (adjacent to Craney Island and maybe better known for a rock pile known as Bitters Rocks (funny, some people takes shots at me for using the name, “Penrod’s Cove,” which, by the way, was named that by an outdoor writer. Ken did create the habitat in that cove) but Jim Bitter was lost in a storm during a BASS tournament, and struck this rock pile with his lower unit, He stayed, and won there. Anyway, there are three little tidal creeks that empty on the east side. Wow is used from time to time but it is a shallow run to get there with risk.

DEEP CREEK LAKE: **1/2 (for this time of year); near 80 degrees. Busy.

This is a vacation-lake and at times, the water activity is, well, hectic—so anglers need to adjust their hours or their goals. There is a good topwater bite in the early hours, but after the sun is high, you just have to go to the coves where grass beds prohibit water-skiing—and foster good fish populations. That’s where our guides shine. Brent Nelson and Bret Winegardner are the “acknowledged experts” on this lake—and they can deal with anyone from novice to expert.

When you look at the MD State Fish Records, Deep Creek Lake holds most of the fresh water records. The fish are here—my guides are there. What are you waiting for? Bret Winegardner @ 301-616-9889. Captain Brent Nelson at 240-460-8839. Fish fear them—you don’t have to.

POCOMOKE RIVER: **/*** depending on tide; 80 +/-; waning moon tides; not busy at all.

This is the “perfect tidal tributary,” and close to Chickahominy as the all-time “wondrous” of the Chesapeake Bay system. If you haven’t, you should—and when you do, you may hate me. I know this, if she were closer, I’d be there during a falling tide, rather than the Potomac, Chick & newly revived James.

You really need a falling/low water situation, because everything you see is prime habitat between Snow Hill and Pocomoke City.

Big Mouth Lure Company was fostered by tidal water requirements. Everything on their site is proven, trusted and good stuff. Visit www.bigmouthlures.com. You must have the Penrod Special, Big Shaky and the KP Sweethart. The spatterdock, soaked wood, cypress knee habitat, tidal drains and man-made pools are perfect. You guys locked into an Ocean City thing—can escape to a beautiful, amazing destination that does not include sand in your shorts.   

Ryan with a pig he caught on a crankbait fishing with guide Jason Shay. Guide Jason Shay (717) 507 4377 says the fishing is outstanding.
Henry couldnt believe how many smallies he caught on a spinnerbait he hope to take what he learned on Jasons boat back to his home river. Al was all smiles he caught fish on spinnerbaits crankbaits and even a crayfish fly while aboard guide Jasons boat.
The smile on Joe Zanelloti’s face says it all. Joe Zanelloti Sr. showing off his catch during a friendly father/son competition.
 Guide Matt Greene joining in on the action. Leonel Ramirez had a blast fishing the Susky while guided by  Pete Holmes 717-360-1827.
David Hauke was rewarded with this beautiful heavy Susquehanna smallmouth while guided by Pete Holmes 717-360-1827 Hank with his first big Juniata smallmouth with LOU guide John Stygler taken on a Case Plastic Magic Stik, Ken's Stik rigged weightless wacky style.
Rare lower Juniata Rock Bass caugt by Hank on a Case Plastic Magic Stik, Ken's Stik with LOU guide John Stygler. Sometimes you just have to go back to the trusty Campground Special tube, like the KP Purple.  Matt with this nice Juniata with LOU guide John Stygler.
LOU guide with a nice Snagler Tackle buzzbait, Banded Kilifish, caught on the Juniata. That is not the Susky, that is the Upper Potomac.  LOU John Stygler out for a couple days on the Upper Potomac with a nice smallie caught on a Snagler Tackle Black Nose Dace Booster Spinnerbait.


Life Outdoors Unlimited Fishing Report

For Week Ending August 2, 2015

Mailing Address: 4708 Sellman Road, Beltsville, MD 20705
AKA: LOU Magazine; PPC Publications; Camp Sycamore; Ken Penrod’s Life Outdoors Unlimited; Ken Penrod’s Seminar Series; Ken Penrod’s Tournament Services.

Ken’s Cell @ 240-447-2206 (best way); Email @ kenpenrod@comcast.net
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Website Designed and Managed by Captain Brent Nelson
Brent is also VP of Deep Creek Lake Operations; Editor-In-Chief of LOU Magazine & a licensed guide.

Our Guides for 2015 Include:
Captain Dave Kerrigan; Captain Keith Barker; Captain Brian Barnes; Captain Kenny (KP3) Penrod; Jason Shay; Bret Winegardner; Al Fiorelli; Matt Greene; John Stygler; Pete Holmes. 


UPPER POTOMAC RIVER: ***; 80; clear; algae; 1.5 @ Point of Rocks, Steady

Well, summer levels are finally upon us and that’s good and bad. The good part is the wet waders can maneuver safely and float trips are favored. The bad is the amount of bacteria in the water from farm animals and dysfunctional waste water treatment. You must be extra careful, especially if you have open wounds. Carry those sanitary-wipes with you and use them before eating.

Smallmouth bass fishing is quite good along the Piedmont and lower Mountain sectors that we service. It’s important to get on the water as early as possible because the fish seem to stop biting when the sun climbs high. There are some good aquatic hatches about 9-AM and the bass are slurping for an hour or so. Try the topwater baits but Case Magic Stiks and Campground Special tubes in the KP Series are always reliable. You may want to change to Sunline 7 or 8# fluorocarbon like the Assassin or Sniper. Medium action Ardent spinning rods and reels are ideal.

From Seneca to Brunswick, the routine is similar, Cast to ledges and current breaks.

SUSQUEHANNA & JUNIATA RIVERS: ***  to ****; clearing/clear; 80-85 degrees, summertime low soon; 3.7 @ Harrisburg and slowly falling. Newport is at 3.9 and steady.

The big moon and clear water made fishing tougher than usual but the amount of bass and food source is astounding in the areas we serve.

LOU guide John Styglers says “Fishing was a little tough this weekend, with full moon condition and the hottest week of the year.  Water temp 80-85 water clear to slightly stained.  Finally moving to my low water spots due to the river fall.  35 smallies, mostly small with 3 in the 18 class and 4 eyes, 4 1/2# the largest.  All on Snagler booster spinnerbaits and minus 1 cranks.  John Stygler, 717-368-3802 or snaglertackle@aol.com: “

LOU guide Pete Holmes adds: “I have been fishing the Harrisburg City island area with good results. I'm catching all year classes of smallmouth. Zara Spooks in light colors have been responsible for the morning/evening top water bite and some bigger fish. When the sun gets high I'm targeting shaded structure or deeper current with ⅜oz. gold snag and ghost snag spinnerbaits as well as 5" green pumpkin magic sticks rigged wacky. Water temps in the high 70's Susquehanna is 3.8' @ Harrisburg. Water clarity clear / light green stain with moderate boat traffic. LOU Guide, Pete Holmes, 717-360-1827.

Matt Greene is doing some other areas and he adds: “I did very well this week in 3 day on the water covering from Ft. Hunter to Liverpool. The river is starting to drop and clear up and get back into more normal conditions for this time of year. I did well this week on spinnerbait, swim jig, and some early morning/late evening topwater action. LOU guide Matt Greene, 717-576-3735.”

Jason Shay’s clients had more than 100 one day and 37 the next. The river is 3.9 ft and clearing quickly 

Fishing has been great this week. We are getting lots of numbers and some big fish too. Today (Saturday) we had over 100 fish on spinnerbaits, crankbaits and even a crayfish fly

Bigger fish are in "ambush" areas alone while juvenile fish are traveling in packs. Don’t forget August is the last month for the weekday evening special. Get in on the action! Jason Shay, Life Outdoors Unlimited, Susquehanna River Guide, 717-507-4377, Riveretech@yahoo.com.

TIDAL POTOMAC RIVER: **; 80s; full moon tides; much algae.

When the water is as hot as it is, and the levels of pollution high, the water is a science project of an unhealthy nature. The bacteria count is dangerous and please read my post on my Facebook page about a VA man dying from a flesh-eating bacteria.

There is no sugar-coating it—the fish populations aren’t a shadow of what they once were and if you are waiting for the various fishery managers to fix this—do not hold your breath.

The Washington D C sector is pretty reliable, especially the many bridge foundations and the Washington Channel. There is a good mix of fish including stripers (no, not that kind guys). Best lures include the Magic Stik, Mizmo tube, Big Mouth spinnerbaits and Big Shaky. The weekends get kind of crazy here about noon but week days are just fine.

In the WW Bridge area, remnants of the old bridge foundations should be fished with crankbaits—and those new ones are holding a few fish. In Smoot Bay, the north end is worthy—and find that sunken boat with your Lowrance. Catch Hog Island on a low tide and fish the boat dock pattern just south. In Piscataway, find the grass and in Gunston Cove, the south shore wood and north side military structures have been “ok.”

Mattawoman and vicinity is “fair to OK” but the full moon and resulting tides caused a few issues. I cannot impress upon you anglers, the need to “ban culling tools” that require the puncture of the soft skin behind the lower jaw. The resultant “tear,” made worst by lifting the bass with a code-ball, is destroying their ability to eat properly. Imagine a vacuum hose with a hole in it! Just the last two weeks we had three quality bass that had the entire bottom jaw broke in half. I know tournament guys “give a dam” and those that say “where’s the proof” are not the kind I want to speak to. It’s a horrible idea and it needs to be banned.

The grass beds between Marsh Island and the river holds some bass and we do best here with Case Magic Stiks and frogs. In the 6-MPH zone, use the Replicator, Big Mouth’s Big Shaky, Swim Jigs and frogs.

Chickamuxen has some fish as  goes Quantico Creek.

POCOMOKE RIVER: **1/2; 80s

Bass fishing has been just “OK” here but that can change to a “good” if you get a low tide in the day. I like the spatterdock pattern near Shad Landing and the same in Nassawango Creek

DEEP CREEK LAKE: **1/2; mid-70s, busy

The guides are still all about the topwater smallmouth bits in the AM—then the grass and docks for high sun hours. The lake get's very busy with the vacationers by 10 AM every day.  Plan on fishing early, and getting off the water before noon. Night time can be productive also, with quality largemouth and smallmouth taking spinnerbaits and buzzbaits.

Shaune fished with Ken this week and this Mattawoman-
morning bass is a good one.
Case Magic Stiks, Ardent rods & reels and Sunline FC
Sniper are good Potomac allies.
Shaune caught the "LOU Fish of the Week, Exotic" with
this snakehead that ate a frog.
Kenny Roach fished with Ken and caught his "LOU Fish
of the Week, Largemouth," on the Potomac River with a
Case Magic Stik.


Life Outdoors Unlimited Fishing Report

For Week Ending July 26, 2015

Mailing Address: 4708 Sellman Road, Beltsville, MD 20705
AKA: LOU Magazine; PPC Publications; Camp Sycamore; Ken Penrod’s Life Outdoors Unlimited; Ken Penrod’s Seminar Series; Ken Penrod’s Tournament Services.

Ken’s Cell @ 240-447-2206 (best way); Email @ kenpenrod@comcast.net
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Website Designed and Managed by Captain Brent Nelson
Brent is also VP of Deep Creek Lake Operations; Editor-In-Chief of LOU Magazine & a licensed guide.

Our Guides for 2015 Include:
Captain Dave Kerrigan; Captain Keith Barker; Captain Brian Barnes; Captain Kenny (KP3) Penrod; Jason Shay; Bret Winegardner; Al Fiorelli; Matt Greene; John Stygler; Pete Holmes. 


LOU Fish of the Week: Jason Stevens with a 19.75” smallmouth from the Susquehanna while fishing with Jason Shay. Keep trying Jason—that “20-Inch Club” is just 4-ticks away.

UPPER POTOMAC RIVER: ***; clear; 80+-; algae; 1.6 at Point of Rocks and steady.

Smallmouth bass fishing just gets better as this river is finally getting to summer levels. There are several good launch locations and I generally refer to them for report purposes. The Seneca site is a good one but boat activity can be bothersome. I like both up and down here. At Edwards Ferry, either direction has merit but up is my choice. From Whites Ferry (can be hectic on weekends), my choice is upriver. At Lander, I like both directions.

The pattern is a simple one. Find lots of bass using ledge cover, mostly mid-river but the shores can be good at first light. I’m using Ardent Rods (Edge) and Reels (Bolt or Wire) and either Sunline Sniper FC or the new and amazing Assassin FC. If you are not using the Case and Zipper products, you only hurt yourself. I like the Magic Stik either rigged wacky style with an O-Wacky Tool—or simply a 3./0 worm hook, no weight. By the way, if you order Case or Zipper from their website (www.fishingcomplete.com) you may use discount code, “KenP20” for a 20% discount—and you are welcome.

My stand-by offering still remains to be the Riverfront Campground Special tubes inn the KP Series attached to the RAB jig heads. That Badass color as well as the KP Special, KP Candy and KP Rose are winners.

TIDAL POTOMAC RIVER: **; 80s; algae in many areas.

Notes: There is clear evidence that the huge amounts of salt used on roads during the winter are having a major negative effect on aquatic inhabitants, especially in the Potomac and Patuxent Rivers. Just another link to the black bass issues—and I’ll bet PA should look at this also. Especially along the Susquehanna & Juniata where major highways rim the water.

There was an 86 boat bass tournament out of Aquia Creek Saturday and the winning weight was 10-pounds.

Four of us (Captains Kenny Penrod 111 (240-876-2144), Keith Barker (301-509-2102), Brian Barnes (302-745-4668) and myself) assisted the Under Armour staff in the making of commercials that will air in the winter. My RiverPro and Mike Iaconelli were the stars and we used the Mallows Bay Park as HQ. During that work-week, we (Remick Smothers, Jed Larkin, Brian Barnes and myself) saved a young man from drowning. A 19-year old commercial fisherman was pulling crab pots alone when he was knocked from the boat by a basket. I could see the boat going in circles and heard his scream. We raced to him just in time, and as he said: “”I was going down and knew I was dead. Thank you so much for being my guardian angel.” The man was not wearing a PFD.

A very lovely young lady from Tampa was also a “star” in the “shooting” but I’ll leave you to wonder who she is until it airs.

Fishing was tough but we caught enough for a quality product. Best baits continue to the Case Magic Stik and our best areas were the grass beds near Smallwood State Park. The Mallows area was super tough but Mike caught a good one on a Missile bait and a 10# snakehead. Thanks Charles County for the great facility and special thanks to “Ray,” the gentleman that cares after the site. Under Armour is quality stuff and LOU is proud to be on that team. It’s true you know—if you look good, you work good. See www.UA.com and “be good.”

In Washington DC, plenty of smallmouth action on Mizmo tubes at the Kennedy Center, Key Bridge foundations, Columbia Island Marina Causeway and railroad bridge foundations. The Washington Channel is very consistent once you figure out where they prefer—the shoal or the dropoff.  There are some rockfish in the 10-12 foot contour and save time by locating them with your Lowrance sonar.

You need to go to www.bigmouthlures.com and see the new colors for spinnerbaits, Big Shakys, Grass Jigs and that new “LittlePig-Jig.”

 Don’t forget our AM and PM trips at select launch sites for topwater action during the week.


SUSQUEHANNA & JUNIATA RIVERS, PA: ****; near 80; some stain some sectors; 4.2 @ Harrisburg falling to 4.0 by Tuesday. 4.2 @ Newport on the Juniata and falling to 4 by Tuesday.

The river is simply awesome and the smallmouth bass are so fat and feisty. The guides are fishing water between Fort Hunter and Montgomery Ferry and the “seal”: is the same: cast spinnerbaits or cankbaits and hold on. In seven combined hours over two days LOU guide John Stygler (717-368-3802) released 70-some bass of which nine were longer that 18” by “burning” his Snagler Spinnerbaits on the surface. LOU guide Matt Greene (717-576-3735) fished the Liverpool area recently where he released 28 smallmouth bass that was caught on chatterbaits and spinnerbaits. LOU guide Jason Shay (717-507-4377) fished Saturday and he and his clients released 62 bass including Client Jason Stevens “LOU Fish of the Week” 19.75 inches long.

If any water “tests” your equipment, a free flowing river surely does. Boat position is a major factor to success—and we just can’t do what we do without our Minn Kota Trolling Motors. I recommend the 36-volt Fortrex.

Don’t forget our evening trips offered for select sites on week days.

DEEP CREEK LAKE: 75 degrees. Clear.

The guides, Brent Nelson (240-460-8839) and Bret Winegardner (301-616-9889) are fishing early or late in the day when possible but sometimes the vacationers want to take the youngsters so anytime will work because the blue gills and pickerel are family-friendly.

The serious bass guys will be on the lake at dawn and tossing topwater lures for smallmouth bass on rocky shores. There is a decent largemouth bite on the boat bocks and grass beds in coves mid-lake.

See www.fishdeepcreek.com for good info.

Remick Smothers of Under Armour with a fine Potomac bass that
"ate" a Case Magic Stik.
Jen Larkin of Under Armour shows off a Mallows Bay bass.
Mike Iaconelli is an athlete, hard worker & nice guy to spend time
with. He is tough on boats. Who would have thunk it? The RiverPro
was a star in the movie also.
The heroes of Mallows Bay. We saved a Man's life this week and he thanked us over and over again. L to R; Remick Smothers, Ken Penrod, Jed Larkin and Brian Barnes. Ike gives us the thumbs-up. Also assisting in the commercial shoot for four days were Lou guides Captains Kenny Penrod 111 and Keith Barker. Nice facility Charles County, and thank you Ray.
What great people working for Under Armour and this
lovely lady is Pro Staff.
Guide Jason Shay says the evening bite is red hot..
Get in on the action
(717) 507 4377.
Scott with a nice spinnerbait smallie he caught on an evening
trip with Jason Shay.
Jason was on fire when he fished with guide Jason Shay.
Godfrey with a beautiful Susquehanna smallie he caught on a trip
with Jason Shay  
(717) 507 4377.
Kevin was impessed how much fight these smallies have he
enjoyed a day on Jason Shays boat and cant wait to come back.
LOU guide Matt Greene with another nice smallmouth for the week. The summertime bite is on!! LOU guide Pete Holmes 717-360-1827.
Susquehanna is falling and clearing up but the
fishing is hot.  Time to burn spinnerbaits across
ledges and on flats to catch big smallmouth like
this one LOU guide John Stygler caught on a
Snagler Booster Spinnerbait in a new color called
Silver Jerry the Mouse.


Life Outdoors Unlimited Fishing Report

For Week Ending July 19, 2015

Mailing Address: 4708 Sellman Road, Beltsville, MD 20705
AKA: LOU Magazine; PPC Publications; Camp Sycamore; Ken Penrod’s Life Outdoors Unlimited; Ken Penrod’s Seminar Series; Ken Penrod’s Tournament Services.

Ken’s Cell @ 240-447-2206 (best way); Email @ kenpenrod@comcast.net
Office Answering Device: 301-937-0010
www.penrodsguide.com   www.fishdeepcreek.com
Facebook; Twitter; LinkedIn; Instagram.
Website Designed and Managed by Captain Brent Nelson
Brent is also VP of Deep Creek Lake Operations; Editor-In-Chief of LOU Magazine & a licensed guide.

Our Guides for 2015 Include:
Captain Dave Kerrigan; Captain Keith Barker; Captain Brian Barnes; Captain Kenny (KP3) Penrod; Jason Shay; Bret Winegardner; Al Fiorelli; Matt Greene; John Stygler; Pete Holmes. 


UPPER POTOMAC RIVER: ***1/2; near 80; stain; 3.4 at Point of Rocks

A very good friend and Potomac River “brother” died recently and I am sad. Rip Chuck. See ya on the other side.

You may recall 2015 as the “Year of the Rain” and you will certainly remember that in the middle of July, there was 3.4-feet at the gauge of Point of Rocks. The water has been unusually high and that brings dirty water with it—but the bass fishing is better than most realize.

Between Seneca and Brunswick, the “piedmont” and lower “mountain” area, launch site are empty most days. Remember this: rising water will position bass and bait on shoreline calmed areas or behind ledges large enough to alter flow. When the river is falling, get away from shoreline habitat and seek mid-river ledges and current breaks.

Ardent spinning rods and reels with the new Sunline Assassin FC in 8# is the magic-wand—and Case Magic Stiks, Zipper Craws and Mizmo tubes are your best friends. Go ahead and try the topwater lures—in the AM, but for only 15 minutes. Ever heard of a “Ned-Rig.” Get some.

The key to any river is proper habitat and boat position. My Minn Kota trolling motor is my best friend.

SUSQUEHANNA & JUNIATA RIVERS, PA:  ****; mid-70s; unusually high and dirty; 5.4 @ Harrisburg; 7.6 @ Newport on the Juniata—and very muddy. Look for the June to fall to about 5.5 by Wednesday.

I spent the week in the upper Susquehanna drainage, the West Branch tributaries, and I know what high, dirty water was headed toward my guides. At one point, on the Sinnamahoning Branch, two inches of rain fell in less than an hour. Bass fishing in the Fort Hunter to Montgomery Ferry sector has been “awesome” in spite of then muddy water.

LOU guide Jason Shay says: “This week has been great water temps have been staying around mid 70 s and bass are very active. We have also been catching nice walleye Spinnerbaits,chatterbaits and crankbaits have been working best. I have a trip Sat and Sun. I will give you that info then. So far-- JP Harrell with a 20.5 in smallmouth caught on a spinnerbait is my FW entry.”

LOU guides John Stygler and Pete Holmes report: “Pete and I fish got about 4 hours and we around 25, 2 over 19 on spinnerbaits.  Grass held most of the fish.  Water temp in the low to mid 70's.  Dirty on the shores, cleanest water middle to west side grass.   Juniata is very dirty.”

The bottom line is “the Susquehanna River is fishing as good as it ever has, at least in my substantial 30 years of doing business here. I’m tired of hearing how good it used to be because I was there. I am super tired of hearing how poor the smallmouth bass population is. See, I know what “poor” is.

DEEP CREEK LAKE: **1/2; 70s; clear; busy.

It’s vacation time and there are those that say you can’t fish a clear lake in the summer. Then there are LOU guides Brent Nelson and Bret Winegardner that have the reputation—and results to counter those silly remarks. Now—if you fish the main lake in the middle of the day, you are really silly and I don’t even want to know your names.

“There is a good topwater bite in the morning for smallmouth bass along rocky shorelines but when the sun gets semi-direct, you have to change gears.” That’s when grass beds in coves and tribs, along with boat docks, become the bull’s eye. The topwater baits include the Obii Hardhook buzzbait, a Rico popper or a Case swimming frog. The docks and grass lure arsenal should include Big Mouth’s Big Shaky, Penrod Special or the Sweetheart. The docks pattern is a Case Magic Stik, Jack’s Worm, Wacky Jack or the hand poured Stik. If you don’t have an “O-Wacky” tool by Case—then shame on you because it makes the “wacky-style” of presentation so effective. I also like to use this Stik on a 3/0 Addya worm hook, Texas style without weight.  By the way, you can order all the Case and Zipper products on-line at WWW.caseplastics.com or www.fishingcompkete.com. I can get you a 20% discount for you if you type “KenP20” in the discount box.

TIDAL POTOMAC RIVER: **; some stain and some algae building; near 80 degrees.

Bass fishing remains “challenging” except for a certain few spots that are so fragile that I would do more harm than good by pin-pointing the areas—but I’ll get you close.

In the Washington DC jurisdiction, upper river debris messed-up the main stem but the “always reliable” Washington Channel offers smallmouth, largemouth, striped and catbass along the Fort McNair side and the back-end. I call the catfish “catbass” because they act like bass.

You don’t want to get too close to the wall or the cops come-a-running. There are some grassy areas along the shoal, and some man-induced, underwater habitat. Use you Lowrance units and “save” all the items that dot the bottom because when things get tough—these places will produce.

I’m using Ardent medium action, 7’ baitcasting rods in the Edge Class with Apex Grand reels with 15# test Sunline (the brand new, just released Assasin FC) for my crankbaits, buzzbaits, Replicator and Big Shaky lures. Your lure arsenal should include: Bomber 7-A crankbaits in the “firetiger” pattern; 6” Case Magic Stik in the “Ken’s Stik or green pumpkin/gold, attached to a 3/0 Addya hook. I’ll never fish the river without a 4” Mizmo tube that is tied onto one of my rods.

The dropoff is the “bedroom” and it does zig and zag so sonar is ultra-important—as is the GPS to “mark” those “objects” so it’s a puzzle to me why more anglers are not using the Lowrance units—and there is a price-line to suite you guys! Have you looked at the Elites?

There is a really good population of stripers along the 10-12 foot contour most tides, and I love to troll the 7-A. Big bass haunt the drop also so cast to the wall and “let-her-rip.” Sometimes the bass are on the shoal so those Case and Big Mouth products should get “wet” often until you figure it out. Did you read about the “Mizmo” tube?

The Case Stik products have saved me so many days that I’ll never go fishing without having a “bunch” aboard the RiverPro. You do need a DC fishing license here.

The Woodrow Wilson Bridge vicinity has/is always been one of my favorites, and I know that you may be reading about success from another, but it’s not even close to normal—and I use that word based on 30-some years of experience.

Yet, there are a few places. The concrete pieces in the cove on the MD side just north of the WW Bridge was placed there under my direct supervision. It’s often referred to as “The Spoils” or “Penrod Cove” (named that by a writer of a daily paper) and if you “feed’ the bass some tubes, Stiks or aggravate them with a crankbait, you will catch some quality bass. There is a “ridge” on the north shore that you should find.

Smoot Bay is a “sleeper” and there are some points on the north end—and the south end that hold the big girls.

Grassy coves near Belle Haven Marina, a few spots in Piscataway and my favorite June trip, Pomonkey Creek, are wise stops.

To the south, in the Mattawoman Creek vicinity, many regulars worry about the heath, population and future of bass fishing, but sometimes fact trumps greed. There is no way MD will help this river because they want the revenue—but once they lose it, the story shifts. Do you know that MD only controls about 24% of the tidal Potomac River that is capable of supporting black BASS? They do control the largest marina however, Smallwood State Park. I chuckle that PRFC is wanting a “say” in black bass, and VA owns as much as MD and doesn’t say/do much.

My business was successful because my company promoted catch and release when very few were bass fishing; created a “Fisheries management Program” in Washington, DC; established the largest freshwater habitat; established male bass protection by creating a 15” creel minimum during spawn months; forced Blue Plains Wastewater treatment Plant to comply with their permit; forced the NSWC at Indian Head to install a wastewater treatment plant. I also “saved” Smallwood State Park expansion (you are welcome) when they were opposed to additional parking for trailered boats. By the way—SSP was never intended to be bass tournament HQ. The original intention was a “Pleasure Boat Marina & Club.” That big building and those adjacent docks were “Clubhouse” ideas by MD—and a failure. Go look at that building! It’s used for a few policed things and other goofy things.

The best times in Mattawoman is “low-light” and low water, and evenings when that happens. There are some “tournament released” bass in the State Park vicinity.

I will be in the Mallows Bay area for a few days.

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2015 Camp Sycamore

Ken does a summer youth cam every year, for the last 25, where he takes boys between the ages of 12-18 to his lodge in north PA where he and other associates such as Alan & Christy Mullis assist in the training of bass fishing, trout fishing, boat safety, wet-wading, photography and so much more—like live elk sightings and black bear, white tail deer, turkey, rattlesnakes & bobcats.

My guides are my life-blood, so I recognize the following:

Captains Dave Kerrigan, Kenny Penrod 3; Keith Barker; Brian Barnes; Brent Nelson; Ken Penrod.  Guides include: Bret Winegardner; Jason Shay, John Stygler, Matt Greene and Pete Holmes.

LOU guide Jason showed Nick what the Susqy
spinnerbait bite was all about he was impressed. 
JP caught this 20.5 in slab on an evening trip with  
guide Jason Shay
(717) 507 4377. 
Charlie was ecstatic when he got his first 20 of the year with
guide Jason Shay  
(717) 507 4377.
This was Colleens first time fishing for bass..
She did great..guide Jason Shay showed her
and boyfriend Keith how to spinnerbait the
Susquehanna .
Keith with a nice Susquehanna smallie that fell for a
Marvin used a "Ned-Rig" to catch this fine bass while
attending Ken Penrod's summer youth camp,
Camp Sycamore.
"Pork chop" fished the Stevenson Lake with Ken on
Thursday morning and this bass was tricked by a
Case Magic Stik attached to a 3/0 Adday hook.
We called him "Hoppy" at Camp Sycamore and in spite
of wicked storms, the guys caught a bunch of bass and
Mop, camp counselor Alan Mullis and I-Man spanked the
bass on the George Stevenson dam. The air temp at
6-AM was 47 degrees. Good job guys.
LOU guide John Stygler (717-368-3802) with a Susquie
slab caught on a Snagler Tackle Company Purple Snag
River Spinnerbait.  The river is fishing like May instead
of July and the smallies are fat, plump and aggressive.
The Susky is fishing great!! Fish are active and
crushing baits! Guide Pete Holmes 
LOU Guide Matt Greene says come out and get in on the action.
LOU guide Capt. Brent Nelson with two, Lake
Champlain largemouth bass from a five fish
limit that weiged 22.43 lbs.  Nelson went on to win
the 2 day tournament with over 37 pounds.





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