Life Outdoors Unlimited Fishing Report
For Week Ending April 24, 2016

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We didn't post a report last week due to electronic meltdown and incompetence by Comcast...and because I smuggled our webmaster out of his cave for a day of relaxation and big bass.


Notes: Our fishing report will also be posted to Ken's page "Ken Penrod's Life Outdoors Unlimited" (https://www.facebook.com/Ken-Penrods-Life-Outdoors-Unlimited-1436799496550830/) as will be our client photos and Ken Penrod's 20-Inch Smallmouth Club members at: https://www.facebook.com/Ken-Penrod-20-Smallmouth-Club-214057305623741/?notif_t=page_fan


LOU Fish of the Week (416) is a John Fedowitz beast from Shays boat.

New entries into the Ken Penrod-Under Armour 20-Inch Club Include for 41616:

Ken; Rick Beck; Lenny Romano & Mike Stoker with Ken; Bill Reese and John Fedowitz with Jason Shay.


LOU Fish of the Week: Jon Drever (20 3/8) from John Styglers boat on a tube

New entries into the Ken Penrod-Under Armour 20-Inch Club include:

Billy Cumberland with Ken; John Stygler with Ken; Miss Weinhardt with Ken and  Jon Drever with John Stygler

Our 20-Inch Club is sponsored by Under Armour, Ardent and Riverfront Campground.


SUSQUEHANNA & JUNIATA RIVERS, PA: ****; 60s; clear; low; spawning; 4.3 at Harrisburg and slowly falling. 4.0 at Newport and steady.

It's been an unusual season, cold and windy at times but warm and calm too. We never had a major rise in river level so smallmouth could go/be anywhere they wished--and they did just that. The current full moon and water temps over 50 triggered a major spawning episode-but this was the second spawn and I suggest another will happen in May. The rivers are low and it's almost "pucker-time" so be careful. Remember, the season on the lower Susqy and lower Juniata will close as of Sunday, May 1--but my guides have awesome opportunities for you above the closure areas. This low, clear water allows bottom observation over large areas and it's no wonder the bass are so big with such a population of crawfish.

I have been fishing between New Buffalo and Sherman Creek and there have been plenty of bass at every stop. We use Campground Special tubes or Case Magic Stiks for the most part--but I doubt that there is a lure in your box that will not work.

Johnny Cunningham of Riverfront Campground has youngster-rods in stock now as well as other Ardent rods and reels. Those 'kids" rods come in pink or camo.

My new RiverPro is simply "super" especially with the center console. The angler in the middle has an adjustable seat-and that Mercury 200 HP Optimax sips gasoline.

LOU guide John Stygler says: I worked the areas above Riverfront Campground, in grass beds, island ends and ledges.  His clients were catching fish on Snagler Tackle Gold Snag and Smoke Purple Gold spinnerbaits in Thin Wire style, Campground Specials teaser tubes in Blue Tease, Badass and KP Purple and at the end of the week there was a top water bite with Sammy's.  Water is dropping this week and warming.  Bass will scatter as the water lowers and look for current.  Water levels are 4.5 at Harrisburg and 8.8 at Sunbury and slowly falling.  Contact John at 717-368-3802 or snaglertackle@aol.com"

LOU guide Matt Greene says: "I had had great success this week from Harrisburg to Duncannon. This week a wide range of baits have been successful including Campground special tubes, spinnerbaits, jerk baits, swim baits, and chatter baits. With the water temperature getting into the lower 60's the fish are very active this week. The river level is dropping and clearing up making it easy to see your target. Matt Greene 717-576-3735.

Jason Shay adds: "Fishing has been excellent moving baits (spinnerbait, crankbaits, topwater) have been best covering a lot of water has been key to getting numbers in the boat. Lots of spawning activity is visible. I am currently booking for summer spinnerbait and topwater trips and will be once again doing the weekday eve trips." 717-507-4377.

Captain Kenny Penrod says: "The full moon resulted in fish spawning. Bass were observed cruising very shallow water and could be aggravated into biting a Zara Spook thrown into very shallow eddy areas and in the back of islands. This is a very exciting way to fish and can be addicting. Many fish would blow up on the Spook but not result in a hook up- it appeared that they were simply swatting it away from their territory. Go to my Facebook page- Kenny Penrod III (The Fishing Detective) to watch video of this week's Zara Spook fishing on the Susquehanna. Also go to my Facebook to watch video's on how to fish the Ned Rig and rigging tubes. I spent a lot of time on the Susquehanna this spring and my new river boat will be on the water in fall 2016- call me at 240-478-9055 to book for fall 2016 and spring 2017. This is an absolutely remarkable fishery less than 2 hours' drive from the DC Area. A closed season on fishing for smallmouth bass in portions of the Susquehanna will begin on May 1. I fished a total of 40 days on the Susquehanna since March 1,  2016 and caught hundreds of bass- I never observed any fish that showed signs of distress or sickliness. However, I am aware that pollution is a more substantial threat to smallmouth bass than fishing. I know that many may not agree with PA Fish and Game decision to institute a closed season but I will commend them for doing what they believe is in the best interest of the resource. That is leadership and something that the Virginia and Maryland clearly lack when it comes to bass in the Potomac." Reach KP3 at 240-478-9055.

Pete Holmes adds: "Fishing has been solid this week with my go-to baits being swimbaits and creature baits on RAB ⅛ oz jigheads and jerkbaits in main river current. Reach Pete at 717-360-1827.

TIDAL POTOMAC RIVER: ***1/2; some color; full moon tides; 70.

Bass fishing may be at the peak-for-the-year as unusually warm water and a full moon triggered extensive spawning throughout the river.

The DC area is prime in Pentagon Lagoon and Washington Channel--along with smallmouth and largemouth on the main stem. DC warns against eating rockfish from their jurisdiction and they also have other warnings against catfish--while just a few miles downstream--Maryland says nothing about such health issues while commercial watermen catch and sell tons of catfish to the public.

Mattawoman Creek has been fishing very well until Maryland DNR sent their electroshocking teams there to capture and transport to hatchery locations. Fishery Chief Tony Prochaska tells me "we took 100 bass for brood stock and intend to stock the Potomac with the offspring and return the prisoners to Mattawoman." Electroshocking during the spawn; removing bass from an already depleted fishery and not notifying the public of this activity is just more examples of a broken DNR.

LOU guide, Captain Keith Barker reports: "The spawn is definitely on.  This week I fished the river from Penrod's Cove (aka The Spoils) to Bull Town Shoals.  The water temperature earlier in the week was in the low to mid 60's.  By late Thursday it had climbed to 72 degrees.  The result is that the spawning flats are loaded with fish.  The big girls are doing their thing.  We had lots of fish over 3# this week.  The largest was 3.5# on my scale.  The most productive bait this week was the Mizmo Big Boy 4" tube in Green Pumpkin Red Flake.  Square billed Rapala crankbaits are also very effective.  This is what we've all been waiting for guys.  It's the best fishing of the year.  I have precious few days open over the next couple of weeks.  Call me on 301-509-2102 and I can get you on the water.

Captain Kenny Penrod adds: "As predicted, the April 22 full moon led to fish invading the shallows to spawn. The fish can be located in the back of coves and creeks. The fish will be located next to wood and grass where weightless Case Magic Stiks fished slowly will do the trick. Also, try pitching a Campground Tube (rigged weedless) next to fallen trees. My recommendation is to fish thoroughly and slowly. May is one of the best months to fish the tidal Potomac --the fish are shallow and accessible.  Don't wait! Call me for full or after work half day trips on the tidal Potomac to take advantage of this fantastic fishing month. I usually launch from Belle Haven or Ft Washington this time of year...these locations are only minutes away from DC and a nice way to end a hard day at work for a few hours of bass fishing. Call me at 2404789055.

I read that Maryland DNR has instituted as part of their cowardly "Option 2" for bass tournaments - a mandatory use of non-penetrating culling clips. The use of non-penetrating clips was the idea of my dad and I'm glad to see it instituted.


UPPER POTOMAC RIVER: **1/2; mid 60s; clear; 2.0 at Point of Rocks.

LOU guide Scott Johnson reports: "I fished the Lander, Brunswick are this week, water is very clear, 2.0' at POR and temp is in the mid 60's.   The little bit of rain at the end of the week did cause a little stain mid river but visibility is high.   With the water so low fish can be found in a number of areas from submerged ledges, rocky bottoms with current and eddys behind larger rocks.  Campground special tubes in KP purple and D's Koffee accounted for most fish but also took some on Case Magic Stiks in watermelon red.  The water temp and full moon this week spurred a major spawn this week, it takes covering a lot of water to put good numbers of fish in the boat." Reach Scott at 240-625-2550.


NANTICOKE RIVER: ***; tidal stain; 57-65 degrees; full moon tides.

Lou guide Captain Brian Barnes says: "Fish are in spawning areas and neighboring structure, can be caught with Rapala dt4 in various colors as well as wacky rigged Majic Stik in green pumpkin or black/blue.

Larger fish are on drops and structure near spawning flats. These can be caught with Big Mouth spinnerbait in Bluegill or Rapala DT6 in hot mustard. Next 3 weeks should be great fishing.

To book your trip, call Captain Brian Barnes at 3027454668 or go to www.penrodsguides.com


A big thumbs-up to our fine list of sponsors: RiverPro Boats; Mercury Motors; Lowrance Electronics; Under Armour; NRA; Ardent Outdoors; Case Plastics; Zipper Worms; Mizmo; Big Mouth Lure Company; Power Pole; Sunline; Riverfront Campground; RAB Jig Heads; Campground Special Tubes; Columbia Design & Graphics.

Capt. Keith Barker, (center) with happy clients thsi week.
Mat Greene with many happy clients above.    


Life Outdoors Unlimited Fishing Report
For Week Ending April 10, 2016

Mailing Address
4708 Sellman Road
, Beltsville, MD 20705
Ken's Cell  240-447-2206 and Office Device @ 301-937-0010
kenpenrod@comcast.net. Facebook, Twitter @kenpenrod, LinkedIn & Instagram
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NOTE: I am posting this report on Saturday the 8th.
Notes: Our fishing report will also be posted to Ken's page Ken Penrod's Life Outdoors Unlimited (as will be our client photos and
Ken Penrod's 20-Inch Smallmouth Club members

LOU Fish of the Week: Three way tie: Dr. Dave, Donny Fouts & Bill Giles all with 20" fish caught aboard Ken's RiverPro on Badass Tubes. All three entered the Ken Penrod/Under Armour 20-Inch Smallmouth Club sponsored by Riverfront Campground and Ardent Rods & Reels. Scott Johnson also "made-the-club" in the "Guide Category" with his 21-inch smallmouth from the upper Potomac River

SUSQUEHANNA & JUNIATA RIVERS: **1/2; clear; 45+-; 5.0 at Harrisburg rising to 5.8 by Monday.

What a week! So much wind and cold. It even snowed a couple of inches Saturday. We cancelled trips Saturday because of the weather. The good news is the river will rise a little more than a foot by Monday and we needed that. Still, I had to send one party home early and postponed another.

My new boat arrived Friday and I worked on it Saturday. I have been fishing between New Buffalo and Sherman where low water has bass scattered all over. Our most productive lures continue to be the Campground Special tubes in the KP Series.
LOU guide Jason Shay says: Fishing remains good (pre front) campground teasers in Rose and Purple stain and jerkbaits in natural colors have been working best. Spawning activity is becoming more prevalent. Lets hope this was our last winter blast.

For anyone interested in weekday evening spinnerbait trips (starting mid-June) I will be doing them again after great success last and dates are filling up quickly. Jason Shay, Life Outdoors Unlimited Susquehanna River Guide, Instagram @Susquehanna river guide, Riveretech@yahoo.com  (717) 507-4377

LOU guide Captain Dave Kerrigan reports: "What a difference some rain and cooler weather makes! This week we saw the water temps drop from the mid 50's to the mid 40's. A good bit of rain early in the week also brought much needed water to the river raising both the level and the flow rate. The fishing continues to be good to excellent with the mid river grass dominating the game plan. We did find fish along the banks on the main shorelines and islands. Our best baits continue to be Campground Special teaser tubes is D's Koffee and Penrod Purple. Jerk baits and swim baits catch their share and the creature baits like the Case Zipper Grub produces as well.  Looking forward to more rain and warmer temps next week! Don't forget the great fun and fishing to be had on the Tidal Potomac River in the DC sector! Starting in May Capt 

Dave will begin his DC Slam trips which aim to bag a rockfish, catfish, largemouth,  and smallmouth bass (with a chance at walleye and snakeheads for the Super Slam!during a single outing. Capt. Dave Kerrigan can be reached on his cell at 301.252.5322 for more info or to book a trip.

LOU guide Matt Greene says: Matt Greene has been hitting the Duncannon area this week with success. The river has been low & clear and just about every day the wind showed up in full force, but we still put the fish over the rail. The Campground Special Tubes in smoke purple and KP kick worked best this week, and Rapala shadow rap's have proven to be a winner. The conditions next week will be changing with the welcome site of a rising river and rising thermometer. Matt Greene 717.576.3735
LOU guide John Stygler adds: LOU Guide John Stygler continues to work with very good success above Riverfront Campground on the Susquehaana.  With dropping water temperatures this week, he has moved back to his go to cold water, tougher conditions bait, Campground Specials teaser tubes.  Colors include Purple Craw, Blue Tease and KP Candy as the water dirties on the east side and KP Purple, Juniata Treat and Smoke Purple in the cleaner water on the west side.  Rising water will push fish to the shoreline and island eddies this week.  He is predicting a really good spinnerbait bite later this week into next with his custom designed Snagler Tackle spinnerbait in the Thin Wire series, in golds, shads and white color patterns.  Looking for John to teach you what he knows, contact him at 717.368.3802 or at snaglertackle@aol.com.
Captain Kenny Penrod reports: Susquehanna River- The weather, specifically the wind-made fishing difficult this week.  The wind made tube/jig presentations difficult and necessitated the use of jerkbaits and a-rigs. The water stage levels for most of last week averaged 4.4 and the water was clear. The water levels and clarity provided the opportunity to view the bottom and scout for new fishing locations. The water stage levels should rise to 5.8 by Monday and the weather is supposed to improve. These conditions should combine to create terrific fishing this coming week. I will be on the river all week. Follow the fishing on my Facebook page- Kenny Penrod III ...The Fishing Detective @ 240.478.9055.
UPPER POTOMAC RIVER: **1/2; little color; 2.5 @ Point of Rocks and steady.
LOU guide Scott Johnson reports "POR gauge 2.4' and steady, water clear and temp at 49 degrees.  The rain this week had no affect on the river but the wind continues to blow strong.  With a 10 degree drop in water temp the fish were turned off but the big girls continue to eat.  This week took getting stationary and fishing submerged ledges and chunk rock out of the current, fishing slow with campground special tubes in kp purple and purple craw.  The numbers were down this week but all fish  without the trolling motor and talons fishing would have been much more difficult with the wind.   Contact Scott at 240.625.2550 or email at dcgscottj@aol.com
TIDAL POTOMAC RIVER: 50ish; wind stain; new moon tides. Some crazy tides this week. Winds and barometer took a toll on fishing success this week but overall, bass fishing has been pretty good as the fish moved into spawn shallows.
LOU guide Captain Kenny Penrod reports: "Potomac River- The water temperature at National Harbor and throughout most of the tidal Potomac averaged around 53 degrees. The cold weather have caused water temperatures to fluctuate and bass are confused. The bass are in the spawning creeks and in prespawn patterns. The males I catch are still light colored which indicate they have not been in shallow water for a long period of time. The females are in slightly deeper water and very close to wood. I suggest fishing all wood with a tube or black/blue jig. On higher tides go to the back of spawning coves and fish a square bill crankbait. I still have great hopes that the week of April 22 will be a great fishing week on the tidal Potomac.
Jay Kumar is a former senior writer with B.A.S.S. and currently authors "Jay Kumar's Bassblaster" which is currently the #2 daily read in the topic of bass fishing. Jay Kumar emailed me concerning his interest in publishing a story on the fact that both the DNR and the Potomac River Fisheries Commission have a convicted poacher on their advisory committees. I really hope he publishes this embarrassing and alarming fact for the world to view. Reach Kenny at 240.478.9055.

Thanking all of our partners including:
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Our guides include:Captain Ken Penrod; Captain Kenny Penrod; Captain Dave Kerrigan; Captain Keith Barker; Captain Brian Barnes; Bret Winegardner; Scott Johnson; Jason Shay; Matt Greene; Pete Holmes; John Stygler & Tim Reams.




LOU Captn Keith Barker shows off a very nice
bass he caught in Piscataway Creek.
Matt Rizkallah returned for another shot at these early spring chunks and found success twitching a Rapala XRap down behind the boat over a rocky ledge.
Steve Maccado joined LOU for yet another year and showed why he loves the Susky with this nice bass
he took on the new Campground Special tube
in Ds Koffee!
Long time LOU buddy David Darragh is all smiles showing off this nice 19 beauty he pulled from a main river eddy using an Ardent 7 medium action spinning rod matched with the 2000 series Wire reel. Notice the two tone tail!!
 John Durrant with a nice bass he caught in Pentagon Lagoon while fishing with LOU Captain Keith Barker.  LOU Guide Pete Holmes 717-360-1827 with a healthy Susquehanna smallmouth that fell for a KP Rose tube.
Jason Peltier enjoyed his first trip ever to the Susky with Capt. Dave Kerrigan. Here is one of his better fish of the day we called Miss Piggy she chomped down on a Penrod Special teaser.  
Great day with Little Goomba and Goomba-3 on the Susquehanna Friday. G-3 qualified for the
Smallmouth Club with his 18.5" beauty. Youngsters under 16 and ladies get in with 18" minimum.
WINDY is the key-word all week but we search and find with small tubes and chin-spins. Susqy is low (4.4), clear and wind blown. Water temp about 52 in AM. Tomorrow looks bad. My weekend may be open as client has work issues. 240-447-2206.
For more photos of our weeks fishing successes, log onto our facebook page: Ken Penrod's Life Outdoors Unlimited