Life Outdoors Unlimited Fishing Report

Week Ending August 24, 2014
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LOU USCG CAPTAIN/Guides Include:
Captain Dave Kerrigan; Captain Kenny Penrod 3; Captain Brent Nelson; Captain Brian Barnes; Captain Keith Barker; Captain Ken Penrod.

LOU Guides: Bret Winegardner; Jason Shay; Joe Raymond; John Stygler; Rick Nitkiewitz; Matt Greene.

LOU Fishes of the Week:

Smallmouth category: Bill Harvey with a 19.5” smallmouth
from the Susquehanna River with Joe Raymond as his
LOU guide. A spinnerbait did the deed.
Largemouth category: Howard Metro fished the
tidal Potomac river in DC with Captain Dave Kerrigan
where he landed his 19.5” bass that hit a
Big Mouth spinnerbait.

UPPER POTOMAC RIVER: ***1/2; <75; color VA side; algae VA side; 1.6 at Point of Rocks steady.

            Smallmouth bass fishing from Brunswick to Seneca remains very consistent with smallish bass making up the typical catch although bass in the 16-18 inch class are expected each trip. Example: when we catch 70 smallmouth bass, perhaps 10-15% will be “keeper” size and 80% will be in the 8-11 inch class.

            Choose between Seneca, Edwards Ferry, Whites Ferry, Point of Rocks, Lander or Brunswick launch sites because results are similar no matter. A very good trico hatch will jump-start the morning bite and those “slurp-circles” are your targets. Remember that the bigger bass are lying under that commotion simply to eat a small bass or two. Those little, dead bugs aren’t very filling.

            Spinning rods like the Aerdent, medium action and the Ardent 2000 or 2500 get my endorsement and I like 6# test Sunline or Bass Pros Excell monofilament. The favored artificial remains the Campground Special brand in the KP Series and colors such as Penrod Special, KP Rose, KP Candy and KP Roadkill purple with 1/8th RAB jigheads. Case Magic Stiks and the Zipper ZC-Shorty are very productive. Check for the topwater bite every day but don’t spend a lot of time. I allow 10-minutes and if no bites—the buzzbait comes of and the tube goes on.

SUSQUEHANNA RIVER: ****; <75; unexplained color given the levels; river jumped a foot at Harrisburg: 4.5 and steady. Newport was a few inches up but @ 4.7 now and slowly falling.      Much grass in the Amity pool that pulls loose and affects the main stem (harms you lure retrieval), west side for miles.

            Smallmouth bass fishing on this wonderful resource continues to amaze with unusually fat trophy-size to healthy, scrappy juveniles of 6-12 inches long. The mid-size bass (11-15”, 4-6 years old) are quite prolific also and they try to eat spinnerbaits that the big girls chase. LOU guide Jason Shay and his weekend guests averaged 50-60 bass per outing, most on spinnerbaits . LOU guide Matt Greene, fishing the Perdix sector is catching about the same numbers with chatter baits and spinnerbaaits the favored offering. LOU guide Joe Raymond is between Duncannon and Montgomery Ferry and he is “crushing” big bass with spinnerbaits.

            While you hear us touting spinnerbaits for the most part, crankbaits, tubes and Case Stiks are reliable also.

            The bass are often in very shallow water and of course, any ledge or larger rock increases your odds. You can purchase the KP Series of tubes as well as the RAB jigs from Johnny Cunningham of Riverfront Camground with a credit card, and shipped to you. Johnny will also rent boats and offer shuttle service. His onsite store is loaded with the lures we recommend including Snagler spinnerbaits, Mizmo and Camground Special tubes, Rapala jerkbaits and just about anything you need. Call me at 240-447-2206 to arrange your trip or reach Jason Shay at 717-507-4377; Joe Raymond at 717-989-6626; Matt Greene at 717-576-3735 or John Stygler at 717-368-3802.

            Just a word of caution to newcomers. This river is quite low and bumpy—no place for fiberglass at all, and outboard motors in the area we speak of are just not going to work for long. Our guides all have special jet-powered boats and even they bump a lot.

TIDAL POTOMAC RIVER: **1/2; mid 70s; lots of BG algae to the south, some color is a few areas.

            Largemouth bass fishing remains “under-par” when compared to even a few years ago but if you don’t move around and try different places, your results will never change. This was a pretty good tide week which helps. The SAV situation in this river is pretty poor, especially the good stuff, and some gardens actually look sick.

            In Washington DC, one of the better areas, Captain Dave Kerrigan led his client to the underwater home of a fine largemouth bass in the Washington Channel. Howard Metro caught a near-five pound bass on a Big Mouth spinnerbait that wins LOU Fish of the Week for the largemouth category.  Other areas to check-out includes the older bridge foundations, entrance to Pentagon Lagoon, former wharf sites along the military bank south of the Anacostia and Fox Ferry Point and nearby habitat.

            The WW Bridge sector can make you curse but put thiose crankbaits to work in Penrod Cover, WW Barges, remnants of the old bridge foundations and steep point and drops in Smoot bay. When in the area, give those coves near Belle Haven Marina; boat docks just south of Hog Island and the Fort Washington Lighthouse drops some time.

            MID-RIVER areas such as Pomonkey Creek and Bay; Pohick Bay; Greenway Flats and Hallowing Bay creeks are full of baitfish and you can catch some bass most days with buzzbaits, Case Stiks and Big Mouth lures such as the Big Shakey and the Penrod Special spinnerbait.

            Mattawoman and vicinity showed improvement because the tide was favorable where mid-size bass from the habitat above Slavins were fairly cooperative. Wood and grass seemed to be best but find spatterdocks with a deeper edge and pitch to interior pockets with big Mizmo tubes of a Big Mouth Grass Jig.

            The interior of Chickamuxen Creek, Leesylvania rip rap; Neabsco Creek bridge remnants and outside line at Mallows Bay hold some quality bass.

DEEP CREEK LAKE: ***; low 70; normal pool; quiet at a thunderstorm—but soon to be abandoned as school starts.

            LOU Guides Captain Brent Nelson and Bret Winegardner have had a pretty good summer here with plenty of topwater action in the morning for smallmouth and some fine largemouth from grass beds.

            It’s about to get better though as the pleasure boat traffic subsides and the water cools. Remember, fall comes early to this mountain lake. Get a trip booked to fish a great resource with two men that knows this lake better than anyone ever did.

LOU guide Matt Greene with a nice “line stripper”  of a smallmouth. LOU client Bob Hetrick on a phenomenal spinnerbait day with LOU guide Matt Greene.
Mike caught this slab on a crank bait while fishing with guides Jason Shay. Andrew told guide Jason Shay watching the fish come out of the water to crush a spinnerbait is priceless.
First fish of the day @ 19.5" for client, Bill while he and his son were being guided by Joe Raymond. Not to shabby. Bill's son Jake hoisting up one of several bass caught in the 18" range on Sunday while being guided by Joe Raymond
Guide, Joe Raymond shares a photo of a 21" slob he caught on a custom spinnerbait. Brother Bob of guide Joe Raymond showing off his big fish of the day @19.5".
Perfect weather with lots of clouds, and Jason Shay took me
fishing on the Susqy where spinnerbaits were annihilated by shallow-water,hungry but fat, smallmouth bass.
Most of the rivers we fish offer various species to target and
none can dispute that the walleye is fine culinary favorite.
Contrary to the state's party-line on Susquehanna fish
populations, the areas my guides ply are seemingly full of all year classes of bass--and look how fat and healthy they are.
Howard Metro shows off a near 5 pound largemouth he caught in the Washington Channel fishing with Capt Dave Kerrigan. The fish took a Big Mouth Spinnerbait in the golden shiner pattern.
Matt Metro celebrates his 40th birthday with a tidal Potomac fishing trip guided by LOU Capt Dave Kerrigan – a gift from his Dad. He enjoyed a DC Slam day, topped off with a nice striper he caught near Fox Ferry Point. Happy Birthday Matt!!  


Life Outdoors Unlimited Fishing Report

Week Ending August 17, 2014
4708 Sellman Road, Beltsville, MD 20705
Cell, Best Bet: 240-447-2206. Office Ans.
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LOU USCG CAPTAIN/Guides Include:
Captain Dave Kerrigan; Captain Kenny Penrod 3; Captain Brent Nelson; Captain Brian Barnes; Captain Keith Barker; Captain Ken Penrod.

LOU Guides: Bret Winegardner; Jason Shay; Joe Raymond; John Stygler; Rick Nitkiewitz; Matt Greene.

Ryan Ennis, fishing with Jason Shay, landed the “LOU Fish of the Week:
with a 19.5” beauty—on a spinnerbait.


SUSQUEHANNA & JUNIATA RIVERS: ****; >70; east side stained, west 5’; Juniata 2-5’; 4.2 @ Harrisburg; 4.1 @ Newport.

            The rivers came up about a foot but fell quickly yet had no adverse effect on smallmouth bass activity where our weekend clients simply crushed big fish on spinnerbaits, chatterbaits and just about anything you want to cast.

            The guides are working shallow water between Montgomery Ferry and Harrisburg. The bass are above average—and larger than any other water we serve, without any signs of disease in spite of an admittedly polluted column caused mainly by farm animal waste runoff. These bass are fat as footballs from gorging themselves on crawfish. We favor Riverfront Campground as our launch when conditions allow and you can purchase the Campground Special tubes and RAB jigs from Johnny Cunningham. Don’t have a boat? Rent one from Rent-A-Boat at the campground and have Johnny shuttle you upstream for a pleasant and productive float. A three boat LOU trip out of Riverfront Campground on Saturday yielded approximately 150 smallmouth bass, the majority in the 15-18 inch class. Ryan Ennis, fishing with Jason Shay, landed the “LOU Fish of the Week: with a 19.5” beauty—on a spinnerbait.

            Our local guides, John Stygler, Jason Shay, Joe Raymond and Matt Greene may be booked directly or call me at 240-447-2206. Our guides are licensed and commercially insured. Remember to ask those questions when you consider a guide.

            The Sinnamahoning Branch of the West Branch Susquehanna River was severely damaged in 2007 when a Norfolk Southern railroad train derailed spilling thousands of gallons of toxic chemicals into the river killing everything for many miles downstream. The state of Pennsylvania received 7.3 million in restitution which included 3.7 million going to the PFBC. To date, only $58,000 has been slated to the waterway that was virtually destroyed by this wreck. How the hell can that be true? In an area so economically distressed, you would think that the money would go to that resource. Where is the outcry and who is looking out for that tributary to the Chesapeake Bay?

UPPER POTOMAC RIVER: ***; >70; clear with some algae stain; 1.5 at Point of Rocks.

            A cold front, a full moon and high barometer combined to affect the smallmouth bite this week. A summer full moon in a clear sky with a clear river just aids feeding so at least the morning hours will suffer. Then, a clear sky keeps the bass in hiding—and a high barometer provides “bends-like” characteristics to all fish. I was at Lander on Monday and by noon we only had about 20 small fish. From noon to 3 PM, we probably caught 50.  The river did not rise from those heavy rains so it’s still “bumpy” with much floating grass. Edwards Ferry, Seneca, Whites Ferry and Brunswick are worth your time. Use KP Series tubes or Sinking Salty Shads by Case.

TIDAL POTOMAC RIVER: *1/2; >70; some color.

            Just like 3013, summer largemouth bass fishing has been poor in most sectors and there can be no denying that something has harmed the largemouth bass populations. We can’t blame it on “catch and eat” because 95% of all anglers release their catch. We can’t blame it on a major fish kill because there have been no floaters to point to. We can’t blame it on lack of sav because fish don’t have bus stops to take them to other waters. Could it be from extraordinary tournament pressure, especially during the spawn and hot-water periods? Is unisex, altered sex or other diseases such as LMBV taking a toll? Who is looking out for the people that actually helped restore the fishery? Well, it’s not Maryland because they make the vast majority of the money from the fishery while controlling only a small portion of the Potomac River. MD only controls tributaries off the main stem. The main river is controlled by the Potomac River Fisheries Commission which does NOTHING for the bass population. Virginia controls VA tribs. I find it ironic that during the hey-days of the resurgent Potomac that DNR had no “Tidal Bass Manager” but in the time frame that they did—the fishery has suffered beyond any doubt. It’s time to take this plight to the Governor or USFW. Did you notice that the Potomac didn’t even make the Top 100 fisheries in the county for the first time?

            In Washington DC, you can catch smallmouth bass on rocky shore above Georgetown; bridge foundations; drop off at the Kennedy Center and Causeway walls into Pentagon Lagoon. I recommend Mizmo tubes. Largemouth bass hold in grass along the Fort McNair wall or the adjacent dropoff; grass near the airport; former landings between the Anacostia and Bolling and Blue Plains.

            There are stripers on or adjacent to Long Bridge foundations and on the WC dropoff. Troll Rapala DT-6 crankbaits or cast weightless Case Magic Stiks to the grassy shoals.

            The WWB sector is really distressed and while you can catch a few good bass in Penrod Cove and Hog Island—the time spent per bite is Anna-like.

            I fished Mattawoman Creek within the “6-MPH” zone on Wednesday—and did not have a single bite. I think this is the first time in my career that I went fishless let alone (biteless) sic.

DEEP CREEK LAKE: ***; 70ish; normal; busy.

            The LOU guides, Bret Winegardner and Captain Brent Nelson say that the fishing has been pretty decent where smallmouth bass eat topwater lure in the morning and largemouth haunt the boat docks and grass beds when the sun is high. Boat traffic become damn-near dangerous about noon so stay in the uplake coves when possible.

            Book a trip with the LOU guides—is the easiest way to catch fish.

LAKE ERIE: ***1/2; 74 in the Bay and 72 on lake.

            LOU guide Rick Nitkiewicz reports excellent bass fishing on the lake and when it’s windy—in the Bay. “We are catching smallmouth in the 16-27 feet of water, especially from rock piles, ledges and contour changes from the Northeast, Shades Beach and the Ws,” says Rick, and “we like drop shot offerings with hammer shads, split-tail shads and 3” Case Magic Stiks. Other baits to have confidence in includes Case Magic Stiks, Case Hellgrammites, Zipper worms and Mizmo tubes.

            When the winds keep you in the Bay, Rick likes crankbaits, especially the “sexy shad” color pattern. You can also cast weightless Magic Stiks to grass or shallow cover. Rick likes green pumpkin/gold for this—and don’t hesitate to try a spinnerbaits—says the soon to be Captain.

            Rick will soon be able to escort clients, once he receives his credentials from USCG, so it’s not to soon the book a trip for the fall. Reach Rick at 412-780-9995.

LOU guide Rick Nitkiewicz is catching giant smallmouth from the main lake and quality largemouth from the Bay. Barry Bonovich fished with Ken on the Upper Potomac this week and caught a bunch of bass after a slow morning start.
Charlie Bonovich like the RiverPro and this really good angler can catch any kind of fish. Ken gets into the action also on the Upper Potomac near Brunswick.
LOU guide Matt Greene with a nice smallmouth that crushed a spinnerbait. Joe Zonelotti Sr. caught this nice Susquehanna smallmouth with LOU guide Matt Greene.
Joe Zonelotti Jr. with a great  smallie out with LOU guide Matt Greene. Andrew Fedowitz, AKA Sparky, with a beautiful summer Susky smallmouth with LOU Guide John Stygler taken on a Snagler Tackle Thin WIre Spinnerbait in Cole Slaw.
LOU Guide John Stygler with a real nice smallie taken on a Snagler Tackle Thin Wire Spinnerbait in a new color, Magic Snag. Long time LOU client John Ennis
with a 20 inch Susky smallie.
Guide Joe Raymond with a 20+" bronze bruiser that couldn't resist his custom spinnerbait. Justin told guide, Joe Raymond he made his year with a one outing spinnerbait slug-fest.
Bob, Brother of guide Joe Raymond showing off one of three 19+" brown crushers he caught Sunday with his brother. John Z admires the beauty of his hard fighting bronzeback he caught on a trip with guide Jason Shay.
Guide Jason Shay has been on some pigs and shows one of the heavy smallies from this weekend. Ryan Ennis had this 19.5 beauty jump over a shallow ledge to inhale his spinnerbait while on a trip with guide Jason Shay.


Life Outdoors Unlimited Fishing Report

Week Ending August 10, 2014
4708 Sellman Road, Beltsville, MD 20705
Cell, Best Bet: 240-447-2206. Office Ans.
Device: 301-937-0010. kenpenrod@comcast.net
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Webmaster; Captain Brent Nelson of Columbia Design & Graphics
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Find us on Twitter: @ken_penrod. On facebook: ken penrod. Linkedin

LOU USCG CAPTAIN/Guides Include:
Captain Dave Kerrigan; Captain Kenny Penrod 3; Captain Brent Nelson; Captain Brian Barnes; Captain Keith Barker; Captain Ken Penrod.

LOU Guides: Bret Winegardner; Jason Shay; Joe Raymond; John Stygler; Rick Nitkiewitz; Matt Greene.


UPPER POTOMAC RIVER: ***; 75; 1.26 @ Point of Rocks; clear but for suspended algae.

            NOTE: A word of caution to those of you that wade, swim or otherwise use the rivers of the Mid-Atlantic region, particularly the Potomac and Susquehanna complexes. Warm water elevates and encourages a nasty bacteria (several bacteria) that is harmful, even fatal in some cases, to those that have open cuts or abrasions on their bodies—or from hand to mouth via eating or even biting fishing line. I would not even allow my pet to swim that water now. A word to the wise.

            Smallmouth bass fishing is terrific although the majority of them are quite small. The river continues to fall and it’s “bumpy” now so choose your routes carefully. Various aquatic hatches create bass targets for observing anglers as they slurp the bugs from the surface leaving widening rings to cast to.

            I’ve pretty much resorted to 6# Sunline or Excel monofilament attached to medium action Ardent rods and reels—and you may cast any lure you wish but when it’s time to get serious—use teaser size, KP Series, Campground Special tubes and RAB jig heads. Other reliable offerings include Case Magic Stiks, Case Salty Shads; Zipper CZ Shorties; Zipper Grubs; Rico poppers and Big Mouth buzzbaits.

            At Edwards Ferry, both directions are fruitful. At Whites Ferry, either direction is good but beware the low water at the north end of Harrison Island. At Seneca, towards the Dam and even through it if you have good knowledge of the route. At Lander, either direction but up is better than down. At Brunswick—“pick-‘em.”

SUSQUEHANNA & JUNIATA RIVERS: ***1/2; high 70s; clear with some algae; 3.7 @ Harrisburg and 3.9 at Newport on the Juniata.

            ALERT—bacteria alert. Refrain from wading if you have any open cuts or abrasions on your body because a nasty bacteria exists in this animal waste disposal system that EPA seems afraid to drop the hammer on. Don’t bite your line either guy and carry those hand sanitizers to use before eating. Thank God for better than average flow so far this year.

            LOU guide Joe Raymond (717-989-6626) is catching 20-inch smallmouth bass just about everywhere he goes including water above and below Montgomery Ferry.

            Matt Greene (717-576-3735) fished the Fort Hunter area one day and he and his guest caught 60-70 bass including 10 doubles. On another day from Fort Hunter sector he had 48 but “the fish were bigger” says Matt/ “I’m using spinnerbaits and Case Magic Stiks.”

            Jason Shay (717-507-4377) is fishing Fort Hunter today (10th) and his spinnerbaits are collecting plenty of big, fat smallmouth bass.

            John Stygler (717-368-3802) says his Snagler spinnerbaits are doing a number on bass between the Juniata and Montgomery Ferry.

TIDAL POTOMAC RIVER: **; high 70s; summer normal; heavy algae in areas; too many tournaments.

            Bass fishing results remain far below normal in most sectors of the Potomac and while the experts say that “ups and downs” can be expected in any fishery—I will remind all that bass fishing in Maryland was managed very well by the users, adopting catch and release ethics on a scale of about 98%. Maryland has no other self-sustaining fishery because all of the species that get most of their attention are catch and eat such as trout, striper and most Bay species. When black bass numbers decline, it’s usually disease or abuse. Until Maryland and her neighbors agree to limit mass tournament schedules—the fishery that was saved by the people, will be destroyed by some people. I know for certain that all tournament anglers have a deep concern for their quarry—but as the saying goes—“Build it and they will come.” Funny, how most of Maryland’s neighbors know the difference. Funny how so many credited me with saving the Potomac when it was at an all-time low years ago—and when I point to excessive tournaments now—I’m chastised by “the crickets.”

            In Washington DC, you can make-the-day here for a mixed bag buy trolling the 10-12 foot contour in the Washington Channel for rockfish, catfish, largemouth and a walleye on occasion. The bridge foundations, especially the older ones, hold lots of smallmouth and quite often—rockfish.

            In the Woodrow Wilson Bridge vicinity—it’s slim pickings, but work the drop-offs in Smoot Bay with Mizmo tubes; the concrete in Penrod Cove with DT-6 Rapalas; the coves near Belle Haven marina with Magic Stiks and Big Mouth spinnerbaits; the scattered grass in Piscataway with Stiks; the grass and wood in Pohick Bay with stiks and spinnerbaits (congratulations Dave Fudge for his 7-pound largemouth).

            Captain Keith Barker has been fishing Mattawoman and nearby areas such as Occoquan May, Belmont Bay, Leesylvania jetties and bridge remnants in Neabsco with disappointing results.

DEEP CREEK LAKE: **1/2; mid 70s; normal pool; summer traffic heavy.

            LOU guides Bret Winegardner and Captain Brent Nelson report “better than average” bass fishing results if you start early. The “topwater” smallmouth bits is consistent and the guides are finding some fine largemouth on grass bed edges and under boat docks. See www.fishdeepcreek.com for additional information and helpful tips.

POCOMOKE RIVER: **** or ** (depending the tide); mid 70s; tannic; prettiest tidal river in the Mid-Atlantic.

            As my (*’s) would indicate, the Pocomoke is either “wow” or “what happened.” The difference is simple—the tide. In an ecosystem so rich in cover as the Pocomoke is, the predators usually wait until the water levels decline, thus concentrating the food sources is easier-to-get-to haunts such as the outside edge of vegetation of submersed wood cover such a fallen limbs or cypress knees.

            Plan to have a low tide in your day—and fish the areas above Snow Hill after obtaining bridge openings—or Nassawango creek—or ant tidal gut with wood between Shad Landing and Pocomoke City—or Graveyard Cove, if you can get in there.

            Best baits include Big Mouth buzzbaits in the early; Big Mouth spinnerbaits (Penrod Special) or Big Shakeys; Mizmo tub; Case Magic Stiks and even crankbaits. Keep in mind that the outside edge of the spatterdock on this river is seep, a quick dropoff, often as much as 8-10 feet.

On high water, you really need to get your offering to the inside edge and that can be expensive. LOU guide Captain Brian Barnes (302-745-4668) is “the” expert on this body of water so pick a day and make a date. Bartnes is our Eastern Shore Operations VP so if you need to visit “another” water—he’s the guy for the Pocomoke Nanticoke, Wicomico and Choptank. Oh—did I mention the Upper bay.


            LOU guide Rick Nitkiewitz is just days away from receiving his USCG credentials (held up pending cancer screen) and a TWIC card—which can be waived if you swear you will not use secure ports.

            Rick will be offering LOU trips on this wonderful smallmouth bass factory once his documents are in order. This will be accomplished soon. Contact Rick for future bookings at 412-780-9995 or send inquiries to me at kenpenrod@comcast.net. We will not do this until we are 100% legal, quite unlike so many.



Life Outdoors Unlimited Fishing Report

Week Ending August 3, 2014
4708 Sellman Road, Beltsville, MD 20705
Cell, Best Bet: 240-447-2206. Office Ans.
Device: 301-937-0010. kenpenrod@comcast.net
www.penrodsguides.com     www.fishdeepcreek.com
LOU Magazine; Camp Sycamore; PPC Publications; Life Outdoors Unlimited

Webmaster; Captain Brent Nelson of Columbia Design & Graphics
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LOU Fish of the Week:

Fritz Reiser, Largemouth, with Ken @ Mattawoman, Case Magic Stik (Ken’s Stik.) Henry Winsor, Smallmouth, with Ken @ Lander, KP Series teaser tube (Penrod Purple)


NOTES: congratulations DNR for the arrest and conviction of Michael Hayden and William Lednum of Thilghman Island for the illegal harvesting of some 186 thousand pounds of striped bass. They face 5 years in prison and $250,000 in fines and as much as $929,000 in restitution. Sentencing is later this year and we say “No Mercey.”


UPPER POTOMAC: ***; 75; bumpy-low; clear; 1.5 @ Point of Rocks. Some grass issues.

            Smallmouth bass fishing is pretty good although the majority are quite small. The trico hatch is prolific and when it dies off, the smaller bass are slurping and the bigger bass are eating the smaller bass. You need to be extra careful when motoring about because even an inch or two makes a big difference. I like the Ardent rods and reels and strongly recommend 6# Sunline or Excell monofilament. Choose you boat patch carefully because I see most running through the good stuff. Kayakers are urged to keep the boat-run lanes clear or suffer. When a jet is on plane—he has to be careful where he sits down. Avoid hanging together like bees over a hive so that others can navigate the routes and please park vehicles away from obvious vehicle/trailer spots.

            The summer pattern is the same from Seneca to Brunswick. Fish the submersed ledges and current breaks. We highly recommend teaser-size plastic tubes in the KP Series; Case Magic Stiks; Case Salty minnow and buzzbaits (early and late). There are unreal numbers of small bass and for example—we caught about 60 bass Wednesday, three in the 19” class, but only 7 of the 60 were of legal size (12”.)

TIDAL POTOMAC RIVER: **; mid 70s; salt wedge moving upriver; some algae.

The recent cold front was comfortable and did not hurt results much so the bass fishing remains much the same—fair at best.

In Washington DC, there are rockfish in the Channel and along some of the bridge foundations that are best caught on crankbaits or swimbaits. Smallmouth bass cling to causeway walls at Pentagon Lagoon, railroad and Key bridge foundations and rocky shores above and below Three Sisters. A few largemouth bass on the shoal/grass adjacent to Fort McNair and we like Magic Stiks of Scroungers for this job.

In the WW Bridge vicinity, you can eke-out a few quality bass from concrete in Penrod Cove with Mizmo tubes or Zipper Craws. The Mattawoman complex showed some improvement as we were able to scrape about 15 bass from the No Wake zone with Magic Stiks and Big Mouth spinnerbaits.

SUSQUEHANNA & JUNIATA RIVERS: ***; 70s; clear with some stain east side; 3.6 and steady at Harrisburg; 3.9 at Newport on the Juniata—steady.

We will offer a 4-hour “After Work” outing for the months of July, August and September only. The fee will be #250 plus $30 for gasoline. This does not include lost lures or broken tackle. Fee applies to one or two persons only and is dependent upon guide availability.

The river continues to fall slightly and it’s bumpy out there so be careful where you go.

Jason Shay reports that bass fishing is “strong” with plenty of big bass but he’s most impressed with the numbers of small fish he is seeing.

Matt Greene fished the Bloomsburg area recently and caught 31 bass in 8 hours—and the New Cumberland sector for 27 bass in four hours.

Lure selection is easy: spinnerbaits, chatterbaits, crankbaits and tubes.

DEEP CREEK LAKE: ***; 70s; clear, normal pool, busy.

LOU guide, Captain Brent Nelson reports that the cooler water has the largemouth cruising shoreline vegetation where Case Magic Stiks and Koppers Frogs do the job. He likes the back of Turkey Neck, Greenglade, Beckmans and Ski Valley. For smallmouth, the Captain says Hazelhurst and Turkey Neck are good places to cast topwater Skitter Pops. The night-fishermen are doing OK with a Bigmouth Lure Company, black spinnerbaits with a large thumping Colorado blade.

Brent looks to be sure the kids have opportunities also and he recommends targeting pickerel and bluegill with live bait.

POCOMOKE RIVER: **1/2; 70s; normal color.

How well you do on just about any of the Eastern Shore tidal rivers is usually dependent upon low water within your time frame. LOU guide, Captain Brian Barnes likes the area above Snow Hill which requires scheduled opening of the draw bridge. He casts frogs under low hanging brush or Case Magic Stiks to wood.The portion between Shad Landing and Pocomoke city is a good choice but a long opportunity. Choose tidal guts, especially when wood is present. On high water, you must get your lure to the shore or suffer from nobiteitus.

Life Outdoors Unlimited Fishing Report

Week Ending July 27, 2014
4708 Sellman Road, Beltsville, MD 20705
Cell, Best Bet: 240-447-2206. Office Ans.
Device: 301-937-0010. kenpenrod@comcast.net
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UPPER POTOMAC RIVER: **1/2; clear; very low; 80; 1.46 @ Point of Rocks.

            Smallmouth bass fishing is very good although the fish are quite small and it’s really tough to get around. I bumped twice Wednesday and haven’t done that all year.

            We fish Lander and Brunswick with small tubes marketed by Riverfront Campground as Campground Specials—in the KP Series, especially Penrod Special, KP Rose, KP Candy and KP Peanut Butter. The best opportunities are around the submersed ledges or in 4-feet of water where chunk rocks offer ambush positions.

TIDAL POTOMAC RIVER: **; 80; algae green; some color.

            Overall bass fishing has been poor to fair and while there are some bright spots—it looks like 2013 all over again.

            Washington DC is always a busy waterway but it’s horrific on weekends but you can get above the fray as speed is restricted north of Memorial Bridge. The smallmouth action will never be confused with the Susquehanna or the Upper Potomac but there is enough to busy yourself for the day. Mizmo tubes and Rapala crankbaits to bridge foundations and rocky shores is the advice of our guides.

            Kenny Penrod III has been fishing Mattawoman and relies on jigs and/or frogs in the mass spatterdock fields.

SUSQUEHANNA & JUNIATA RIVERS: ***1/2; clear; 3.36 @ Harrisburg and 3.72 @ Newport.

            Smallmouth bass fishing has been awesome but the river is getting low, making it difficult to get to some of the places our guides prefer.

            Jason Shay is fishing north of Fort Hunter where spinnerbaits are the preferred lure for bass to 20-inches long. “We finished with 62 today boss—these bass are crazy,” said Jason Sunday evening.

            Joe Raymond is working water near Montgomery Ferry, sometimes preferring the noon till 8PM time slot where his clients connect often with spinnerbaits.

            Matt Greene works the New Cumberland and Clemson Island areas where he landed 24 and 27 on back to back 4-hour adventures this week. He likes the spinnerbait, chatter bait or crankbait options.

DEEP CREEK LAKE: **1/2; 70s; normal, busy.

            LOU guides Brent Nelson and Bret Winegardner say the early smallmouth bite is reliable on topwater lures and that grass bass like soft plastics and frogs. The dock pattern is solid but practice skipping those baits when you can.


Life Outdoors Unlimited Fishing Report

Week Ending July 20, 2014
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Webmaster; Captain Brent Nelson of Columbia Design & Graphics
VP of Deep Creek Lake Operations & Editor in Chief of LOU Magazine

LOU Fish of the Week, Largemouth: Joey McClosky aboard Ken’s RiverPro on the George Stevenson Dam with a Case Magic Stik. LOU Fish of the Week, Smallmouth: Mike Stoker aboard John Stygler’s jet boat on the Susquehanna River on a Snagler Booster spinnerbait.


UPPER POTOMAC RIVER: ***; mid 70s; some color; 1.6 @ Point of Rocks and steady.

            Smallmouth bass fishing has been simply great although the majority of the bass are small (<12”), there are a good number of bigger fish if you spend the time in the quality areas. I like water when I can’t see the bottom that has canopy-like ledges or big chunk rocks. Your first cast to any “hole” must be well planned and very accurate or you will spook the adults. The little dudes don’t care.

            As always, we strongly recommend Campground Special tubes in the KP Series on a 1/8th ounce RAB jig head. These can be purchased via telephone by calling Johnny Cunningham at 717-877-2704. My favored colors are Penrod Special; KP Candy; KP Rose and KP Peanut Butter.

            Good areas include Seneca (week days), Edwards Ferry up or down, Whites Ferry—upstream, Lander up or down and Brunswick up or down.

            At Lander keep the long parking spots for trailers and park non-trailer vehicles at the skinny end of the lot. This parking lot is for fishing traffic.

            At this point in the season, you should be using 6# mono and I recommend Sun Line or Excell.

SUSQUEHANNA & JUNIATA RIVERS, PA: ***1/2; 70s; stain on east side; Sinnamahoning Creek @ 1.6 and steady; Harrisburg @ 4.0 and steady; Newport @ 4.1 and steady,

            Our guides continue to thrill their clients with quality and quantity of smallmouth bass that only Lake Erie can beat—and they are doing it with spinnerbaits, crankbaits, tubes, chatter baits and some topwater lures.

            LOU guide Jason Shay (717-507-4377) had more than 60 smallmouth in 4 hours on chatter baits, swim baits, spinnerbaits and talks about an “insane” topwater bite when the sun goes down. Much of his time is spent upriver of Fort Hunter.

            LOU guide Matt Greene (717-576-3735) has been fishing the Clemson Island, Fort Hunter and New Cumberland sectors with outstanding success and he really loves his chatterbait results.

            LOU guide John Stygler (717-368-3802) is fishing out of Riverfront Campground and he too loves the Snagler spinnerbaits in the Booster series.

            LOU guide Joe Raymond (717-989-6626) is upriver of the Juniata and he and his clients are wearing-out their reel drags on giant smallmouth that are addicted to spinnerbaits.

TIDAL POTOMAC RIVER: **; <80; B G Algae in south; some color.

            Largemouth bass fishing has been pretty tough in many areas and the hothouse conditions have really spiked grass growth. Much of the grass is sickly looking and loaded with algae so find the green grass and you have found the bass.

            In Washington DC, cast Mizmo tubes and/or crankbaits to bridge foundations or causeway walls for better than average smallmouth bass.

            In The Woodrow Wilson Bridge vicinity, concrete chunks in Penrod Cove; I-95 bridge foundations; Charlys Cove; Fort Washington Lighthouse and Bulltown Cove have some bass but it’s all work. Use Case Stiks in grassy areas and Mizmo tubes on hard cover. Always, always try a buzzbnaits in the early hours.

            In the Middle Sector, Pomonkey Creek and Gunston Cove are worth the time and I really like Big Mouth Spinnerbaits and the Big Shakey here.

            Mattawoman and vicinity is still the best but the :best” is only a shadow of what we used to call good.

            Use Big Mouth Big Shakeys and spinnerbaits to spatterdock—and don’t hesitate to flip tubes to inside pockets of those spatterdock fields.

DEEP CREEK LAKE: **1/2; clear; busy; good grass growth.

            LOU guides Brent Nelson and Bret Winegardner report better than normal results for largemouth bass in grass and around docks—and smallmouth on points and rocky shorelines. Spend the early morning casting topwater lures for the smallmouth.

Ken Penrod’s Summer Youth Camp

Be sure to go to our website to see photographs of my boy’s fishing and shooting activities for this year’s Camp Sycamore—an experience your son will never forget. I take well behaved boys (12-18 years old) to my lodge in Pennsylvania and teach them the fishing and shooting arts. There is nothing like this in the USA. Special thanks to NRA, RiverPro boats; Lowrance Electronics; Mercury Outboard and SportJet motors; Minn Kota trolling motors; Mizmo; Case Plastics; Zipper Worms; Big Mouth Lures; Remington; Beeman Air Rifles; Sinnamahoning Sportsmen Club; Life Outdoors Unlimited; RAB jigheads; Bushnell Optics; Ardent Rods and Reels.

            We spent a very comfortable week in Cameron County and while we had to work around some rain on Monday and Tuesday—the high temp for the week was only 78 degrees. Our lodge is near the small town of Sinnamahoning and a fine trout stream is just 40-feet away. The Sinnamahoning Branch (wade for smallmouth) of the West Branch Susquehanna is but a mile away and the George Stevenson Dam (largemouth and smallmouth) is 20-minutes via vehicle where we can use our big boats. There is vast state owned land adjacent to us teeming with critters of all varieties.

Wycoff Run: the boys caught at least 50 brook and rainbow trout from this creek during the week and most of those went home with them.

Sinnamahoning Creek: I find it interesting that the PA Fish & Boat Commission received 3.675 million dollars from the Norfolk Southern Railroad as restitution for a train derailment that literally poisoned the Sinnamahoning Branch. My summer camp was in session when that happened in 2006 and we were not allowed near the creek.

Of the nearly 7.4 million dollars the state received—only $58,000 is earmarked for the water and resource that was actually damaged by this derailment. How can that be?.

The boys caught and released about 100 smallmouth bass from this creek on Magic Stiks and teaser tubes—plus an 8-pound catfish and some trout.

George Stevenson Dam: we fished on day from our big boats and the boys caught and released 50 largemouth (3 were smallmouth), mostly on Case Plastics and Mizmo tubes. 14 year old Joey McClosky caught the “LOU Fish of the Week” from Ken’s RiverPro and his photo is attached.

You can obtain more information about Ken’s Camp from our website at www.penrodsguides.com.

We have obtained a case of Ken’s book titled “Pursuing River Smallmouth Bass” that we will offer as a one-time special to those reading this report. Buy one at $25 and pay only $5 for a second book. Send check or mail the order form found in the website BUT you must write “KP July Special” on the form and/or check. Offer void after mid-August or when books are sold.

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