Life Outdoors Unlimited Fishing Report

Week Ending April 13, 2014
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Notes: LOU Guide Rick Nitkiewicz is now Captain Rick Nitkiewicz and will head-up our Lake Erie Division in the near future. Rick is a Pittsburg, PA resident and a touring Pro but his plans are now more focused on our LOU goals. He is very familiar with the tidal Potomac and upper Bay and will be booking trips on Okeechobee for the winter.

I announced last week that Captain Kenny Penrod (KP-3) is also legally certified to escort persons for fee on navigable waters. His specialty will be the tidal Potomac.

Our Company of Guides now looks like this: Captain Ken Penrod; Captain Brent Nelson; Captain Dave Kerrigan; Captain Keith Barker; Captain Brian Barnes; Captain Kenny Penrod & Captain Rick Nitzkiewicz; John Stygler; Jason Shay; Bret Winegardner, Al Fiorille; Joe Raymond and Matt Greens.

I also announce that you may order Case and Zipper products from their website, www.fishingcomplete.com at a discount if you use my promo-code (KenP20) when you do. If you are not using those products—shame on you.

Our/my sponsors for 2014 include: Mare Inc., Ranger Boats; Mercury Silver Member; Mercury Sport Jet; RiverPro boats; Lowrance Electronics; Minn Kota Trolling Motors; Ford Trucks; NRA; Ardent Rods & Reels; Columbia Design & Graphics; Riverfront Campground; Mizmo; Big Mouth Lure Company; Case Plastics; Zipper Worms; Fishing Complete.

Our endeavors include:  Ken Penrod’s Life Outdoors Unlimited; Ken Penrod’s Seminar Series; Ken Penrod’s Summer Youth Camp; Ken Penrod’s Tournament Service; Ken Penrod’s LOU Magazine.


My fishing reports will become more detailed after I get done with my Susquehanna tour so meanwhile understand that 7-day a week in pretty bad weather does “shorten” my prose but does not diminish my accuracy.

SUSQUEHANNA & JUNIATA RIVERS, PA: ****1/2: 52 degrees; main stem dirty on east side—rest is fair to clear; 7.3 at Harrisburg but a small rise to 7.7 by Monday. At Newport on the Juniata, it’s 6.2 on the 12th but look for 7.1 by Monday.

Do you know what I love about 500-degree river water? EVERYTHING. Game on!

Smallmouth bass fishing just can’t be any better on any river in America as it is now—after so much bad weather and I’m so grateful as are my many loyal clients.

We are simply kicking-butt now that the weather has improved. We had 3, 20-inch + bass in my bat alone on Saturday. The entire system is turned on. LOU guide Jason Shay is pleasing his guests in the Perdix area as is guide Joe Raymond. The guides are using Campground Special tubes in the KP Series on 1/8th to ¼ ounce RAB jig heads. Matt Greene is working the same area with bigger tubes and doing a great job. LOU Captain Dave Kerrigan is running “holes” between the Juniata and Montgomery Ferry finding lots of bass on shoreline eddies. John Stygler is all over and doing well in the upper JUNIATA and above Montgomery Ferry. I’m lovin’ life in the Juniata and Sherman—and so are my people.

UPPER POTOMAC RIVER: ***; 50s; some color; 4-feet and falling (finally).

Bass fishing has improved dramatically since the river became safer to navigate. The story is the same from Seneca to Brunswick. Concentrate on shoreline eddies and ledges with Case plastics and teaser tubes. It’s still not safe for novice boaters but some big bass await the experienced angler.

TIDAL POTOMAC RIVER: ***; 55+; some color some places.

Bass catches have improved in many sectors so we keep our fingers crossed because the popularity of this fantastic river is at stake as is the hard work and dedication of those of us that made this river what it is. Those of you taking “cricket” shots at me for criticizing DNR and excessive tournament activity can simply kiss my butt because I was saving this river when most of you were sitting on your duffs. I can absolutely guarantee you that I have more to lose that you do if this fishery is collapsed but I have guts enough to speak up. 

Captain Kenny Penrod reports decent bass catches in the PISCATAWAY and POHICK BAY arenas. KP3 recommends shallow dive or rattling crankbaits. Grass growth looks pretty good in many areas.

Captain Keith Barker is chasing stripers and shad in WASHINGTON DC water but bass get in his way, especially the Columbia Island Marina and Washington Channel sectors.

MATTAWOMAN and nearby areas have improved nicely so look to new grass growth with rattling lures, Big Mouth spinnerbaits and Case Magic Stiks.

David Bean fished with Ken and caught this fine Juniata bass with
an X-Rap.
Fritz caught this bass in the all-day rain  aboard Ken's RiverPro
powered by a 200-HOP Mercury OptiMax.
Michael Day had a fisherman's dream outing with Ken Saturday and
He is one of just a few to two Catch 2, 20-inch in one day.
Michael Day's 2nd 20-inch bass in one day. This man was on
Ken caught another 20-inch bass Saturday while fishing with
Kimberly and Michael.
"Class of the River," is Miss Kimberly and she just makes my boat
look better.
There are few  anglers in America that had the kind of day Michael
had Saturday--so therefore the multiple photos.
Smedley is the Mayor of Riverfront Campground and he honored me with his presence Wednesday--and kicked my butt.
Rain--rain all damn day but Terry came all the way from Atlanta to
catch this Susquehanna bass and the smile says it all.
LOU guide, Joe Raymond holding up two bronze beauty's caught on spinnerbaits, It's on!
LOU guide Jason Shay with a beautiful Susqy 20. John is all smiles about his great day of fishing with LOU guide Jason Shay.
This one fell for a campground special teaser tube.
LOU guides Jason and Rick with a Susquehanna Slab. Henry with a nice Susquehanna double caught with LOU guide Jason Shay.
Steve Pritchett of Washington Gas enjoyed steady action with Capt Dave Kerrigan on this day. A Mizmo green pumpkin teaser did the trick on this chunky bass. Chris Melson returned for another Washington Gas group outing and was rewarded with some nice bass like this one caught in a main river bank eddy on a Camprground Special tube.
Mark Hoos of Marli Sportfishing in OCMD took a day off from the saltwater
arena to get back to some good ol bass fishing. Steady rain did not deter
the fish or Mark. This bruiser, one of many, smacked a Penrod Purple
teaser in a upriver creek mouth.
Matt Wendle came back for a second
2014 outing and was treated to some fine
bass fishing yet again. Here he is with a
19 incher that fell for a Vida Blue Mizmo
teaser caught on a Juniata River bank run
Jim Wendle learned that tube fishing is the way to go. He spent two
days with us and got first hand knowledge on how effective bumping
Mizmo teaser tubes across rough bottom can be.  This bass was
caught in moving water at Sherman Creek.
LOU John Stygler with a nice Juniata smallmouth on a Campground Special teaser tube in KP Candy.
Barry Barret with a chunky Spring bass on a Mizmo light blue tail crawfish color in the Juniata with LOU guide John Stygler. Here is Joe Bartoletta's nice smallie on a Mizmo teaser tube in light blue tail craw for a day out with LOU guide John Stygler.
Joe Burr shows off a nice Potomac River Bass he caught while fishing
aboard LOU Capt’n Keith Barker’s Ranger Bay2400 using a Case Magic Stik.


Life Outdoors Unlimited Fishing Report

Week Ending April 6, 2014
4708 Sellman Road, Beltsville, MD 20705
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Webmaster; Captain Brent Nelson of Columbia Design & Graphics
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LOU Fish of the Week: Richard Ennis, (20.5”), 4/6/14, Susquehanna River—Dave Kerrigan guide; KP Series tube from Riverfront Campground.

TIDAL POTOMAC RIVER: **: 55; some stain—some places.

  Kenneth Penrod III (Kenny or KP3) passed his US Coast Guard Captain’s test today and is officially Captain Kenny Penrod. I’m pretty proud of this accomplishment and you will love fishing with him. He is not a rookie by any means. He was a guide for us on the upper Potomac 30-years ago, before joining the Montgomery County Police Force where he served a distinguished career. He is the proud owner of a Mare Ranger complete with 250 HP of Mercury.

I think I’ve said this before but: you may order Case Plastics and Zipper Worms (my favored plastics) via website at www.fishingcomplete.com at a discount now if you use my special discount code of “KenP20” when you order.

Thank you for so many offers to buy my Xpress jet boat but it was sold almost immediately to a client.

I realize that some of you are shopping for a new boat and if you are—please let me recommend Mare, Inc. in Thurmont, MD and Fredericksburg, VA. As you know, I am a Ranger-family guy, with Mercury, Lowrance, Minn Kota additions, but I’d drive a canoe if that was all that Mare sold. You may never get more solid advice from me.

            There is no great news to speak of. This is the time of year when anglers, most anglers are catching lots of prespan bass and tournament weights are heavy. There are some really good bass being caught but for the most part, it’s rather alarming. DNR wants to blame snakeheads, lack of grass and other variables but it is obvious to everyone that the river has been harmed and you need to make up your own minds as to cause. I know why.

            In District of Columbia water some of the shad, herring and even rockfish arrive with the 50-degree water temps but for the upper Potomac spewing dirty water it could be “game-on.” There are bass to catch in the Washington Channel, especially from the new growth grass on the Fort McNair shoal.

In the WW Bridge vicinity, Penrod Cove and nearby man-made habitat holds some bass best caught with Mizmo tubes, Case Magic Stiks and crankbaits when the water warms.

In the Pomonkey/Pohick vicinity—the new grass looks good so far and you can catch largemouth in both with Big Mouth spinnerbaits, Case Plastics and rattling lures. Keep a Big Mouth Lure Co, Big Shakey tied on a rod all spring.

Mattawoman and vicinity is stingy but improving so fish spinnerbaits and Magic Stiks in the “6-MPH zone—and rattling lures and Big Mouth spinnerbaits in the grass beds between the state park and main river.

Chickamuxen grass, Occoquan cover and Aquia coves are attracting some bass best caught with rattling lures.


UPPER POTOMAC RIVER: *; 50s; dirty; 5.0 @ Point of Rocks RISING to 7.4 by Tuesday.

Nothing good to report about fishing but newcomers and novice boaters are cautioned to stay away for a while.


SUSQUEHANNA & JUNIATA RIVERS, PA: **-***: mid 40s; June and East side clear; west side stained; 8.7 @ Harrisburg, falling a little to 8.0 by Tuesday; At Newport on the Juniata, 7.5 and falling a little by Tuesday—then jumping to 8.3 Wednesday.

We got beat-up pretty good much of the week by the weekend thinks were returning to normal and the big-girls began to show up. The rivers have been up and down as has the barometer—and the vicious winds are the real culprits.

LOU guide Matt Greene has been doing quite well and recommends Luckey Craft jerkbaits and “teaser tubes.” LOU guide Joe Raymond is working upriver in the Montgomery Ferry regions and his bass are eating tubes. LOU guide Jason Shay is working the Perdix vicinity and his go-to baits is the Campground Special tube. LOU guide John Stygler is running eddies and islands between New Buffalo and Halifax and it’s the tube for him.     LOU guide, Captain Dave Kerrigan is all over the river and he loves those creature baits and tubes. His client Sunday, Richard Ennis entered the 2014 Ken Penrod 20-Inch Club with a 20,5 beauty. I (Ken Penrod) share time on the main stem, Juniata and Sherman and I did have two “Club” entries today—a 21-incher and a 20.5”

To date, the 2014 20” Club Members are: Ken Penrod (4); John Cooper; Lenny Romano; Luian Romano; Leo Romano (Y); Tim Walton & Richard Ennis. 

I believe that the next two weeks will be the peak of the prespawn activity and you really don’t want to miss this. Reach me at 240-447-2206. Drive a little—catch a lot.

Brian Murphy of Ennis Electric Co. is an excellent angler on any
water so Ken had an easy day Sunday.
21-inch smallmouth on a 2-20" day by Ken on a tube just off the main stem Susquehanna.
Ken's second "20-Inch Club" bass of the day (20.5) Last Cast Bass by JZ--with a Penrod Purple teaser tube.
Ennis Electric Company Superintendent John Z with a Susquehanna
smallmouth of "character" that he caught from Ken's RiverPro.
The river jumped several feet Monday evening and Johnny did have to move some campers to safety.
The Penrod Pit Crew installs a SGA (stomp grate assist) on Ken's
RiverPro--after work.
The Shepard Electric crew "chillin'" @ RiverFront Campground.
A weighted Case Magic Stik lured this Juniata bass into Ken's

Jon Drever fished with Ken on Monday and the "bite" was no so
good--but good enough to account for this nice Susquehanna bass.
LOU guide Matt Green with a 20 inch bass taken on a jerk bait. LOU client, Ken shows off his first bass of the year,
caught while being guided by, Joe Raymond.
LOU client, Sean with a big bass and smile both
captured with Guide, Joe Raymond
John F with an incredible fighting smallie he caught fishing with LOU guide Jason Shay.
Mike Stoker creator of the "Raystown retrieve" with a nice Susqy smallie
caught on a capmground teaser tube KP series
Matt H one of the "Ennis crew" fished with LOU guide Jason Shay and had this unique colored smallie CRUSH his tube

Corey Hagen is all smiles showing off one of his first smallmouth bass ever.
He learned the super slow crawl method of fishing teaser tubes was the
ticket for fooling these finicky bass this day.

Kevin Rowland of Shepherd Electric admires a nice big bass he caught at “The Confluence” on good ol faithful – Mizmo Green Pumpkin!

Curtis Stonestreet and his son Cody battled rough weather and rising water
but caught a few nice fish using Mizmo Green Pumpkin Teasers.
Notice the bent rod in the background – son Cody has a Fish On!!


Cody Stonestreet bagged this nice bass during a break in the steady rain that fell all day. The fish came smacked a Campground Special is Penrod Purple fished on a RAB 1/4oz jig head in an eddy behind some mid-river brush.
10 year old Leo Romano finally got his fishing day with Ken and tool
advantage of the opportunity.
#2 for Leo and his proud daddy was all smiles.

Leo & Poppy Romano are caught stealing lures from Ken's inventory.

Three generations of Romanos have fished with Ken over the years. ...That's special.

John Zanlotti from Ennis Electric with a real nice main river smallie caught
on a Mizmo tube on a cold and windy day with LOU guide John Stygler.
LOU guide John Stygler with a Juniata River smallmouth caught on a Campground Special tube in KP Candy.  Water temperatures still in the low 40's make the teaser tube the go to bait.

John Arway from Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission out for a day 
on high water checking the pulse of the Susquehanna River smallmouth 
with LOU guide John Stygler.  LOU is partnering with PFBC on protecting the 
river smallmouth by providing observations on the health of the fish, 
providing possible sick fish to the scientist when asked and educating our 
clients about the health of the river and what they can do to help.

Brian Murphy proves Mizmo Green Pumpkin teasers catch nice trout too – this brownie was caught just above Clarks Ferry.
Mike Stoker caught this nice bass during a cold rainy windy
day with the river on the rise again – Capt Dave found some
fish were staging on mid river island eddies and Mike used
a Vide Blue Mizmo teaser to close the deal.

Richard Ennis of Ennis Electric joined the 20” club on Sunday with this big girl pulled from a mid-river brush eddy below Sherman Creek. Great job Richard!!

Justin Ennis is a third generation angler from this long time
client. His is pictured here with one of the nice bass he caught
using Campground Special tubes. He really stuck with it and
learned the slow crawl technique that is so effective on these
cold water bass! Well done Justin – can’t wait to get you back
out there!


Life Outdoors Unlimited Fishing Report

Week Ending March 30, 2014
4708 Sellman Road, Beltsville, MD 20705
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NOTES: those of you wishing to order Case and Zipper products on-line may do so with a discount now. Just create your order and type in “KenP20” for your discount—compliments of your truly and the fine people at Fishing Complete.

Sponsors this year include: Mare Inc., Ranger Boats; RiverPro Jet Boats; Mercury Outboards and SportJets; Lowrance Electronics; Minn Kota Trolling motors; NRA; Ardent rods and reels; Mizmo; Big Mouth Lure Company; Case Plastics; Zipper Worms; RiverFront CampGround; Columbia Design; Snagler Susquehanna spinnerbaits; RAB JigHeads; Ford Trucks.

            LOU Guides for 2014: Captain Dave Kerrigan (VO Smallmouth Operations); Captain Brent Nelson (Webmaster, LOU Magazine Editor, VP of Deep Creek Lake Operations); Captain Brian Barnes (VP of Eastern Shore Tidal River Fisheries); Captain Keith Barker; Kenny Penrod 111; Rick Nitkiewitcz; Bret Winegardner; Al Fiorille; John Stygler; Jason Shay; Joe Raymond; Matt Greene.


UPPER POTOMAC RIVER: Stay Away. The river will rise from 3.9 feet at the Point of Rocks gauge—to 11.8 feet by Monday, more than doubling her volume in less than 24-hours.

SUSQUEHANNA & JUNIATA RIVERS in PA: **; 39-41’ clear; 4.7 @ Harrisburg going to 9.2 by Tuesday. 4.6 @ Newport on the Juniata going to 8.2 by Monday.

            Bass fishing was difficult this week due to very cold temperatures, snow, sleet and strong winds. NWS is predicting a modest rise for both rivers this week but also predict up to 2 inches of rain as I draft this report on Saturday AM. The water presently is low enough to concern prudent boaters and clear enough to understand why. Before the cold spell, water temps were in the mid-40s but plunged to 38 by Tuesday. There are 3 more days left in March. I’m waiting for that “out like a lamb” occurrence.

            Hard jerk baits have been the ticket most of this week, in areas between Perdix and Halifax although Campground Special tubes do better in small eddies. In the Juniata, the confluence and Amity pool has been pretty good. Our overall number this week shrank from 40-80, to 3-20.

            Three new members for the “Ken Penrod 20” Club” include Lenny Romano, Lucian Romano & John Ennis. The total to date is 7: John Cooper, Tim Walton, Lenny Romano, Lucian Romano, John Ennis and Ken (2).

            We highly recommend Riverfront Campground where you may purchase our favorite tubes and jerk baits as well as some provisions and fishing license. During low flow Johnny Cunningham will shuttle you upstream for float trips back to the campground. The Mizmo tubes and Campground Special tubes go hand in hand with John’s own brand of jig heads—the RAB jigs.

            We still have some prime dates available so contact me at 240-447-2206 or kenpenrod@comcast.net. Our expert team of licensed and insured guides include: Captain Dave Kerrigan; John Stygler; Matt Greene; Jason Shay & Joe Raymond.

TIDAL POTOMAC RIVER: **; 45; some color but a flooding upper river will send much debris and “color” to the tidal portion soon.

            Bass fishing success remains quite poor overall and this is the time of year when we should find big groups of bass. I suggest Piscataway, Belle Haven coves; WWB barges to the north. Mattawoman wood banks and old grass beds near the mouth have potential.

            If there are any of you doing well on this river—let me know. I don’t need your areas, just a positive statement would help.

DEEP CREEK LAKE—is still frozen in many of the coves so don’t hurry this one.

Eric Stillwell celebrated 15 years of fishing with LOU by catching the most fish of the outing. This one went for a good ol Mizmo green pumpkin teaser.

Matt Wendle one of Capt. Dave Kerrigan’s first ever clients enjoyed a cool Sunday on the Susky with many smallies like this nice size bass.  Matt can attest that cold water did not prevent these hardy fighters from “taking some drag”!!


Capt. Dave Kerrigan with a nice bunch of bass topped off with this
19 ½ inch dandy caught on a Campground Special Penrod Purple
tube tipped with a Spike it Chartreuse Gamefish dip.

LOU client Mark Dunn became a master of cold water jerkbait fishing while with guide Jason Shay.
John Ennis caught this nice Susqy 20 on an X rap while
fishing with LOU guide Jason Shay.
LOU Guide Jason Shay with a beautiful bronzeback that
inhaled his Campground special teaser tube.
LOU guide John Stygler with a nice main river smallie on a Campground
Special teaser tube.  He says the bite is picking up as the river warms
in the next week.
Found sanctuary from the wind—and found this Sherman Creek bass also.
Lenny Romano’s entry into the “Ken Penrod 20” Club, 2014” via X-Rap jerk bait from Ken’s RiverPro. Like Father, Like son as Lucian matched “Dad’s” 20.25” smallmouth and enters Ken Penrod’s 20” Club with another X-Rap victim.
Kirk Mainland was caught-up in PA’s March weather madness but managed a fine smallmouth bass on a Penrod Special teaser tube. 5 degrees this morning and the river lost 9 degrees overnight. Ken’s bass surrendered.
Curtis Stonestreet fished with Ken on Friday and this Juniata smallmouth ate a Campground Special tube in the Kp Series.  


Life Outdoors Unlimited Fishing Report

Week Ending March 23, 2014
4708 Sellman Road, Beltsville, MD 20705
Cell, Best Bet: 240-447-2206. Office Ans.
Device: 301-937-0010. kenpenrod@comcast.net
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LOU Magazine; Camp Sycamore; PPC Publications; Life Outdoors Unlimited

Webmaster; Captain Brent Nelson of Columbia Design & Graphics
VP of Deep Creek Lake Operations & Editor in Chief of LOU Magazine

UPPER POTOMAC RIVER: ***; clear but not gin; mid-40s; 5-feet @ Point of Rocks and slowly falling.

            Very good smallmouth fishing although 5-feet at POR is a little swift for paddle craft and novice boaters. The big bass are holding in eddies at Edwards Ferry, Whites Ferry and Lander where Campground Special tubes in the KP Series do the deed. This is big-bass time.

TIDAL POTOMAC RIVER: *: wind stained; mid to upper 40s

            I have no good news for you, only more of the same concerns that I have been voicing for a few years. I think the fishery is in trouble.

            I have asked DNR to limit tournaments, create a 3-bass creel limit of 15” or bigger bass. They sent letters to “Tournament Directors” for their approval!!! W.T.H? I know this—the next few months will tell the story.

            I don’t have any good fishing information for you. Maryland, Virginia and Potomac River Fisheries Commission MUST get their priorities straight.

            E Mail Tidal Bass Manager Joseph Love and voice your concerns @ jlove@dnr.state.md.us. We have never had a problem like this on the river since the Clean Waters Act. We were the tidal bass managers.

SUSQUEHANNA & JUNIATA RIVERS: ****; clear to stain; 5-feet at Harrisburg and Newport; 44 @ Juniata; 42-43 on main river.

            Just great bass fishing between Harrisburg and Montgomery Ferry where big, fat smallmouth bass are in main-river eddies eating tubes, grubs, stick baits & jigs. We recommend the Campground Special teaser tubes in the KP Series of colors. Rapala X-Rap jerk baits are readily attacked in flat water on both rivers.

            Captain Dave Kerrigan is working main river areas near Halifax; Jason Shay like the Fort Hunter area; Joe Raymond is kickin’ butt just below Sherman; Matt Greene likes the Perdix area and John Stygler is liking the New Buffalo sector.

 John Cooper fished with Ken for four days on the Susqy and made the
“Ken Penrod’s 20-Inch Club-2014” on his first day with this 21.25 beauty.
How about this pig of a bass, caught by John Cooper on a Penrod Purple tube. It’s been brutally cold.
The “guide” gets in on the action with a fine Juniata bass. The RiverPro gets us to the fish and John Cooper puts them in the boat. Water temp about 40-degrees.
Ken’s 20-inch bass, on an Ardent rod and reel lured with a Penrod Candy tube. Every day from Monday to Thursday, John Cooper “wacked” bass on Campground Special tubes.
John Ennis and his “net-man” aboard Ken’s RiverPro with an X-Rap bass. Look at this pig! There is no disease that I can vouch for on this fantastic river.
 You are  going to catch plenty of smallmouth bass (largemouth too) with these black blotches. Nothing to concern your self with. Tim Walton fished two days with Ken and did get into the “20-Inch Club” but I can’t find the photo. He caught plenty like this on jerk baits.
 OOOPS—found it. His second year in the “Club.”  Absolutely wonderful—this Susquehanna fishery. You MUST try this.
Sean caught this nice smallmouth on a tube with LOU guide John Stygler
in the Juniata, nice first fish of the morning.
Gary's first fish of the morning during a tough morning bite with guide John Stygler but the afternoon got hot.
Rapala jerkbait bite is on, Warren with this real nice smallmouth fishing
with LOU guide John Stygler and previous LOU guide John Drevor for a
great main Susquehanna day.
LOU client, Ben showing off a busty bronze back caught while being guided by, Joe Raymond.
Bass is what we target but the river throws a surprise every now and then. LOU client, Ben caught this beautiful brown trout while fishing with LOU guide, Joe Raymond. Long time LOU client, John showing off his first
Susky bass of the year while fishing with guide,
Joe Raymond.
LOU guide Matt Greene caught 33 smallmouth on green pumpkin
Mizmo tubes and a Lucky Craft ghost minnow jerk bait.


Life Outdoors Unlimited Fishing Report

Week Ending March 16, 2014
4708 Sellman Road, Beltsville, MD 20705
Cell, Best Bet: 240-447-2206. Office Ans.
Device: 301-937-0010. kenpenrod@comcast.net
www.penrodsguides.com     www.fishdeepcreek.com
LOU Magazine; Camp Sycamore; PPC Publications; Life Outdoors Unlimited

Webmaster; Captain Brent Nelson of Columbia Design & Graphics
VP of Deep Creek Lake Operations & Editor in Chief of LOU Magazine

NOTES: some of us are rushing the season a little, and usually, this has been a good time to begin but cold weather has been a thorn this entire winter. I can’t remember another one like this.

            I have a 2008 Xpress 1700 jet boat for  sale with 90/65 Mercury outboard, 101 Minn Kota trolling motor, on board battery charger, Lowrance HDS-5 and a temp. gauge. It comes with a custom cover. New tires on the trailer and motor recently serviced. Firm @ $11,000. Contact me a6 240-447-2206.

            Welcome new members to Life Outdoors Unlimited. Kenny Penrod 3 has just retired from a career in law enforcement and is enrolled in a USCG class. Matt Greene is a Susquehanna River smallmouth guru and bring lots of experience. Al Fiorille will guide at Deep Creek Lake (and others) and Pittsburgh resident, Rick Nitkiewicz will handle our Lake Erie (and more) division.

            Our fishing reports are offered to members of the media, sponsors, fisheries personnel, friends and clients via email under bcc. We also post the report on our website at www.penrodsguides.com, usually on Monday AM. Captain Brent nelson is our webmaster and has been doing this for more than 20-years. If you don/t wish to receive this—just tell me.

            We do not use information from unknown sources and with few exceptions, the reports are from the water and our guides. Remember—this is a report—not a prediction. To book a trip with us, you may call the guide of your choice directly or me @ 240-447-2206. See the list of guides at www.penrodsguides.com. We serve most fresh and brackish waters of MD, VA, PA, DE and DOC.

            Camp Sycamore is our summer youth camp where we teach the fishing and shooting arts to well behaved boys between the ages of 12 and 18. Session for 2014 are in July. An interview is required. The camp is held at Ken’s lodge in northern Pennsylvania. Call 301-937-0010 or 240-447-2206 for information and application.


UPPER POTOMAC RIVER: **; 38-41 degrees; some color; 5.6 feet at Point of Rocks and falling.

            The river is in very good shape although levels have been up and down a lot. Bass fishing has been good for the most part but very few anglers are taking advantage. This is not the time of year for novice boaters. Opportunities at Edwards Ferry, Whites Ferry, Lander and Brunswick are about equal for now and this really is “big-fish” time. Fish the calmed eddies along shorelines with Mizmo tubes, deer hair jigs or grubs. Remember, bass and baitfish do not want to fight the current so stay in the eddies and wear your PFDs. That’s the law for now. Rumors of a snakehead being caught in the Whites Ferry vicinity are circulating. Can anyone verify that? Email me at kenpenrod@comcast.net.

TIDAL POTOMAC RIVER: **; 38-43 degrees; some stain in areas; some very low tides.

            LOU guide Kenny Penrod has been fishing the upper tidal waters, between Penrod Cove and Pohick Bay with mixed results. The tides have been very low this week due to moon phase and wind direction. Some bass caught in the Pohick area as well as Mattawoman Creek.

SUSQUEHANNA & JUNIATA RIVERS, PA; 0 - * *; main stem full of moving ice; Juniata ice-free but dirty; water temp between 33-40; 8.6 and falling @ Harrisburg; 8.1 and falling @ Newport on the Juniata.

            The ice “went out” on Friday and if you have never witnessed such a force, you have a treat coming. There was probably 90-miles of heavy ice chunks favoring the east side and you could hear the crunch across the river. The Juniata has been ice-clear for about a week.

            Saturday was the first day we could fish comfortably and safe and we caught a few on Campground Special tubes.

DEEP CREEK LAKE: ***; frozen

            LOU Guide, Captain Brent Nelson and Al Fiorelli  have been doing extremely well ice-fishing for perch but Capt. Brent cautions that the shore area is is becoming “rotten” meaning unstable and unsafe. Don’t forget to book your bass trips for spring. Monitor www.fishdeepcreek.com for information.

Kenny Penrod, son of Ken, with a fine tidal Potomac River bass caught from the
WW Bridge vicinity.
The Susquehanna River had been frozen over for a month or so but it broke-up and move-out on Friday—about 90-miles of it.
Ken initiated his new RiverPro Saturday with a fine main stem smallmouth. LOU guide Jason Shay fished with Ken and Joe Raymond on Saturday and a Campground Special tubes lured this smallmouth.
This RiverPro is 20-feet long and is powered by a Mercury 200 HP OptiMax.
This is Ken’s new jet boat.
LOU Guide John Stygler fished with Ken Sunday and this Juniata bass are a SuskyGig by Snagler Tackle company. SuskyGigs come in 1/4 oz in a variety of colors including green pumpkin.
The ice is clear on the Susquehanna and LOU guide Jason Shay says fishing is improving daily.